ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
gxvmorx4.c File Reference
#include "gxvmorx.h"
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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_gxvmorx


 gxv_morx_subtable_type4_validate (FT_Bytes table, FT_Bytes limit, GXV_Validator gxvalid)

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_gxvmorx

Definition at line 39 of file gxvmorx4.c.

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◆ gxv_morx_subtable_type4_validate()

gxv_morx_subtable_type4_validate ( FT_Bytes  table,
FT_Bytes  limit,
GXV_Validator  gxvalid 

Definition at line 43 of file gxvmorx4.c.

46 {
47 GXV_NAME_ENTER( "morx chain subtable type4 "
48 "(Non-Contextual Glyph Substitution)" );
53 }
GLint limit
Definition: glext.h:10326
#define GXV_NAME_ENTER(name)
Definition: gxvcommn.h:301
#define GXV_EXIT
Definition: gxvcommn.h:302
gxv_mort_subtable_type4_validate(FT_Bytes table, FT_Bytes limit, GXV_Validator gxvalid)
Definition: gxvmort4.c:106

Referenced by gxv_morx_subtables_validate().