ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8417-gb6b82fe
_vector.h File Reference
#include <stl/_algobase.h>
#include <stl/_alloc.h>
#include <stl/_iterator.h>
#include <stl/_uninitialized.h>
#include <stl/_vector.c>
#include <stl/_bvector.h>
#include <stl/_relops_cont.h>
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class  _Vector_base< _Tp, _Alloc >
class  vector< _Tp, >


#define _STLP_TEMPLATE_HEADER   template <class _Tp, class _Alloc>
#define _STLP_TEMPLATE_CONTAINER   vector<_Tp, _Alloc>


_STLP_END_NAMESPACE _STLP_BEGIN_NAMESPACE typedef vector< bool, allocator< bool > > bit_vector

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#define _STLP_TEMPLATE_CONTAINER   vector<_Tp, _Alloc>

Definition at line 748 of file _vector.h.


#define _STLP_TEMPLATE_HEADER   template <class _Tp, class _Alloc>

Definition at line 747 of file _vector.h.

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Definition at line 744 of file _vector.h.

Referenced by BvectorTest::bvec1().