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IPersistMemory Interface Reference
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Public Types

typedef IPersistMemoryLPPERSISTMEMORY
- Public Types inherited from IPersist
typedef IPersistLPPERSIST
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT IsDirty ()
HRESULT Load ([in, size_is(cbSize)] LPVOID pMem, [in] ULONG cbSize)
HRESULT RemoteLoad ([in, size_is(cbSize)] BYTE *pMem, [in] ULONG cbSize)
HRESULT Save ([out, size_is(cbSize)] LPVOID pMem, [in] BOOL fClearDirty, [in] ULONG cbSize)
HRESULT RemoteSave ([out, size_is(cbSize)] BYTE *pMem, [in] BOOL fClearDirty, [in] ULONG cbSize)
HRESULT GetSizeMax ([out] ULONG *pCbSize)
HRESULT InitNew ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IPersist
HRESULT GetClassID ([out] CLSID *pClassID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 881 of file ocidl.idl.

Member Typedef Documentation


Definition at line 883 of file ocidl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSizeMax()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::GetSizeMax ( [out] ULONG pCbSize)

◆ InitNew()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::InitNew ( )

◆ IsDirty()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::IsDirty ( )

◆ Load()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::Load ( [in, size_is(cbSize)] LPVOID  pMem,
[in] ULONG  cbSize 

◆ RemoteLoad()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::RemoteLoad ( [in, size_is(cbSize)] BYTE pMem,
[in] ULONG  cbSize 

◆ RemoteSave()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::RemoteSave ( [out, size_is(cbSize)] BYTE pMem,
[in] BOOL  fClearDirty,
[in] ULONG  cbSize 

◆ Save()

HRESULT IPersistMemory::Save ( [out, size_is(cbSize)] LPVOID  pMem,
[in] BOOL  fClearDirty,
[in] ULONG  cbSize 

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