ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5120-gfb68e76
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1 /*
2  * Copyright 2006 Juan Lang
3  *
4  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
5  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
6  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
7  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
8  *
9  * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
13  *
14  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
15  * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
16  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
17  */
19 import "oaidl.idl";
20 import "ocidl.idl";
22 cpp_quote("#ifdef WINE_NO_UNICODE_MACROS")
23 cpp_quote("#undef FindText")
24 cpp_quote("#endif")
27 {
28  tomFalse = 0,
29  tomTrue = -1,
30  tomUndefined = -9999999,
31  tomToggle = -9999998,
32  tomAutoColor = -9999997,
33  tomDefault = -9999996,
34  tomSuspend = -9999995,
35  tomResume = -9999994,
37  /* ITextFont::Reset() modes */
48  tomBackward = 0xc0000001,
49  tomForward = 0x3fffffff,
50  tomMove = 0,
51  tomExtend = 1,
66  tomEnd = 0,
67  tomStart = 32,
71  tomNone = 0,
72  tomSingle = 1,
73  tomWords = 2,
74  tomDouble = 3,
75  tomDotted = 4,
76  tomDash = 5,
79  tomWave = 8,
80  tomThick = 9,
81  tomHair = 10,
99  tomSpaces = 0,
100  tomDots = 1,
102  tomLines = 3,
116  tomListPeriod = 0x20000,
117  tomListPlain = 0x30000,
119  tomWord = 2,
122  tomLine = 5,
123  tomStory = 6,
127  tomRow = 10,
128  tomWindow = 11,
129  tomCell = 12,
132  tomTable = 15,
133  tomObject = 16,
138  /* ITextRange story type values */
152  /* ITextFont animation property */
169  tomReadOnly = 0x100,
172  tomPasteFile = 0x1000,
173  tomCreateNew = 0x10,
178  tomRTF = 0x1,
179  tomText = 0x2,
180  tomHTML = 0x3,
182  tomBold = 0x80000001,
183  tomItalic = 0x80000002,
184  tomUnderline = 0x80000004,
185  tomStrikeout = 0x80000008,
186  tomProtected = 0x80000010,
187  tomLink = 0x80000020,
188  tomSmallCaps = 0x80000040,
189  tomAllCaps = 0x80000080,
190  tomHidden = 0x80000100,
191  tomOutline = 0x80000200,
192  tomShadow = 0x80000400,
193  tomEmboss = 0x80000800,
194  tomImprint = 0x80001000,
195  tomDisabled = 0x80002000,
196  tomRevised = 0x80004000,
203  tomCharset = 0x80000000,
204  tomRE10Mode = 0x1,
205  tomNoIME = 0x80000,
206  tomSelfIME = 0x40000
207 } tomConstants;
209 interface ITextRange;
210 interface ITextSelection;
211 interface ITextStoryRanges;
213 [
214  object,
215  uuid(8cc497c0-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
216 ]
218 {
219  HRESULT GetName([retval, out]BSTR *pName);
220  HRESULT GetSelection([retval, out]ITextSelection **ppSel);
221  HRESULT GetStoryCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount);
222  HRESULT GetStoryRanges([retval, out]ITextStoryRanges **ppStories);
223  HRESULT GetSaved([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
225  HRESULT GetDefaultTabStop([retval, out]float *pValue);
227  HRESULT New();
228  HRESULT Open([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Flags, [in]LONG CodePage);
229  HRESULT Save([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Flags, [in]LONG CodePage);
230  HRESULT Freeze([retval, out]LONG *pCount);
231  HRESULT Unfreeze([retval, out]LONG *pCount);
234  HRESULT Undo([in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *prop);
235  HRESULT Redo([in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *prop);
236  HRESULT Range([in]LONG cp1, [in]LONG cp2, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange);
237  HRESULT RangeFromPoint([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange);
238 }
240 [
241  object,
242  uuid(01c25500-4268-11d1-883a-3c8b00c10000)
243 ]
245 {
249  HRESULT GetCaretType([retval, out]LONG *type);
251  HRESULT GetImmContext([retval, out]LONG *context);
253  HRESULT GetPreferredFont([in]LONG cp, [in]LONG codepage, [in]LONG option, [in]LONG current_codepage, [in]LONG current_fontsize,
254  [out]BSTR *bstr, [out]LONG *pitch_family, [out]LONG *new_fontsize);
262  HRESULT CheckTextLimit([in]LONG cch, [out]LONG *exceed);
264  HRESULT SysBeep();
267 }
269 interface ITextDisplays;
270 interface ITextFont2;
271 interface ITextPara2;
272 interface ITextRange2;
273 interface ITextSelection2;
274 interface ITextStory;
275 interface ITextStoryRanges2;
276 interface ITextStrings;
278 [
279  object,
280  uuid(c241f5e0-7206-11d8-a2c7-00a0d1d6c6b3)
281 ]
283 {
284  HRESULT GetCaretType([retval, out]LONG *value);
286  HRESULT GetDisplays([retval, out]ITextDisplays **displays);
287  HRESULT GetDocumentFont([retval, out]ITextFont2 **font);
288  HRESULT SetDocumentFont([in]ITextFont2 *font);
289  HRESULT GetDocumentPara([retval, out]ITextPara2 **para);
290  HRESULT SetDocumentPara([in]ITextPara2 *para);
292  HRESULT GetGenerator([retval, out]BSTR *bstr);
296  HRESULT GetSelection2([retval, out]ITextSelection2 **selection);
297  HRESULT GetStoryRanges2([retval, out]ITextStoryRanges2 **stories);
299  HRESULT GetVersion([retval, out]LONG *value);
300  HRESULT GetWindow([retval, out]LONG *hwnd);
302  HRESULT CheckTextLimit([in]LONG cch, [out]LONG *exceed);
303  HRESULT GetCallManager([retval, out]IUnknown **manager);
306  HRESULT GetImmContext([retval, out]LONG *context);
307  HRESULT GetPreferredFont([in]LONG cp, [in]LONG codepage, [in]LONG option, [in]LONG current_codepage, [in]LONG current_fontsize,
308  [out]BSTR *bstr, [out]LONG *pitch_family, [out]LONG *new_fontsize);
310  HRESULT GetStrings([out]ITextStrings **strings);
312  HRESULT Range2([in]LONG cp_active, [in]LONG cp_anchor, [retval, out]ITextRange2 **range);
313  HRESULT RangeFromPoint2([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [in]LONG type, [retval, out]ITextRange2 **range);
319  HRESULT SysBeep();
324  HRESULT GetActiveStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story);
325  HRESULT SetActiveStory([in]ITextStory *story);
326  HRESULT GetMainStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story);
327  HRESULT GetNewStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story);
328  HRESULT GetStory([in]LONG index, [retval, out]ITextStory **story);
329 }
331 interface ITextFont;
332 interface ITextPara;
334 [
335  object,
336  uuid(8cc497c2-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
337 ]
339 {
340  HRESULT GetText([retval, out]BSTR *pbstr);
341  HRESULT SetText([in]BSTR bstr);
342  HRESULT GetChar([retval, out]LONG *pch);
343  HRESULT SetChar([in]LONG ch);
344  HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange);
345  HRESULT GetFormattedText([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange);
347  HRESULT GetStart([retval, out]LONG *pcpFirst);
348  HRESULT SetStart([in]LONG cpFirst);
349  HRESULT GetEnd([retval, out]LONG *pcpLim);
350  HRESULT SetEnd([in]LONG cpLim);
351  HRESULT GetFont([retval, out]ITextFont **pFont);
352  HRESULT SetFont([in]ITextFont *pFont);
353  HRESULT GetPara([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara);
354  HRESULT SetPara([in]ITextPara *pPara);
355  HRESULT GetStoryLength([retval, out]LONG *pcch);
356  HRESULT GetStoryType([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
357  HRESULT Collapse([in]LONG bStart);
358  HRESULT Expand([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
359  HRESULT GetIndex([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pIndex);
361  HRESULT SetRange([in]LONG anchor, [in]LONG active);
362  HRESULT InRange([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb);
363  HRESULT InStory([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb);
364  HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb);
365  HRESULT Select();
366  HRESULT StartOf([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
367  HRESULT EndOf([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
368  HRESULT Move([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
369  HRESULT MoveStart([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
370  HRESULT MoveEnd([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
371  HRESULT MoveWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
372  HRESULT MoveStartWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
373  HRESULT MoveEndWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
374  HRESULT MoveUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
375  HRESULT MoveStartUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
376  HRESULT MoveEndUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
377  HRESULT FindText([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength);
378  HRESULT FindTextStart([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength);
379  HRESULT FindTextEnd([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength);
380  HRESULT Delete([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
381  HRESULT Cut([out]VARIANT *pVar);
382  HRESULT Copy([out]VARIANT *pVar);
383  HRESULT Paste([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format);
384  HRESULT CanPaste([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format, [retval, out]LONG *pb);
385  HRESULT CanEdit([retval, out]LONG *pb);
391 }
393 [
394  object,
395  uuid(8cc497c1-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
396 ]
398 {
399  HRESULT GetFlags([retval, out]LONG *pFlags);
401  HRESULT GetType([retval, out]LONG *pType);
402  HRESULT MoveLeft([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
403  HRESULT MoveRight([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
404  HRESULT MoveUp([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
405  HRESULT MoveDown([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
406  HRESULT HomeKey([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
407  HRESULT EndKey([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta);
408  HRESULT TypeText([in]BSTR bstr);
409 }
411 [
412  object,
413  uuid(8cc497c3-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
414 ]
415 interface ITextFont : IDispatch
416 {
417  HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextFont **ppFont);
418  HRESULT SetDuplicate([in]ITextFont *pFont);
419  HRESULT CanChange([out]LONG *pB);
420  HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextFont *pFont, [retval, out]LONG *pB);
422  HRESULT GetStyle([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
424  HRESULT GetAllCaps([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
426  HRESULT GetAnimation([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
428  HRESULT GetBackColor([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
430  HRESULT GetBold([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
432  HRESULT GetEmboss([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
434  HRESULT GetForeColor([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
436  HRESULT GetHidden([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
438  HRESULT GetEngrave([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
440  HRESULT GetItalic([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
442  HRESULT GetKerning([retval, out]float *pValue);
443  HRESULT SetKerning([in]float Value);
444  HRESULT GetLanguageID([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
446  HRESULT GetName([retval, out]BSTR *pValue);
448  HRESULT GetOutline([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
450  HRESULT GetPosition([retval, out]float *pValue);
451  HRESULT SetPosition([in]float Value);
452  HRESULT GetProtected([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
454  HRESULT GetShadow([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
456  HRESULT GetSize([retval, out]float *pValue);
457  HRESULT SetSize([in]float Value);
458  HRESULT GetSmallCaps([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
460  HRESULT GetSpacing([retval, out]float *pValue);
461  HRESULT SetSpacing([in]float Value);
464  HRESULT GetSubscript([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
466  HRESULT GetSuperscript([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
468  HRESULT GetUnderline([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
470  HRESULT GetWeight([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
472 }
474 [
475  object,
476  uuid(8cc497c4-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
477 ]
478 interface ITextPara : IDispatch
479 {
480  HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara);
481  HRESULT SetDuplicate([in]ITextPara *pPara);
482  HRESULT CanChange([out]LONG *pB);
483  HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextPara *pPara, [retval, out]LONG *pB);
485  HRESULT GetStyle([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
487  HRESULT GetAlignment([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
489  HRESULT GetHyphenation([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
491  HRESULT GetFirstLineIndent([retval, out]float *pValue);
496  HRESULT GetLeftIndent([retval, out]float *pValue);
497  HRESULT GetLineSpacing([retval, out]float *pValue);
503  HRESULT GetListStart([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
505  HRESULT GetListTab([retval, out]float *pValue);
506  HRESULT SetListTab([in]float Value);
507  HRESULT GetListType([retval, out]LONG *pValue);
513  HRESULT GetRightIndent([retval, out]float *pValue);
514  HRESULT SetRightIndent([in]float Value);
515  HRESULT SetIndents([in]float StartIndent, [in]float LeftIndent, [in]float RightIndent);
516  HRESULT SetLineSpacing([in]LONG LineSpacingRule, [in]float LineSpacing);
517  HRESULT GetSpaceAfter([retval, out]float *pValue);
518  HRESULT SetSpaceAfter([in]float Value);
519  HRESULT GetSpaceBefore([retval, out]float *pValue);
520  HRESULT SetSpaceBefore([in]float Value);
523  HRESULT GetTabCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount);
524  HRESULT AddTab([in]float tbPos, [in]LONG tbAlign, [in]LONG tbLeader);
526  HRESULT DeleteTab([in]float tbPos);
527  HRESULT GetTab([in]LONG iTab, [out]float *ptbPos, [out]LONG *ptbAlign, [out]LONG *ptbLeader);
528 }
530 [
531  object,
532  uuid(8cc497c5-a1df-11ce-8098-00aa0047be5d)
533 ]
535 {
536  HRESULT _NewEnum([retval, out]IUnknown **ppUnkEnum);
537  HRESULT Item([in]LONG Index, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange);
538  HRESULT GetCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount);
539 }
HRESULT EndOf([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT SetText([in]BSTR bstr)
HRESULT SetItalic([in]LONG Value)
Definition: tom.idl:28
HRESULT ReleaseImmContext([in]LONG context)
HRESULT SetBackColor([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT AttachMsgFilter([in]IUnknown *filter)
HRESULT GetCaretType([retval, out]LONG *type)
HRESULT GetLineSpacing([retval, out]float *pValue)
Definition: pdh_main.c:93
HRESULT FindTextEnd([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
HRESULT MoveStartUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
Definition: extend.c:14
HRESULT DeleteTab([in]float tbPos)
HRESULT BeginEditCollection()
HRESULT SetNoLineNumber([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetTypographyOptions([retval, out]LONG *options)
HRESULT GetStory([in]LONG index, [retval, out]ITextStory **story)
HRESULT MoveUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetGenerator([retval, out]BSTR *bstr)
coclass MSXML2::XSLTemplate40 object
HRESULT GetFirstLineIndent([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetSubscript([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
Definition: gdiplusenums.h:25
HRESULT SetLanguageID([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT CanPaste([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
Definition: http.c:7251
HRESULT EndEditCollection()
HRESULT SetSaved([in]LONG Value)
Definition: mk_font.cpp:20
Definition: tom.idl:66
HRESULT Open([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Flags, [in]LONG CodePage)
HRESULT MoveRight([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara)
HRESULT SetStyle([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetWidowControl([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT FindText([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
int notify
Definition: msacm.c:1365
HRESULT ReleaseImmContext([in]LONG context)
HRESULT Notify([in]LONG notify)
HRESULT SetName([in]BSTR Value)
HRESULT GetSmallCaps([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetUnderline([in]LONG Value)
Definition: atlbase.h:39
HRESULT SetSmallCaps([in]LONG Value)
Definition: tom.idl:73
HRESULT GetSelectionEx([retval, out]ITextSelection **selection)
HRESULT HomeKey([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT SetAlignment([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT ReleaseCallManager([in]IUnknown *manager)
HRESULT GetNoLineNumber([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetHyphenation([in]LONG Value)
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint x
Definition: gl.h:1548
HRESULT ClearAllTabs()
HRESULT SetCaretType([in]LONG value)
HRESULT SetAllCaps([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetFont([retval, out]ITextFont **pFont)
Definition: tom.idl:178
HRESULT SetActiveStory([in]ITextStory *story)
HRESULT Item([in]LONG Index, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
Definition: compat.h:2152
HRESULT SetDocumentPara([in]ITextPara2 *para)
HRESULT MoveUp([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT SetRightIndent([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetSelection([retval, out]ITextSelection **ppSel)
HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextFont *pFont, [retval, out]LONG *pB)
HRESULT Notify([in]LONG notify)
HRESULT Reset([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetPosition([in]float Value)
Definition: tom.idl:179
HRESULT InStory([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT SetBold([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT Delete([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
int selection
Definition: ctm.c:92
coclass AMMultiMediaStream cpp_quote("DEFINE_GUID(CLSID_AMDirectDrawStream, 0x49c47ce4, 0x9ba4, 0x11d0, 0x82, 0x12, 0x00, 0xc0, 0x4f, 0xc3, 0x2c, 0x45);") cpp_quote("DEFINE_GUID(CLSID_AMAudioStream
HRESULT GetListAlignment([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
#define pch(ap)
Definition: match.c:418
HRESULT GetDocumentFont([retval, out]ITextFont2 **font)
HRESULT GetDocumentPara([retval, out]ITextPara2 **para)
HRESULT GetEnd([retval, out]LONG *pcpLim)
HRESULT SetOutline([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT Range([in]LONG cp1, [in]LONG cp2, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
Definition: tom.idl:100
HRESULT GetDefaultTabStop([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetRightIndent([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetCallManager([retval, out]IUnknown **manager)
HRESULT SetKeepWithNext([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetEffectColor([in]LONG index, [in]COLORREF cr)
HRESULT GetStyle([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetMainStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story)
HRESULT SetWeight([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetVersion([retval, out]LONG *value)
HRESULT SetSpaceBefore([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetCaretType([retval, out]LONG *value)
HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
HRESULT Collapse([in]LONG bStart)
HRESULT GetActiveStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story)
HRESULT GetLineSpacingRule([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetPageBreakBefore([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetLeftIndent([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT MoveEnd([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
GLenum GLint GLuint mask
Definition: glext.h:6028
HRESULT GetStart([retval, out]LONG *pcpFirst)
HRESULT SetProperty([in]LONG type, [in]LONG value)
HRESULT SetStrikeThrough([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetSize([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetEffectColor([in]LONG index, [out]COLORREF *cr)
long LONG
Definition: pedump.c:60
HRESULT GetOutline([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetProtected([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetSpaceBefore([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetStyle([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetEastAsianFlags([retval, out]LONG *flags)
enum tagTomConstants tomConstants
HRESULT GetListStart([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetPara([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara)
HRESULT SetStart([in]LONG cpFirst)
int codepage
Definition: win_iconv.c:156
HRESULT GetDisplays([retval, out]ITextDisplays **displays)
HRESULT SetEnd([in]LONG cpLim)
HRESULT SetShadow([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetBackColor([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
_Out_opt_ int _Out_opt_ int * cy
Definition: commctrl.h:585
HRESULT Select()
HRESULT MoveEndWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT SetDuplicate([in]ITextPara *pPara)
HRESULT Update([in]LONG mode)
HRESULT GetKerning([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetLanguageID([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
Definition: getopt.h:108
HRESULT GetNewStory([retval, out]ITextStory **story)
HRESULT GetChar([retval, out]LONG *pch)
HRESULT Reset([in]LONG Value)
GLint GLint bottom
Definition: glext.h:7726
Definition: tom.idl:71
GLuint index
Definition: glext.h:6031
typedef uuid
HRESULT GetTab([in]LONG iTab, [out]float *ptbPos, [out]LONG *ptbAlign, [out]LONG *ptbLeader)
HRESULT MoveStartWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetStoryRanges([retval, out]ITextStoryRanges **ppStories)
HRESULT GetPoint([in]LONG Type, [out]LONG *cx, [out]LONG *cy)
HRESULT GetStoryCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
HRESULT RangeFromPoint2([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [in]LONG type, [retval, out]ITextRange2 **range)
HRESULT SetFont([in]ITextFont *pFont)
HRESULT SetListStart([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetName([retval, out]BSTR *pName)
HRESULT TypeText([in]BSTR bstr)
HRESULT GetAllCaps([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetPosition([retval, out]float *pValue)
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ WDFKEY _In_ PCUNICODE_STRING _Out_opt_ PUSHORT _Inout_opt_ PUNICODE_STRING Value
Definition: wdfregistry.h:406
HRESULT SetRange([in]LONG anchor, [in]LONG active)
HRESULT GetText([retval, out]BSTR *pbstr)
HRESULT FindTextStart([in]BSTR bstr, [in]LONG cch, [in]LONG Flags, [retval, out]LONG *pLength)
HRESULT CanChange([out]LONG *pB)
Definition: tom.idl:182
HRESULT RangeFromPoint([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
int Count
Definition: noreturn.cpp:7
HRESULT SetListTab([in]float Value)
static LPSTR pName
Definition: security.c:75
HRESULT GetHidden([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ ULONG Flags
Definition: wsk.h:170
HRESULT GetShadow([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetSize([in]float Value)
HRESULT ScrollIntoView([in]LONG Value)
Definition: typedefs.h:79
HRESULT GetSpaceAfter([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT MoveLeft([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT SetMathProperties([in]LONG options, [in]LONG mask)
Definition: windef.h:300
HRESULT SetSpacing([in]float Value)
Definition: tom.idl:127
HRESULT MoveEndUntil([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetImmContext([retval, out]LONG *context)
HRESULT GetWeight([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetFlags([in]LONG Flags)
HRESULT EndKey([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetStrings([out]ITextStrings **strings)
Definition: tom.idl:122
Definition: Type.h:6
static FILE * out
Definition: regtests2xml.c:44
GLint left
Definition: glext.h:7726
Definition: tom.idl:119
HRESULT MoveStart([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetAnimation([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT MoveDown([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetDuplicate([retval, out]ITextFont **ppFont)
GLdouble GLdouble right
Definition: glext.h:10859
HRESULT Freeze([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
HRESULT GetTabCount([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
HRESULT Update([in]LONG value)
HRESULT GetPreferredFont([in]LONG cp, [in]LONG codepage, [in]LONG option, [in]LONG current_codepage, [in]LONG current_fontsize, [out]BSTR *bstr, [out]LONG *pitch_family, [out]LONG *new_fontsize)
GLbitfield flags
Definition: glext.h:7161
HRESULT GetListType([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
Definition: tom.idl:76
HRESULT GetClientRect([in]LONG type, [out]LONG *left, [out]LONG *top, [out]LONG *right, [out]LONG *bottom)
HRESULT GetHyphenation([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetListLevelIndex([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetListAlignment([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT UpdateWindow()
GLsizei const GLchar *const * strings
Definition: glext.h:7622
HRESULT SetDuplicate([in]ITextFont *pFont)
HRESULT GetFormattedText([retval, out]ITextRange **ppRange)
HRESULT GetUnderline([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetLineSpacing([in]LONG LineSpacingRule, [in]float LineSpacing)
HRESULT SetEmboss([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetPageBreakBefore([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT _NewEnum([retval, out]IUnknown **ppUnkEnum)
HRESULT GetWindow([retval, out]LONG *hwnd)
Definition: tom.idl:50
HRESULT Range2([in]LONG cp_active, [in]LONG cp_anchor, [retval, out]ITextRange2 **range)
HRESULT SetAnimation([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetNotificationMode([retval, out]LONG *mode)
HRESULT SetIndents([in]float StartIndent, [in]float LeftIndent, [in]float RightIndent)
HRESULT SetProtected([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetKeepTogether([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT StartOf([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Extend, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextPara *pPara, [retval, out]LONG *pB)
HRESULT CanEdit([retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT GetImmContext([retval, out]LONG *context)
HRESULT InRange([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
GLenum mode
Definition: glext.h:6217
HRESULT GetNotificationMode([retval, out]LONG *mode)
HRESULT SetForeColor([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetFormattedText([in]ITextRange *pRange)
Definition: tom.idl:67
HRESULT SetCaretType([in]LONG type)
GLenum GLint * range
Definition: glext.h:7539
HRESULT GetSpacing([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT Copy([out]VARIANT *pVar)
HRESULT SetIndex([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Index, [in]LONG Extend)
HRESULT AttachMsgFilter([in]IUnknown *filter)
Definition: tom.idl:81
HRESULT GetKeepWithNext([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
Definition: tom.idl:79
HRESULT GetWindow([out]LONG *hwnd)
HRESULT SetNotificationMode([in]LONG mode)
HRESULT SetSpaceAfter([in]float Value)
HRESULT SetPoint([in]LONG x, [in]LONG y, [in]LONG Type, [in]LONG Extend)
HRESULT Paste([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Format)
HRESULT GetEmbeddedObject([retval, out]IUnknown **ppv)
_Out_ PULONG _Out_ PULONG pIndex
Definition: ndis.h:4564
HRESULT SetDocumentFont([in]ITextFont2 *font)
HRESULT GetFEFlags([out]LONG *flags)
GLuint in
Definition: glext.h:9616
HRESULT Redo([in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *prop)
HRESULT GetWidowControl([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetDefaultTabStop([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetName([retval, out]BSTR *pValue)
HRESULT Unfreeze([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
HRESULT ChangeCase([in]LONG Type)
HRESULT SetEngrave([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetSaved([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetProperty([in]LONG type, [out]LONG *value)
HRESULT GetAlignment([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT Move([in]LONG Unit, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetStrikeThrough([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
Definition: tom.idl:129
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint y
Definition: gl.h:1548
HRESULT SetEffectColor([in]LONG index, [in]LONG value)
HRESULT GetMathProperties([out]LONG *options)
HRESULT IsEqual([in]ITextRange *pRange, [retval, out]LONG *pb)
HRESULT AddTab([in]float tbPos, [in]LONG tbAlign, [in]LONG tbLeader)
Definition: tom.idl:80
HRESULT GetStoryRanges2([retval, out]ITextStoryRanges2 **stories)
HRESULT SetIMEInProgress([in]LONG value)
_Out_opt_ int * cx
Definition: commctrl.h:585
HRESULT SetChar([in]LONG ch)
Definition: magnifier.c:59
HRESULT Save([in]VARIANT *pVar, [in]LONG Flags, [in]LONG CodePage)
HRESULT GetListTab([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT Expand([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
HRESULT GetStoryLength([retval, out]LONG *pcch)
Definition: tom.idl:29
HRESULT GetForeColor([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetListLevelIndex([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetSuperscript([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetStyle([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT SetListType([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT Undo([in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *prop)
HRESULT GetFlags([retval, out]LONG *pFlags)
HRESULT SetKerning([in]float Value)
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble top
Definition: glext.h:10859
GLuint GLuint GLsizei GLenum type
Definition: gl.h:1545
HRESULT MoveWhile([in]VARIANT *Cset, [in]LONG Count, [retval, out]LONG *pDelta)
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean a
Definition: glext.h:6204
_In_ LONG _In_ HWND hwnd
Definition: winddi.h:4022
Definition: pager.h:36
HRESULT GetClientRect([in]LONG type, [out]LONG *left, [out]LONG *top, [out]LONG *right, [out]LONG *bottom)
Definition: tom.idl:26
HRESULT SetHidden([in]LONG Value)
Definition: tom.idl:187
Definition: tom.idl:180
HRESULT SetNotificationMode([in]LONG mode)
HRESULT SetTypographyOptions([in]LONG options, [in]LONG mask)
HRESULT GetPreferredFont([in]LONG cp, [in]LONG codepage, [in]LONG option, [in]LONG current_codepage, [in]LONG current_fontsize, [out]BSTR *bstr, [out]LONG *pitch_family, [out]LONG *new_fontsize)
HRESULT CheckTextLimit([in]LONG cch, [out]LONG *exceed)
HRESULT IMEInProgress([in]LONG mode)
GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLint GLbitfield GLenum filter
Definition: glext.h:7005
HRESULT GetStoryType([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT CanChange([out]LONG *pB)
HRESULT SetKeepTogether([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetEffectColor([in]LONG index, [out]COLORREF *cr)
HRESULT CheckTextLimit([in]LONG cch, [out]LONG *exceed)
HRESULT GetBold([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT UpdateWindow()
HRESULT SetPara([in]ITextPara *pPara)
HRESULT GetEmboss([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetItalic([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetIndex([in]LONG Unit, [retval, out]LONG *pIndex)
HRESULT GetSuperscript([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetEngrave([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetSubscript([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetType([retval, out]LONG *pType)
HRESULT GetSelection2([retval, out]ITextSelection2 **selection)