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nsIHTMLEditor Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

nsresult AddDefaultProperty ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsAString *aValue)
nsresult RemoveDefaultProperty ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsAString *aValue)
nsresult RemoveAllDefaultProperties ()
nsresult SetInlineProperty ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsAString *aValue)
nsresult GetInlineProperty ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsAString *aValue, [out] bool *aFirst, [out] bool *aAny, [out] bool *aAll)
nsresult GetInlinePropertyWithAttrValue ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute, [in] nsAString *aValue, [out] bool *aFirst, [out] bool *aAny, [out] bool *aAll, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult RemoveAllInlineProperties ()
nsresult RemoveInlineProperty ([in] nsIAtom *aProperty, [in] nsAString *aAttribute)
nsresult IncreaseFontSize ()
nsresult DecreaseFontSize ()
nsresult NodeIsBlock ([in] nsIDOMNode *node, bool *_retval)
nsresult InsertHTML ([in] nsAString *aInputString)
nsresult PasteNoFormatting ([in] int32_t aSelectionType)
nsresult RebuildDocumentFromSource ([in] nsAString *aSourceString)
nsresult InsertHTMLWithContext ([in] nsAString *aInputString, [in] nsAString *aContextStr, [in] nsAString *aInfoStr, [in] nsAString *aFlavor, [in] nsIDOMDocument *aSourceDoc, [in] nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode, [in] int32_t aDestinationOffset, [in] bool aDeleteSelection)
nsresult InsertElementAtSelection ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement, [in] bool aDeleteSelection)
nsresult SetDocumentTitle ([in] nsAString *aTitle)
nsresult UpdateBaseURL ()
nsresult SelectElement ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement)
nsresult SetCaretAfterElement ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement)
nsresult SetParagraphFormat ([in] nsAString *aParagraphFormat)
nsresult GetParagraphState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetFontFaceState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetFontColorState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetBackgroundColorState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetHighlightColorState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult GetListState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] bool *aOL, [out] bool *aUL, [out] bool *aDL)
nsresult GetListItemState ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] bool *aLI, [out] bool *aDT, [out] bool *aDD)
nsresult GetAlignment ([out] bool *aMixed, [out] int16_t *aAlign)
nsresult GetIndentState ([out] bool *aCanIndent, [out] bool *aCanOutdent)
nsresult MakeOrChangeList ([in] nsAString *aListType, [in] bool entireList, [in] nsAString *aBulletType)
nsresult RemoveList ([in] nsAString *aListType)
nsresult Indent ([in] nsAString *aIndent)
nsresult Align ([in] nsAString *aAlign)
nsresult GetElementOrParentByTagName ([in] nsAString *aTagName, [in] nsIDOMNode *aNode, [out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult GetSelectedElement ([in] nsAString *aTagName, [out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult GetHeadContentsAsHTML ([out] nsAString *_retval)
nsresult ReplaceHeadContentsWithHTML ([in] nsAString *aSourceToInsert)
nsresult CreateElementWithDefaults ([in] nsAString *aTagName, [out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult InsertLinkAroundSelection ([in] nsIDOMElement *aAnchorElement)
nsresult SetBackgroundColor ([in] nsAString *aColor)
nsresult SetBodyAttribute ([in] nsAString *aAttr, [in] nsAString *aValue)
nsresult GetLinkedObjects ([out] nsISupportsArray **_retval)
nsresult GetIsCSSEnabled ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult SetIsCSSEnabled ([in] bool prb)
nsresult AddInsertionListener ([in] nsIContentFilter *inFilter)
nsresult RemoveInsertionListener ([in] nsIContentFilter *inFilter)
nsresult CreateAnonymousElement ([in] nsAString *aTag, [in] nsIDOMNode *aParentNode, [in] nsAString *aAnonClass, [in] bool aIsCreatedHidden, [out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult GetSelectionContainer ([out] nsIDOMElement **_retval)
nsresult CheckSelectionStateForAnonymousButtons ([in] nsISelection *aSelection)
nsresult IsAnonymousElement ([in] nsIDOMElement *aElement, [out] bool *_retval)
nsresult GetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph ([out] bool *_retval)
nsresult SetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph ([in] bool prb)
voidGetActiveEditingHost ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3556 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddDefaultProperty()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::AddDefaultProperty ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsAString aValue 

◆ AddInsertionListener()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::AddInsertionListener ( [in] nsIContentFilter inFilter)

◆ Align()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::Align ( [in] nsAString aAlign)

◆ CheckSelectionStateForAnonymousButtons()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::CheckSelectionStateForAnonymousButtons ( [in] nsISelection aSelection)

◆ CreateAnonymousElement()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::CreateAnonymousElement ( [in] nsAString aTag,
[in] nsIDOMNode aParentNode,
[in] nsAString aAnonClass,
[in] bool  aIsCreatedHidden,
[out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval 

◆ CreateElementWithDefaults()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::CreateElementWithDefaults ( [in] nsAString aTagName,
[out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval 

◆ DecreaseFontSize()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::DecreaseFontSize ( )

◆ GetActiveEditingHost()

void* nsIHTMLEditor::GetActiveEditingHost ( )

◆ GetAlignment()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetAlignment ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] int16_t aAlign 

◆ GetBackgroundColorState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetBackgroundColorState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetElementOrParentByTagName()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetElementOrParentByTagName ( [in] nsAString aTagName,
[in] nsIDOMNode aNode,
[out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval 

◆ GetFontColorState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetFontColorState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetFontFaceState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetFontFaceState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetHeadContentsAsHTML()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetHeadContentsAsHTML ( [out] nsAString _retval)

◆ GetHighlightColorState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetHighlightColorState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetIndentState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetIndentState ( [out] bool aCanIndent,
[out] bool aCanOutdent 

◆ GetInlineProperty()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetInlineProperty ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsAString aValue,
[out] bool aFirst,
[out] bool aAny,
[out] bool aAll 

◆ GetInlinePropertyWithAttrValue()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetInlinePropertyWithAttrValue ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsAString aValue,
[out] bool aFirst,
[out] bool aAny,
[out] bool aAll,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetIsCSSEnabled()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetIsCSSEnabled ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ GetLinkedObjects()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetLinkedObjects ( [out] nsISupportsArray **  _retval)

◆ GetListItemState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetListItemState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] bool aLI,
[out] bool aDT,
[out] bool aDD 

◆ GetListState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetListState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] bool aOL,
[out] bool aUL,
[out] bool aDL 

◆ GetParagraphState()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetParagraphState ( [out] bool aMixed,
[out] nsAString _retval 

◆ GetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph ( [out] bool _retval)

◆ GetSelectedElement()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetSelectedElement ( [in] nsAString aTagName,
[out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval 

◆ GetSelectionContainer()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::GetSelectionContainer ( [out] nsIDOMElement **  _retval)

◆ IncreaseFontSize()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::IncreaseFontSize ( )

◆ Indent()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::Indent ( [in] nsAString aIndent)

◆ InsertElementAtSelection()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::InsertElementAtSelection ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement,
[in] bool  aDeleteSelection 

◆ InsertHTML()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::InsertHTML ( [in] nsAString aInputString)

◆ InsertHTMLWithContext()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::InsertHTMLWithContext ( [in] nsAString aInputString,
[in] nsAString aContextStr,
[in] nsAString aInfoStr,
[in] nsAString aFlavor,
[in] nsIDOMDocument aSourceDoc,
[in] nsIDOMNode aDestinationNode,
[in] int32_t  aDestinationOffset,
[in] bool  aDeleteSelection 

◆ InsertLinkAroundSelection()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::InsertLinkAroundSelection ( [in] nsIDOMElement aAnchorElement)

◆ IsAnonymousElement()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::IsAnonymousElement ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement,
[out] bool _retval 

◆ MakeOrChangeList()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::MakeOrChangeList ( [in] nsAString aListType,
[in] bool  entireList,
[in] nsAString aBulletType 

◆ NodeIsBlock()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::NodeIsBlock ( [in] nsIDOMNode node,
bool _retval 

◆ PasteNoFormatting()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::PasteNoFormatting ( [in] int32_t  aSelectionType)

◆ RebuildDocumentFromSource()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RebuildDocumentFromSource ( [in] nsAString aSourceString)

◆ RemoveAllDefaultProperties()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveAllDefaultProperties ( )

◆ RemoveAllInlineProperties()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveAllInlineProperties ( )

◆ RemoveDefaultProperty()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveDefaultProperty ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsAString aValue 

◆ RemoveInlineProperty()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveInlineProperty ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute 

◆ RemoveInsertionListener()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveInsertionListener ( [in] nsIContentFilter inFilter)

◆ RemoveList()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::RemoveList ( [in] nsAString aListType)

◆ ReplaceHeadContentsWithHTML()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::ReplaceHeadContentsWithHTML ( [in] nsAString aSourceToInsert)

◆ SelectElement()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SelectElement ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement)

◆ SetBackgroundColor()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetBackgroundColor ( [in] nsAString aColor)

◆ SetBodyAttribute()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetBodyAttribute ( [in] nsAString aAttr,
[in] nsAString aValue 

◆ SetCaretAfterElement()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetCaretAfterElement ( [in] nsIDOMElement aElement)

◆ SetDocumentTitle()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetDocumentTitle ( [in] nsAString aTitle)

◆ SetInlineProperty()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetInlineProperty ( [in] nsIAtom aProperty,
[in] nsAString aAttribute,
[in] nsAString aValue 

◆ SetIsCSSEnabled()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetIsCSSEnabled ( [in] bool  prb)

◆ SetParagraphFormat()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetParagraphFormat ( [in] nsAString aParagraphFormat)

◆ SetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::SetReturnInParagraphCreatesNewParagraph ( [in] bool  prb)

◆ UpdateBaseURL()

nsresult nsIHTMLEditor::UpdateBaseURL ( )

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