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msi.c File Reference
#include <advapi32.h>
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#define debugstr_aw   debugstr_a


typedef UINT(WINAPIfnMsiProvideComponentFromDescriptor) (LPCWSTR, LPWSTR, DWORD *, DWORD *)


DWORD WINAPI CommandLineFromMsiDescriptor (WCHAR *szDescriptor, WCHAR *szCommandLine, DWORD *pcchCommandLine)

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◆ debugstr_aw

#define debugstr_aw   debugstr_a

Definition at line 14 of file msi.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ fnMsiProvideComponentFromDescriptor

typedef UINT(WINAPI * fnMsiProvideComponentFromDescriptor) (LPCWSTR, LPWSTR, DWORD *, DWORD *)

Definition at line 20 of file msi.c.

Function Documentation

◆ CommandLineFromMsiDescriptor()

DWORD WINAPI CommandLineFromMsiDescriptor ( WCHAR szDescriptor,
WCHAR szCommandLine,
DWORD pcchCommandLine 

Definition at line 22 of file msi.c.

24 {
25  static const WCHAR szMsi[] = { 'm','s','i',0 };
27  HMODULE hmsi;
30  TRACE("%S %p %p\n", szDescriptor, szCommandLine, pcchCommandLine);
32  hmsi = LoadLibraryW( szMsi );
33  if (!hmsi)
34  return r;
35  mpcfd = (void*) GetProcAddress( hmsi, "MsiProvideComponentFromDescriptorW" );
36  if (mpcfd)
37  r = mpcfd( szDescriptor, szCommandLine, pcchCommandLine, NULL );
38  FreeLibrary( hmsi );
39  return r;
40 }
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble r
Definition: gl.h:2055
#define LoadLibraryW(x)
Definition: compat.h:606
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
#define FreeLibrary(x)
Definition: compat.h:607
__wchar_t WCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:180
static const WCHAR szMsi[]
Definition: msipriv.h:1119
UINT(WINAPI * fnMsiProvideComponentFromDescriptor)(LPCWSTR, LPWSTR, DWORD *, DWORD *)
Definition: msi.c:20
unsigned int UINT
Definition: ndis.h:50
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
Definition: compat.h:102
#define GetProcAddress(x, y)
Definition: compat.h:612

Referenced by shelllink_get_msi_component_path().