ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7693-gd0e2924
SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2 Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void StatusTextChange ([in] BSTR Text)
void ProgressChange ([in] long Progress, [in] long ProgressMax)
void CommandStateChange ([in] long Command, [in] VARIANT_BOOL Enable)
void DownloadBegin ()
void DownloadComplete ()
void TitleChange ([in] BSTR Text)
void PropertyChange ([in] BSTR szProperty)
void BeforeNavigate2 ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *URL, [in] VARIANT *Flags, [in] VARIANT *TargetFrameName, [in] VARIANT *PostData, [in] VARIANT *Headers, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void NewWindow2 ([in, out] IDispatch **ppDisp, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void NavigateComplete2 ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *URL)
void DocumentComplete ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *URL)
void OnQuit ()
void OnVisible ([in] VARIANT_BOOL Visible)
void OnToolBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL ToolBar)
void OnMenuBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL MenuBar)
void OnStatusBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL StatusBar)
void OnFullScreen ([in] VARIANT_BOOL FullScreen)
void OnTheaterMode ([in] VARIANT_BOOL TheaterMode)
void WindowSetResizable ([in] VARIANT_BOOL Resizable)
void WindowSetLeft ([in] long Left)
void WindowSetTop ([in] long Top)
void WindowSetWidth ([in] long Width)
void WindowSetHeight ([in] long Height)
void WindowClosing ([in] VARIANT_BOOL IsChildWindow, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void ClientToHostWindow ([in, out] long *CX, [in, out] long *CY)
void SetSecureLockIcon ([in] long SecureLockIcon)
void FileDownload ([in] VARIANT_BOOL ActiveDocument, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void NavigateError ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *URL, [in] VARIANT *Frame, [in] VARIANT *StatusCode, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void PrintTemplateInstantiation ([in] IDispatch *pDisp)
void PrintTemplateTeardown ([in] IDispatch *pDisp)
void UpdatePageStatus ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *nPage, [in] VARIANT *fDone)
void PrivacyImpactedStateChange ([in] VARIANT_BOOL bImpacted)
void NewWindow3 ([in, out] IDispatch **ppDisp, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] BSTR bstrUrlContext, [in] BSTR bstrUrl)
void SetPhishingFilterStatus ([in] long PhishingFilterStatus)
void WindowStateChanged ([in] DWORD dwWindowStateFlags, [in] DWORD dwValidFlagsMask)
void NewProcess ([in] long lCauseFlag, [in] IDispatch *pWB2, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void ThirdPartyUrlBlocked ([in] VARIANT *URL, [in] DWORD dwCount)
void RedirectXDomainBlocked ([in] IDispatch *pDisp, [in] VARIANT *StartURL, [in] VARIANT *RedirectURL, [in] VARIANT *Frame, [in] VARIANT *StatusCode)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 324 of file exdisp.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BeforeNavigate2()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::BeforeNavigate2 ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT Flags,
[in] VARIANT TargetFrameName,
[in] VARIANT PostData,
[in] VARIANT Headers,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ ClientToHostWindow()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::ClientToHostWindow ( [in, out] long CX,
[in, out] long CY 

◆ CommandStateChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::CommandStateChange ( [in] long  Command,
[in] VARIANT_BOOL  Enable 

◆ DocumentComplete()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::DocumentComplete ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,

◆ DownloadBegin()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::DownloadBegin ( )

◆ DownloadComplete()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::DownloadComplete ( )

◆ FileDownload()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::FileDownload ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  ActiveDocument,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ NavigateComplete2()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::NavigateComplete2 ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,

◆ NavigateError()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::NavigateError ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT Frame,
[in] VARIANT StatusCode,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ NewProcess()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::NewProcess ( [in] long  lCauseFlag,
[in] IDispatch pWB2,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ NewWindow2()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::NewWindow2 ( [in, out] IDispatch **  ppDisp,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ NewWindow3()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::NewWindow3 ( [in, out] IDispatch **  ppDisp,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel,
[in] DWORD  dwFlags,
[in] BSTR  bstrUrlContext,
[in] BSTR  bstrUrl 

◆ OnFullScreen()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnFullScreen ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  FullScreen)

◆ OnMenuBar()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnMenuBar ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  MenuBar)

◆ OnQuit()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnQuit ( )

◆ OnStatusBar()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnStatusBar ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  StatusBar)

◆ OnTheaterMode()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnTheaterMode ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  TheaterMode)

◆ OnToolBar()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnToolBar ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  ToolBar)

◆ OnVisible()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnVisible ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  Visible)

◆ PrintTemplateInstantiation()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::PrintTemplateInstantiation ( [in] IDispatch pDisp)

◆ PrintTemplateTeardown()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::PrintTemplateTeardown ( [in] IDispatch pDisp)

◆ PrivacyImpactedStateChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::PrivacyImpactedStateChange ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  bImpacted)

◆ ProgressChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::ProgressChange ( [in] long  Progress,
[in] long  ProgressMax 

◆ PropertyChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::PropertyChange ( [in] BSTR  szProperty)

◆ RedirectXDomainBlocked()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::RedirectXDomainBlocked ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT StartURL,
[in] VARIANT RedirectURL,
[in] VARIANT Frame,
[in] VARIANT StatusCode 

◆ SetPhishingFilterStatus()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::SetPhishingFilterStatus ( [in] long  PhishingFilterStatus)

◆ SetSecureLockIcon()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::SetSecureLockIcon ( [in] long  SecureLockIcon)

◆ StatusTextChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::StatusTextChange ( [in] BSTR  Text)

◆ ThirdPartyUrlBlocked()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::ThirdPartyUrlBlocked ( [in] VARIANT URL,
[in] DWORD  dwCount 

◆ TitleChange()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::TitleChange ( [in] BSTR  Text)

◆ UpdatePageStatus()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::UpdatePageStatus ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT nPage,
[in] VARIANT fDone 

◆ WindowClosing()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowClosing ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  IsChildWindow,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL Cancel 

◆ WindowSetHeight()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowSetHeight ( [in] long  Height)

◆ WindowSetLeft()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowSetLeft ( [in] long  Left)

◆ WindowSetResizable()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowSetResizable ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  Resizable)

◆ WindowSetTop()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowSetTop ( [in] long  Top)

◆ WindowSetWidth()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowSetWidth ( [in] long  Width)

◆ WindowStateChanged()

void SHDocVw::DWebBrowserEvents2::WindowStateChanged ( [in] DWORD  dwWindowStateFlags,
[in] DWORD  dwValidFlagsMask 

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