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Irot Interface Reference



struct  tagInterfaceData
struct  tagInterfaceList

Public Types

typedef struct Irot::tagInterfaceData InterfaceData
typedef InterfaceDataPInterfaceData
typedef struct Irot::tagInterfaceList InterfaceList
typedef InterfaceListPInterfaceList
typedef DWORD IrotCookie
typedef handle_t IrotHandle
typedef voidIrotContextHandle

Public Member Functions

HRESULT IrotRegister ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] const MonikerComparisonData *moniker_data, [in] const InterfaceData *object, [in] const InterfaceData *moniker, [in] const FILETIME *time, [in] DWORD grfFlags, [out] IrotCookie *cookie, [out] IrotContextHandle *ctxt_handle)
HRESULT IrotRevoke ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] IrotCookie cookie, [in, out] IrotContextHandle *ctxt_handle, [out] PInterfaceData *object, [out] PInterfaceData *moniker)
HRESULT IrotIsRunning ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] const MonikerComparisonData *moniker_data)
HRESULT IrotGetObject ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] const MonikerComparisonData *moniker_data, [out] PInterfaceData *obj, [out] IrotCookie *cookie)
HRESULT IrotNoteChangeTime ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] IrotCookie cookie, [in] const FILETIME *time)
HRESULT IrotGetTimeOfLastChange ([in] IrotHandle h, [in] const MonikerComparisonData *moniker_data, [out] FILETIME *time)
HRESULT IrotEnumRunning ([in] IrotHandle h, [out] PInterfaceList *list)

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ InterfaceData

◆ InterfaceList

◆ IrotContextHandle

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◆ IrotCookie

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◆ IrotHandle

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◆ PInterfaceData

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◆ PInterfaceList

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Member Function Documentation

◆ IrotEnumRunning()

HRESULT Irot::IrotEnumRunning ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[out] PInterfaceList list 

◆ IrotGetObject()

HRESULT Irot::IrotGetObject ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] const MonikerComparisonData moniker_data,
[out] PInterfaceData obj,
[out] IrotCookie cookie 

◆ IrotGetTimeOfLastChange()

HRESULT Irot::IrotGetTimeOfLastChange ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] const MonikerComparisonData moniker_data,
[out] FILETIME time 

◆ IrotIsRunning()

HRESULT Irot::IrotIsRunning ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] const MonikerComparisonData moniker_data 

◆ IrotNoteChangeTime()

HRESULT Irot::IrotNoteChangeTime ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] IrotCookie  cookie,
[in] const FILETIME time 

◆ IrotRegister()

HRESULT Irot::IrotRegister ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] const MonikerComparisonData moniker_data,
[in] const InterfaceData object,
[in] const InterfaceData moniker,
[in] const FILETIME time,
[in] DWORD  grfFlags,
[out] IrotCookie cookie,
[out] IrotContextHandle ctxt_handle 

◆ IrotRevoke()

HRESULT Irot::IrotRevoke ( [in] IrotHandle  h,
[in] IrotCookie  cookie,
[in, out] IrotContextHandle ctxt_handle,
[out] PInterfaceData object,
[out] PInterfaceData moniker 

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