ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3324-gda4e15f
ZSTD_CCtx_s Struct Reference

#include <zstd_compress_internal.h>

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Public Attributes

ZSTD_compressionStage_e stage
int cParamsChanged
int bmi2
ZSTD_CCtx_params requestedParams
ZSTD_CCtx_params appliedParams
U32 dictID
int workSpaceOversizedDuration
size_t workSpaceSize
size_t blockSize
unsigned long long pledgedSrcSizePlusOne
unsigned long long consumedSrcSize
unsigned long long producedCSize
XXH64_state_t xxhState
ZSTD_customMem customMem
size_t staticSize
seqStore_t seqStore
ldmState_t ldmState
size_t maxNbLdmSequences
rawSeqStore_t externSeqStore
ZSTD_blockState_t blockState
size_t inBuffSize
size_t inToCompress
size_t inBuffPos
size_t inBuffTarget
size_t outBuffSize
size_t outBuffContentSize
size_t outBuffFlushedSize
ZSTD_cStreamStage streamStage
U32 frameEnded
const ZSTD_CDictcdict
ZSTD_prefixDict prefixDict

Detailed Description

Definition at line 210 of file zstd_compress_internal.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ appliedParams

◆ blockSize

◆ blockState

◆ bmi2

int ZSTD_CCtx_s::bmi2

Definition at line 213 of file zstd_compress_internal.h.

Referenced by ZSTD_compressBlock_internal(), and ZSTD_initCCtx().

◆ cdict

◆ cdictLocal

◆ consumedSrcSize

◆ cParamsChanged

int ZSTD_CCtx_s::cParamsChanged

Definition at line 212 of file zstd_compress_internal.h.

Referenced by ZSTD_CCtx_setParameter(), and ZSTD_compress_generic().

◆ customMem

◆ dictID

◆ entropyWorkspace

◆ externSeqStore

rawSeqStore_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::externSeqStore

◆ frameEnded

U32 ZSTD_CCtx_s::frameEnded

◆ inBuff

char* ZSTD_CCtx_s::inBuff

◆ inBuffPos

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::inBuffPos

◆ inBuffSize

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::inBuffSize

◆ inBuffTarget

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::inBuffTarget

◆ inToCompress

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::inToCompress

◆ ldmSequences

rawSeq* ZSTD_CCtx_s::ldmSequences

◆ ldmState

◆ maxNbLdmSequences

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::maxNbLdmSequences

◆ outBuff

char* ZSTD_CCtx_s::outBuff

◆ outBuffContentSize

◆ outBuffFlushedSize

◆ outBuffSize

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::outBuffSize

◆ pledgedSrcSizePlusOne

◆ prefixDict

ZSTD_prefixDict ZSTD_CCtx_s::prefixDict

◆ producedCSize

◆ requestedParams

◆ seqStore

seqStore_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::seqStore

◆ stage

◆ staticSize

◆ streamStage

◆ workSpace

void* ZSTD_CCtx_s::workSpace

◆ workSpaceOversizedDuration

int ZSTD_CCtx_s::workSpaceOversizedDuration

Definition at line 218 of file zstd_compress_internal.h.

Referenced by ZSTD_resetCCtx_internal().

◆ workSpaceSize

size_t ZSTD_CCtx_s::workSpaceSize

◆ xxhState

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