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BrushTool Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

void OnDraw (HDC hdc, BOOL bLeftButton, POINT pt0, POINT pt1) override
void OnSpecialTweak (BOOL bMinus) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SmoothDrawTool
virtual void OnDraw (HDC hdc, BOOL bLeftButton, POINT pt0, POINT pt1)=0
void OnButtonDown (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y, BOOL bDoubleClick) override
BOOL OnMouseMove (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y) override
BOOL OnButtonUp (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y) override
void OnDrawOverlayOnImage (HDC hdc) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
 ToolBase ()
virtual ~ToolBase ()
virtual void OnButtonDown (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y, BOOL bDoubleClick)
virtual BOOL OnMouseMove (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y)
virtual BOOL OnButtonUp (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y)
virtual void OnDrawOverlayOnImage (HDC hdc)
virtual void OnDrawOverlayOnCanvas (HDC hdc)
virtual void OnSpecialTweak (BOOL bMinus)
virtual void OnEndDraw (BOOL bCancel)
void beginEvent ()
void endEvent ()
void reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
static ToolBasecreateToolObject (TOOLTYPE type)
- Public Attributes inherited from SmoothDrawTool
BOOL m_bShiftDown = FALSE
BOOL m_bLeftButton = FALSE
- Public Attributes inherited from ToolBase
HDC m_hdc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 719 of file mouse.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnDraw()

void BrushTool::OnDraw ( HDC  hdc,
BOOL  bLeftButton,
POINT  pt0,
POINT  pt1 

Implements SmoothDrawTool.

Definition at line 721 of file mouse.cpp.

722 {
723 COLORREF rgb = bLeftButton ? m_fg : m_bg;
724 Brush(hdc, pt0.x, pt0.y, pt1.x, pt1.y, rgb, toolsModel.GetBrushStyle(),
726 }
ToolsModel toolsModel
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:10
BrushStyle GetBrushStyle() const
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:123
INT GetBrushWidth() const
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:70
HDC hdc
Definition: main.c:9
Definition: toolsmodel.h:44
Definition: toolsmodel.h:44
long y
Definition: polytest.cpp:48
long x
Definition: polytest.cpp:48
_In_ ULONG _In_ ULONG rgb
Definition: winddi.h:3521
Definition: windef.h:300

◆ OnSpecialTweak()

void BrushTool::OnSpecialTweak ( BOOL  bMinus)

Reimplemented from ToolBase.

Definition at line 728 of file mouse.cpp.

729 {
731 }
void MakeBrushThickerOrThinner(BOOL bThinner)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:94

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