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math_aux.h File Reference
#include <limits>
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#define __STD   std::


template<class _Tp >
bool are_equals (_Tp val, _Tp ref)

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◆ __STD

#define __STD   std::

Definition at line 8 of file math_aux.h.

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◆ are_equals()

template<class _Tp >
bool are_equals ( _Tp  val,
_Tp  ref 

Definition at line 19 of file math_aux.h.

19 {
20 if (val < ref) {
22 }
23 else {
25 }
GLuint GLfloat * val
Definition: glext.h:7180
#define __STD
Definition: math_aux.h:8
Definition: send.c:48

Referenced by CMathTest::import_checks(), and SstreamTest::init_in().