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IMFAttributes Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetItem (REFGUID guidKey, [in, out, ptr] PROPVARIANT *pValue)
HRESULT GetItemType (REFGUID guidKey, [out] MF_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE *pType)
HRESULT CompareItem (REFGUID guidKey, REFPROPVARIANT Value, [out] BOOL *pbResult)
HRESULT Compare (IMFAttributes *pTheirs, MF_ATTRIBUTES_MATCH_TYPE MatchType, [out] BOOL *pbResult)
HRESULT GetUINT32 (REFGUID guidKey, [out] UINT32 *punValue)
HRESULT GetUINT64 (REFGUID guidKey, [out] UINT64 *punValue)
HRESULT GetDouble (REFGUID guidKey, [out] double *pfValue)
HRESULT GetGUID (REFGUID guidKey, [out] GUID *pguidValue)
HRESULT GetStringLength (REFGUID guidKey, [out] UINT32 *pcchLength)
HRESULT GetString (REFGUID guidKey, [out, size_is(cchBufSize)] LPWSTR pwszValue, UINT32 cchBufSize, [in, out, ptr] UINT32 *pcchLength)
HRESULT GetAllocatedString (REFGUID guidKey, [out, size_is(,*pcchLength+1)] LPWSTR *ppwszValue, [out] UINT32 *pcchLength)
HRESULT GetBlobSize (REFGUID guidKey, [out] UINT32 *pcbBlobSize)
HRESULT GetBlob (REFGUID guidKey, [out, size_is(cbBufSize)] UINT8 *pBuf, UINT32 cbBufSize, [in, out, ptr] UINT32 *pcbBlobSize)
HRESULT GetAllocatedBlob (REFGUID guidKey, [out, size_is(,*pcbSize)] UINT8 **ppBuf, [out] UINT32 *pcbSize)
HRESULT GetUnknown (REFGUID guidKey, REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] LPVOID *ppv)
HRESULT DeleteItem (REFGUID guidKey)
HRESULT DeleteAllItems ()
HRESULT SetUINT32 (REFGUID guidKey, UINT32 unValue)
HRESULT SetUINT64 (REFGUID guidKey, UINT64 unValue)
HRESULT SetDouble (REFGUID guidKey, double fValue)
HRESULT SetString (REFGUID guidKey, [in, string] LPCWSTR wszValue)
HRESULT SetBlob (REFGUID guidKey, [in, size_is(cbBufSize)] const UINT8 *pBuf, UINT32 cbBufSize)
HRESULT SetUnknown (REFGUID guidKey, [in] IUnknown *pUnknown)
HRESULT LockStore ()
HRESULT UnlockStore ()
HRESULT GetCount ([out] UINT32 *pcItems)
HRESULT GetItemByIndex (UINT32 unIndex, [out] GUID *pguidKey, [in, out, ptr] PROPVARIANT *pValue)
HRESULT CopyAllItems ([in] IMFAttributes *pDest)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file mfobjects.idl.

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT IMFAttributes::Compare ( IMFAttributes pTheirs,
[out] BOOL pbResult 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::CompareItem ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] BOOL pbResult 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::CopyAllItems ( [in] IMFAttributes pDest)
HRESULT IMFAttributes::DeleteAllItems ( )
HRESULT IMFAttributes::DeleteItem ( REFGUID  guidKey)
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetAllocatedBlob ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out, size_is(,*pcbSize)] UINT8 **  ppBuf,
[out] UINT32 pcbSize 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetAllocatedString ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out, size_is(,*pcchLength+1)] LPWSTR ppwszValue,
[out] UINT32 pcchLength 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetBlob ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out, size_is(cbBufSize)] UINT8 pBuf,
UINT32  cbBufSize,
[in, out, ptr] UINT32 pcbBlobSize 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetBlobSize ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] UINT32 pcbBlobSize 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetCount ( [out] UINT32 pcItems)
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetDouble ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] double pfValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetGUID ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] GUID pguidValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetItem ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[in, out, ptr] PROPVARIANT *  pValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetItemByIndex ( UINT32  unIndex,
[out] GUID pguidKey,
[in, out, ptr] PROPVARIANT *  pValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetItemType ( REFGUID  guidKey,
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetString ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out, size_is(cchBufSize)] LPWSTR  pwszValue,
UINT32  cchBufSize,
[in, out, ptr] UINT32 pcchLength 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetStringLength ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] UINT32 pcchLength 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetUINT32 ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] UINT32 punValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetUINT64 ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[out] UINT64 punValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::GetUnknown ( REFGUID  guidKey,
REFIID  riid,
[out, iid_is(riid)] LPVOID ppv 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::LockStore ( )
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetBlob ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[in, size_is(cbBufSize)] const UINT8 pBuf,
UINT32  cbBufSize 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetDouble ( REFGUID  guidKey,
double  fValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetGUID ( REFGUID  guidKey,
REFGUID  guidValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetItem ( REFGUID  guidKey,
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetString ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  wszValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetUINT32 ( REFGUID  guidKey,
UINT32  unValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetUINT64 ( REFGUID  guidKey,
UINT64  unValue 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::SetUnknown ( REFGUID  guidKey,
[in] IUnknown pUnknown 
HRESULT IMFAttributes::UnlockStore ( )

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