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ZoomTool Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ZoomTool ()
void OnButtonDown (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y, BOOL bDoubleClick)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
 ToolBase (TOOLTYPE tool)
virtual ~ToolBase ()
virtual void OnMouseMove (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y)
virtual void OnButtonUp (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y)
virtual void OnCancelDraw ()
virtual void OnFinishDraw ()
void beginEvent ()
void endEvent ()
void reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
static ToolBasecreateToolObject (TOOLTYPE type)
- Public Attributes inherited from ToolBase
HDC m_hdc
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ToolBase
static INT pointSP = 0
static POINT pointStack [256] = { { 0 } }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 352 of file mouse.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ZoomTool()

ZoomTool::ZoomTool ( )

Definition at line 354 of file mouse.cpp.

355  {
356  }
ToolBase(TOOLTYPE tool)
Definition: toolsmodel.h:42

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnButtonDown()

void ZoomTool::OnButtonDown ( BOOL  bLeftButton,
LONG  x,
LONG  y,
BOOL  bDoubleClick 

Reimplemented from ToolBase.

Definition at line 358 of file mouse.cpp.

359  {
361  if (bLeftButton)
362  {
363  if (toolsModel.GetZoom() < MAX_ZOOM)
364  zoomTo(toolsModel.GetZoom() * 2, x, y);
365  }
366  else
367  {
368  if (toolsModel.GetZoom() > MIN_ZOOM)
369  zoomTo(toolsModel.GetZoom() / 2, x, y);
370  }
371  }
ToolsModel toolsModel
Definition: main.cpp:18
void CopyPrevious(void)
Definition: history.cpp:47
#define MAX_ZOOM
Definition: common.h:15
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint x
Definition: gl.h:1548
#define MIN_ZOOM
Definition: common.h:14
int GetZoom() const
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:148
ImageModel imageModel
Definition: main.cpp:32
BOOL zoomTo(int newZoom, int mouseX, int mouseY)
Definition: winproc.cpp:19
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint y
Definition: gl.h:1548

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