ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7897-g78dc504
zstd_compress_superblock.h File Reference
#include "zstd.h"
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size_t ZSTD_compressSuperBlock (ZSTD_CCtx *zc, void *dst, size_t dstCapacity, void const *src, size_t srcSize, unsigned lastBlock)

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size_t ZSTD_compressSuperBlock ( ZSTD_CCtx zc,
void dst,
size_t  dstCapacity,
void const src,
size_t  srcSize,
unsigned  lastBlock 

Definition at line 823 of file zstd_compress_superblock.c.

826 {
827 ZSTD_entropyCTablesMetadata_t entropyMetadata;
832 &zc->appliedParams,
833 &entropyMetadata,
834 zc->entropyWorkspace, HUF_WORKSPACE_SIZE /* statically allocated in resetCCtx */), "");
839 &entropyMetadata,
840 &zc->appliedParams,
841 dst, dstCapacity,
842 src, srcSize,
843 zc->bmi2, lastBlock,
844 zc->entropyWorkspace, HUF_WORKSPACE_SIZE /* statically allocated in resetCCtx */);
GLenum src
Definition: glext.h:6340
GLenum GLenum dst
Definition: glext.h:6340
Definition: huf.h:93
ZSTD_CCtx_params appliedParams
ZSTD_blockState_t blockState
ZSTD_compressedBlockState_t * prevCBlock
ZSTD_compressedBlockState_t * nextCBlock
static size_t ZSTD_buildSuperBlockEntropy(seqStore_t *seqStorePtr, const ZSTD_entropyCTables_t *prevEntropy, ZSTD_entropyCTables_t *nextEntropy, const ZSTD_CCtx_params *cctxParams, ZSTD_entropyCTablesMetadata_t *entropyMetadata, void *workspace, size_t wkspSize)
static size_t ZSTD_compressSubBlock_multi(const seqStore_t *seqStorePtr, const ZSTD_compressedBlockState_t *prevCBlock, ZSTD_compressedBlockState_t *nextCBlock, const ZSTD_entropyCTablesMetadata_t *entropyMetadata, const ZSTD_CCtx_params *cctxParams, void *dst, size_t dstCapacity, const void *src, size_t srcSize, const int bmi2, U32 lastBlock, void *workspace, size_t wkspSize)
#define FORWARD_IF_ERROR(err,...)

Referenced by ZSTD_compressBlock_targetCBlockSize_body().