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nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetForm (nsIDOMHTMLFormElement **aForm)
nsresult GetCode (nsAString *aCode)
nsresult SetCode (const nsAString *aCode)
nsresult GetAlign (nsAString *aAlign)
nsresult SetAlign (const nsAString *aAlign)
nsresult GetArchive (nsAString *aArchive)
nsresult SetArchive (const nsAString *aArchive)
nsresult GetBorder (nsAString *aBorder)
nsresult SetBorder (const nsAString *aBorder)
nsresult GetCodeBase (nsAString *aCodeBase)
nsresult SetCodeBase (const nsAString *aCodeBase)
nsresult GetCodeType (nsAString *aCodeType)
nsresult SetCodeType (const nsAString *aCodeType)
nsresult GetData (nsAString *aData)
nsresult SetData (const nsAString *aData)
nsresult GetDeclare (bool *aDeclare)
nsresult SetDeclare (bool aDeclare)
nsresult GetHeight (nsAString *aHeight)
nsresult SetHeight (const nsAString *aHeight)
nsresult GetHspace (int32_t *aHspace)
nsresult SetHspace (int32_t aHspace)
nsresult GetName (nsAString *aName)
nsresult SetName (const nsAString *aName)
nsresult GetStandby (nsAString *aStandby)
nsresult SetStandby (const nsAString *aStandby)
nsresult GetType (nsAString *aType)
nsresult SetType (const nsAString *aType)
nsresult GetUseMap (nsAString *aUseMap)
nsresult SetUseMap (const nsAString *aUseMap)
nsresult GetVspace (int32_t *aVspace)
nsresult SetVspace (int32_t aVspace)
nsresult GetWidth (nsAString *aWidth)
nsresult SetWidth (const nsAString *aWidth)
nsresult GetContentDocument (nsIDOMDocument **aContentDocument)
nsresult GetWillValidate (bool *aWillValidate)
nsresult GetValidity (nsIDOMValidityState **aValidity)
nsresult GetValidationMessage (nsAString *aValidationMessage)
nsresult CheckValidity (bool *_retval)
nsresult SetCustomValidity (const nsAString *error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2188 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckValidity()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::CheckValidity ( bool _retval)

◆ GetAlign()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetAlign ( nsAString aAlign)

◆ GetArchive()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetArchive ( nsAString aArchive)

◆ GetBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetBorder ( nsAString aBorder)

◆ GetCode()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetCode ( nsAString aCode)

◆ GetCodeBase()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetCodeBase ( nsAString aCodeBase)

◆ GetCodeType()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetCodeType ( nsAString aCodeType)

◆ GetContentDocument()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetContentDocument ( nsIDOMDocument **  aContentDocument)

◆ GetData()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetData ( nsAString aData)

◆ GetDeclare()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetDeclare ( bool aDeclare)

◆ GetForm()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetForm ( nsIDOMHTMLFormElement **  aForm)

◆ GetHeight()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetHeight ( nsAString aHeight)

◆ GetHspace()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetHspace ( int32_t aHspace)

◆ GetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetName ( nsAString aName)

◆ GetStandby()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetStandby ( nsAString aStandby)

◆ GetType()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetType ( nsAString aType)

◆ GetUseMap()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetUseMap ( nsAString aUseMap)

◆ GetValidationMessage()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetValidationMessage ( nsAString aValidationMessage)

◆ GetValidity()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetValidity ( nsIDOMValidityState **  aValidity)

◆ GetVspace()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetVspace ( int32_t aVspace)

◆ GetWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetWidth ( nsAString aWidth)

◆ GetWillValidate()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::GetWillValidate ( bool aWillValidate)

◆ SetAlign()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetAlign ( const nsAString aAlign)

◆ SetArchive()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetArchive ( const nsAString aArchive)

◆ SetBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetBorder ( const nsAString aBorder)

◆ SetCode()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetCode ( const nsAString aCode)

◆ SetCodeBase()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetCodeBase ( const nsAString aCodeBase)

◆ SetCodeType()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetCodeType ( const nsAString aCodeType)

◆ SetCustomValidity()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetCustomValidity ( const nsAString error)

◆ SetData()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetData ( const nsAString aData)

◆ SetDeclare()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetDeclare ( bool  aDeclare)

◆ SetHeight()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetHeight ( const nsAString aHeight)

◆ SetHspace()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetHspace ( int32_t  aHspace)

◆ SetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetName ( const nsAString aName)

◆ SetStandby()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetStandby ( const nsAString aStandby)

◆ SetType()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetType ( const nsAString aType)

◆ SetUseMap()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetUseMap ( const nsAString aUseMap)

◆ SetVspace()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetVspace ( int32_t  aVspace)

◆ SetWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement::SetWidth ( const nsAString aWidth)

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