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ITextPara Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetDuplicate ([retval, out]ITextPara **ppPara)
HRESULT SetDuplicate ([in]ITextPara *pPara)
HRESULT CanChange ([out]LONG *pB)
HRESULT IsEqual ([in]ITextPara *pPara, [retval, out]LONG *pB)
HRESULT Reset ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetStyle ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetStyle ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetAlignment ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetAlignment ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetHyphenation ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetHyphenation ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetFirstLineIndent ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetKeepTogether ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetKeepTogether ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetKeepWithNext ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetKeepWithNext ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetLeftIndent ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetLineSpacing ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT GetLineSpacingRule ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT GetListAlignment ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetListAlignment ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetListLevelIndex ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetListLevelIndex ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetListStart ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetListStart ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetListTab ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT SetListTab ([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetListType ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetListType ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetNoLineNumber ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetNoLineNumber ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetPageBreakBefore ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetPageBreakBefore ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetRightIndent ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT SetRightIndent ([in]float Value)
HRESULT SetIndents ([in]float StartIndent, [in]float LeftIndent, [in]float RightIndent)
HRESULT SetLineSpacing ([in]LONG LineSpacingRule, [in]float LineSpacing)
HRESULT GetSpaceAfter ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT SetSpaceAfter ([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetSpaceBefore ([retval, out]float *pValue)
HRESULT SetSpaceBefore ([in]float Value)
HRESULT GetWidowControl ([retval, out]LONG *pValue)
HRESULT SetWidowControl ([in]LONG Value)
HRESULT GetTabCount ([retval, out]LONG *pCount)
HRESULT AddTab ([in]float tbPos, [in]LONG tbAlign, [in]LONG tbLeader)
HRESULT ClearAllTabs ()
HRESULT DeleteTab ([in]float tbPos)
HRESULT GetTab ([in]LONG iTab, [out]float *ptbPos, [out]LONG *ptbAlign, [out]LONG *ptbLeader)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDispatch
HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount ([out] UINT *pctinfo)
HRESULT GetTypeInfo ([in] UINT iTInfo, [in] LCID lcid, [out] ITypeInfo **ppTInfo)
HRESULT GetIDsOfNames ([in] REFIID riid, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames, [in] LCID lcid, [out, size_is(cNames)] DISPID *rgDispId)
HRESULT Invoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] WORD wFlags, [in, out] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *puArgErr)
HRESULT RemoteInvoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *pArgErr, [in] UINT cVarRef, [in, size_is(cVarRef)] UINT *rgVarRefIdx, [in, out, size_is(cVarRef)] VARIANTARG *rgVarRef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IDispatchLPDISPATCH
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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN
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Detailed Description

Definition at line 478 of file tom.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddTab()

HRESULT ITextPara::AddTab ( [in] float  tbPos,
[in] LONG  tbAlign,
[in] LONG  tbLeader 

◆ CanChange()

HRESULT ITextPara::CanChange ( [out] LONG pB)

◆ ClearAllTabs()

HRESULT ITextPara::ClearAllTabs ( )

◆ DeleteTab()

HRESULT ITextPara::DeleteTab ( [in] float  tbPos)

◆ GetAlignment()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetAlignment ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetDuplicate()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetDuplicate ( [retval, out] ITextPara **  ppPara)

◆ GetFirstLineIndent()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetFirstLineIndent ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetHyphenation()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetHyphenation ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetKeepTogether()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetKeepTogether ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetKeepWithNext()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetKeepWithNext ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetLeftIndent()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetLeftIndent ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetLineSpacing()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetLineSpacing ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetLineSpacingRule()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetLineSpacingRule ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetListAlignment()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetListAlignment ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetListLevelIndex()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetListLevelIndex ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetListStart()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetListStart ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetListTab()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetListTab ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetListType()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetListType ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetNoLineNumber()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetNoLineNumber ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetPageBreakBefore()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetPageBreakBefore ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetRightIndent()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetRightIndent ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetSpaceAfter()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetSpaceAfter ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetSpaceBefore()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetSpaceBefore ( [retval, out] float pValue)

◆ GetStyle()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetStyle ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ GetTab()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetTab ( [in] LONG  iTab,
[out] float ptbPos,
[out] LONG ptbAlign,
[out] LONG ptbLeader 

◆ GetTabCount()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetTabCount ( [retval, out] LONG pCount)

◆ GetWidowControl()

HRESULT ITextPara::GetWidowControl ( [retval, out] LONG pValue)

◆ IsEqual()

HRESULT ITextPara::IsEqual ( [in] ITextPara pPara,
[retval, out] LONG pB 

◆ Reset()

HRESULT ITextPara::Reset ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetAlignment()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetAlignment ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetDuplicate()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetDuplicate ( [in] ITextPara pPara)

◆ SetHyphenation()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetHyphenation ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetIndents()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetIndents ( [in] float  StartIndent,
[in] float  LeftIndent,
[in] float  RightIndent 

◆ SetKeepTogether()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetKeepTogether ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetKeepWithNext()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetKeepWithNext ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetLineSpacing()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetLineSpacing ( [in] LONG  LineSpacingRule,
[in] float  LineSpacing 

◆ SetListAlignment()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetListAlignment ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetListLevelIndex()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetListLevelIndex ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetListStart()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetListStart ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetListTab()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetListTab ( [in] float  Value)

◆ SetListType()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetListType ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetNoLineNumber()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetNoLineNumber ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetPageBreakBefore()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetPageBreakBefore ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetRightIndent()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetRightIndent ( [in] float  Value)

◆ SetSpaceAfter()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetSpaceAfter ( [in] float  Value)

◆ SetSpaceBefore()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetSpaceBefore ( [in] float  Value)

◆ SetStyle()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetStyle ( [in] LONG  Value)

◆ SetWidowControl()

HRESULT ITextPara::SetWidowControl ( [in] LONG  Value)

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