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ITextSelection Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetFlags ([retval, out]LONG *pFlags)
HRESULT SetFlags ([in]LONG Flags)
HRESULT GetType ([retval, out]LONG *pType)
HRESULT MoveLeft ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveRight ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveUp ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveDown ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT HomeKey ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT EndKey ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT TypeText ([in]BSTR bstr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ITextRange
HRESULT GetText ([retval, out]BSTR *pbstr)
HRESULT SetText ([in]BSTR bstr)
HRESULT GetChar ([retval, out]LONG *pch)
HRESULT SetChar ([in]LONG ch)
HRESULT GetDuplicate ([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
HRESULT GetFormattedText ([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
HRESULT SetFormattedText ([in]ITextRange *pRange)
HRESULT GetStart ([retval, out]LONG *pcpFirst)
HRESULT SetStart ([in]LONG cpFirst)
HRESULT GetEnd ([retval, out]LONG *pcpLim)
HRESULT SetEnd ([in]LONG cpLim)
HRESULT GetFont ([retval, out]ITextFont **pFont)
HRESULT SetFont ([in]ITextFont *pFont)
HRESULT GetPara ([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara)
HRESULT SetPara ([in]ITextPara *pPara)
HRESULT GetStoryLength ([retval, out]LONG *pcch)
HRESULT GetStoryType ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT Collapse ([in]LONG bStart)
HRESULT Expand ([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetIndex ([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pIndex)
HRESULT SetIndex ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Index, [in]LONG Extend)
HRESULT SetRange ([in]LONG anchor, [in]LONG active)
HRESULT InRange ([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT InStory ([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT IsEqual ([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT Select ()
HRESULT StartOf ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT EndOf ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT Move ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveStart ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveEnd ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveWhile ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveStartWhile ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveEndWhile ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveUntil ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveStartUntil ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT MoveEndUntil ([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT FindText ([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
HRESULT FindTextStart ([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
HRESULT FindTextEnd ([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
HRESULT Delete ([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT Cut ([out]VARIANT *pVar)
HRESULT Copy ([out]VARIANT *pVar)
HRESULT Paste ([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format)
HRESULT CanPaste ([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT CanEdit ([retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT ChangeCase ([in]LONG Type)
HRESULT GetPoint ([in]LONG Type, [out]LONG *cx, [out]LONG *cy)
HRESULT SetPoint ([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [in]LONG Type, [in]LONG Extend)
HRESULT ScrollIntoView ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetEmbeddedObject ([retval, out]IUnknown **ppv)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDispatch
HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount ([out] UINT *pctinfo)
HRESULT GetTypeInfo ([in] UINT iTInfo, [in] LCID lcid, [out] ITypeInfo **ppTInfo)
HRESULT GetIDsOfNames ([in] REFIID riid, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames, [in] LCID lcid, [out, size_is(cNames)] DISPID *rgDispId)
HRESULT Invoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] WORD wFlags, [in, out] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *puArgErr)
HRESULT RemoteInvoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *pArgErr, [in] UINT cVarRef, [in, size_is(cVarRef)] UINT *rgVarRefIdx, [in, out, size_is(cVarRef)] VARIANTARG *rgVarRef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IDispatch
typedef IDispatchLPDISPATCH
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN
- Public Attributes inherited from IDispatch

Detailed Description

Definition at line 397 of file tom.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ EndKey()

HRESULT ITextSelection::EndKey ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ GetFlags()

HRESULT ITextSelection::GetFlags ( [retval, out] LONG pFlags)

◆ GetType()

HRESULT ITextSelection::GetType ( [retval, out] LONG pType)

◆ HomeKey()

HRESULT ITextSelection::HomeKey ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ MoveDown()

HRESULT ITextSelection::MoveDown ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Count,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ MoveLeft()

HRESULT ITextSelection::MoveLeft ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Count,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ MoveRight()

HRESULT ITextSelection::MoveRight ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Count,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ MoveUp()

HRESULT ITextSelection::MoveUp ( [in] LONG  Unit,
[in] LONG  Count,
[in] LONG  Extend,
[retval, out] LONG pDelta 

◆ SetFlags()

HRESULT ITextSelection::SetFlags ( [in] LONG  Flags)

◆ TypeText()

HRESULT ITextSelection::TypeText ( [in] BSTR  bstr)

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