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nsIDOMHTMLFormElement Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetAcceptCharset (nsAString *aAcceptCharset)
nsresult SetAcceptCharset (const nsAString *aAcceptCharset)
nsresult GetAction (nsAString *aAction)
nsresult SetAction (const nsAString *aAction)
nsresult GetAutocomplete (nsAString *aAutocomplete)
nsresult SetAutocomplete (const nsAString *aAutocomplete)
nsresult GetEnctype (nsAString *aEnctype)
nsresult SetEnctype (const nsAString *aEnctype)
nsresult GetEncoding (nsAString *aEncoding)
nsresult SetEncoding (const nsAString *aEncoding)
nsresult GetMethod (nsAString *aMethod)
nsresult SetMethod (const nsAString *aMethod)
nsresult GetName (nsAString *aName)
nsresult SetName (const nsAString *aName)
nsresult GetNoValidate (bool *aNoValidate)
nsresult SetNoValidate (bool aNoValidate)
nsresult GetTarget (nsAString *aTarget)
nsresult SetTarget (const nsAString *aTarget)
nsresult GetElements (nsIDOMHTMLCollection **aElements)
nsresult GetLength (int32_t *aLength)
nsresult Submit ()
nsresult Reset ()
nsresult CheckValidity (bool *_retval)
nsresult GetFormData (nsIDOMHTMLElement *aOriginatingElement, nsAString *aActionURI, nsIInputStream **aPostDataStream)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1534 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckValidity()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::CheckValidity ( bool _retval)

◆ GetAcceptCharset()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetAcceptCharset ( nsAString aAcceptCharset)

◆ GetAction()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetAction ( nsAString aAction)

◆ GetAutocomplete()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetAutocomplete ( nsAString aAutocomplete)

◆ GetElements()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetElements ( nsIDOMHTMLCollection **  aElements)

◆ GetEncoding()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetEncoding ( nsAString aEncoding)

◆ GetEnctype()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetEnctype ( nsAString aEnctype)

◆ GetFormData()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetFormData ( nsIDOMHTMLElement aOriginatingElement,
nsAString aActionURI,
nsIInputStream **  aPostDataStream 

◆ GetLength()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetLength ( int32_t aLength)

◆ GetMethod()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetMethod ( nsAString aMethod)

◆ GetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetName ( nsAString aName)

◆ GetNoValidate()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetNoValidate ( bool aNoValidate)

◆ GetTarget()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::GetTarget ( nsAString aTarget)

◆ Reset()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::Reset ( )

◆ SetAcceptCharset()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetAcceptCharset ( const nsAString aAcceptCharset)

◆ SetAction()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetAction ( const nsAString aAction)

◆ SetAutocomplete()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetAutocomplete ( const nsAString aAutocomplete)

◆ SetEncoding()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetEncoding ( const nsAString aEncoding)

◆ SetEnctype()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetEnctype ( const nsAString aEnctype)

◆ SetMethod()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetMethod ( const nsAString aMethod)

◆ SetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetName ( const nsAString aName)

◆ SetNoValidate()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetNoValidate ( bool  aNoValidate)

◆ SetTarget()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::SetTarget ( const nsAString aTarget)

◆ Submit()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFormElement::Submit ( )

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