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ICifRWComponent Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetGUID (const char *guid)
HRESULT SetDescription (const char *desc)
HRESULT SetUrl (UINT index, const char *url, DWORD url_flags)
HRESULT SetCommand (UINT index, const char *cmd, const char *switches, DWORD type)
HRESULT SetVersion (const char *version)
HRESULT SetUninstallKey (const char *key)
HRESULT SetInstalledSize (DWORD win, DWORD app)
HRESULT SetDownloadSize (DWORD size)
HRESULT SetExtractSize (DWORD size)
HRESULT DeleteDependency (const char *id, char type)
HRESULT AddDependency (const char *id, char type)
HRESULT SetUIVisible (BOOL visible)
HRESULT SetGroup (const char *id)
HRESULT SetPlatform (DWORD platform)
HRESULT SetPriority (DWORD priority)
HRESULT SetReboot (BOOL reboot)
HRESULT DeleteFromModes (const char *mode)
HRESULT AddToMode (const char *mode)
HRESULT SetModes (const char *mode)
HRESULT CopyComponent (const char *ciffile)
HRESULT AddToTreatAsOne (const char *compid)
HRESULT SetDetails (const char *desc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICifComponent
HRESULT GetID (char *id, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetGUID (char *guid, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetDescription (char *desc, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetDetails (char *details, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetUrl (UINT index, char *url, DWORD size, DWORD *flags)
HRESULT GetFileExtractList (UINT index, char *extract, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetUrlCheckRange (UINT index, DWORD *min, DWORD *max)
HRESULT GetCommand (UINT index, char *cmd, DWORD cmd_size, char *switches, DWORD switch_size, DWORD *type)
HRESULT GetVersion (DWORD *version, DWORD *build)
HRESULT GetLocale (char *pszLocale, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetUninstallKey (char *key, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetInstalledSize (DWORD *win, DWORD *app)
DWORD GetDownloadSize ()
DWORD GetExtractSize ()
HRESULT GetSuccessKey (char *key, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetProgressKeys (char *progress, DWORD progress_size, char *cancel, DWORD cancel_size)
HRESULT IsActiveSetupAware ()
HRESULT IsRebootRequired ()
HRESULT RequiresAdminRights ()
DWORD GetPriority ()
HRESULT GetDependency (UINT index, char *id, DWORD buf, char *type, DWORD *ver, DWORD *build)
DWORD GetPlatform ()
HRESULT GetMode (UINT index, char *mode, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetGroup (char *id, DWORD size)
HRESULT IsUIVisible ()
HRESULT GetPatchID (char *id, DWORD size)
HRESULT GetDetVersion (char *dll, DWORD dll_size, char *entry, DWORD entry_size)
HRESULT GetTreatAsOneComponents (UINT index, char *id, DWORD buf)
HRESULT GetCustomData (char *key, char *data, DWORD size)
DWORD IsComponentInstalled ()
HRESULT IsComponentDownloaded ()
DWORD IsThisVersionInstalled (DWORD version, DWORD build, DWORD *ret_version, DWORD *ret_build)
DWORD GetInstallQueueState ()
HRESULT SetInstallQueueState (DWORD state)
DWORD GetActualDownloadSize ()
DWORD GetCurrentPriority ()
HRESULT SetCurrentPriority (DWORD priority)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 142 of file inseng.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddDependency()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::AddDependency ( const char id,
char  type 

◆ AddToMode()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::AddToMode ( const char mode)

◆ AddToTreatAsOne()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::AddToTreatAsOne ( const char compid)

◆ CopyComponent()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::CopyComponent ( const char ciffile)

◆ DeleteDependency()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::DeleteDependency ( const char id,
char  type 

◆ DeleteFromModes()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::DeleteFromModes ( const char mode)

◆ SetCommand()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetCommand ( UINT  index,
const char cmd,
const char switches,
DWORD  type 

◆ SetDescription()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetDescription ( const char desc)

◆ SetDetails()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetDetails ( const char desc)

◆ SetDownloadSize()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetDownloadSize ( DWORD  size)

◆ SetExtractSize()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetExtractSize ( DWORD  size)

◆ SetGroup()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetGroup ( const char id)

◆ SetGUID()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetGUID ( const char guid)

◆ SetInstalledSize()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetInstalledSize ( DWORD  win,
DWORD  app 

◆ SetModes()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetModes ( const char mode)

◆ SetPlatform()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetPlatform ( DWORD  platform)

◆ SetPriority()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetPriority ( DWORD  priority)

◆ SetReboot()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetReboot ( BOOL  reboot)

◆ SetUIVisible()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetUIVisible ( BOOL  visible)

◆ SetUninstallKey()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetUninstallKey ( const char key)

◆ SetUrl()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetUrl ( UINT  index,
const char url,
DWORD  url_flags 

◆ SetVersion()

HRESULT ICifRWComponent::SetVersion ( const char version)

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