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strtok.c File Reference
#include <precomp.h>
#include <internal/wine/msvcrt.h>
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char *CDECL strtok (char *str, const char *delim)

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char* CDECL strtok ( char str,
const char delim 

Definition at line 9 of file strtok.c.

10 {
12  char *ret;
14  if (!str)
15  if (!(str = data->strtok_next)) return NULL;
17  while (*str && strchr( delim, *str )) str++;
18  if (!*str) return NULL;
19  ret = str++;
20  while (*str && !strchr( delim, *str )) str++;
21  if (*str) *str++ = 0;
22  data->strtok_next = str;
23  return ret;
24 }
const WCHAR * str
GLint GLenum GLsizei GLsizei GLsizei GLint GLsizei const GLvoid * data
Definition: gl.h:1950
int ret
thread_data_t * msvcrt_get_thread_data(void)
Definition: tls.c:31
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
char * strchr(const char *String, int ch)
Definition: utclib.c:501

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