ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-4570-g4f8bbd1
shader_glsl_priv Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

struct wined3d_string_buffer shader_buffer
struct wined3d_string_buffer_list string_buffers
struct wine_rb_tree program_lookup
struct constant_heap vconst_heap
struct constant_heap pconst_heap
unsigned charstack
UINT next_constant_version
const struct wined3d_vertex_pipe_opsvertex_pipe
const struct fragment_pipelinefragment_pipe
struct wine_rb_tree ffp_vertex_shaders
struct wine_rb_tree ffp_fragment_shaders
BOOL ffp_proj_control
BOOL legacy_lighting

Detailed Description

Definition at line 119 of file glsl_shader.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ffp_fragment_shaders

struct wine_rb_tree shader_glsl_priv::ffp_fragment_shaders

◆ ffp_proj_control

BOOL shader_glsl_priv::ffp_proj_control

Definition at line 133 of file glsl_shader.c.

Referenced by shader_glsl_alloc(), and shader_glsl_has_ffp_proj_control().

◆ ffp_vertex_shaders

struct wine_rb_tree shader_glsl_priv::ffp_vertex_shaders

Definition at line 131 of file glsl_shader.c.

Referenced by glsl_vertex_pipe_vp_alloc(), and shader_glsl_find_ffp_vertex_shader().

◆ fragment_pipe

◆ legacy_lighting

BOOL shader_glsl_priv::legacy_lighting

Definition at line 134 of file glsl_shader.c.

Referenced by shader_glsl_alloc(), and shader_glsl_generate_ffp_vertex_shader().

◆ next_constant_version

◆ pconst_heap

◆ program_lookup

◆ shader_buffer

◆ stack

unsigned char* shader_glsl_priv::stack

Definition at line 126 of file glsl_shader.c.

Referenced by shader_glsl_alloc(), shader_glsl_free(), and shader_glsl_load_constants().

◆ string_buffers

◆ vconst_heap

◆ vertex_pipe

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