ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2720-g5ee0925
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1 /*
2  * PROJECT: PAINT for ReactOS
4  * FILE: base/applications/mspaint/toolsmodel.h
5  * PURPOSE: Keep track of tool parameters, notify listeners
6  * PROGRAMMERS: Benedikt Freisen
7  */
9 #pragma once
11 /* CLASSES **********************************************************/
14 {
15 private:
23  int m_zoom;
25  void NotifyToolChanged();
27  void NotifyZoomChanged();
29 public:
30  ToolsModel();
31  int GetLineWidth();
32  void SetLineWidth(int nLineWidth);
33  int GetShapeStyle();
34  void SetShapeStyle(int nShapeStyle);
35  int GetBrushStyle();
36  void SetBrushStyle(int nBrushStyle);
37  int GetActiveTool();
38  void SetActiveTool(int nActiveTool);
39  int GetAirBrushWidth();
40  void SetAirBrushWidth(int nAirBrushWidth);
41  int GetRubberRadius();
42  void SetRubberRadius(int nRubberRadius);
44  void SetBackgroundTransparent(BOOL bTransparent);
45  int GetZoom();
46  void SetZoom(int nZoom);
47 };
int GetLineWidth()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:27
int m_rubberRadius
Definition: toolsmodel.h:21
void SetLineWidth(int nLineWidth)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:32
int GetRubberRadius()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:82
int m_activeTool
Definition: toolsmodel.h:19
int m_zoom
Definition: toolsmodel.h:23
int GetZoom()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:104
BOOL m_transpBg
Definition: toolsmodel.h:22
unsigned int BOOL
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:94
int m_airBrushWidth
Definition: toolsmodel.h:20
void SetBackgroundTransparent(BOOL bTransparent)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:98
int GetAirBrushWidth()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:71
void SetAirBrushWidth(int nAirBrushWidth)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:76
void SetActiveTool(int nActiveTool)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:65
int GetShapeStyle()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:38
BOOL IsBackgroundTransparent()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:93
int m_brushStyle
Definition: toolsmodel.h:18
void NotifyZoomChanged()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:128
void NotifyToolChanged()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:115
void NotifyToolSettingsChanged()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:122
void SetZoom(int nZoom)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:109
void SetShapeStyle(int nShapeStyle)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:43
void SetBrushStyle(int nBrushStyle)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:54
int GetActiveTool()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:60
int GetBrushStyle()
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:49
void SetRubberRadius(int nRubberRadius)
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:87
int m_lineWidth
Definition: toolsmodel.h:16
int m_shapeStyle
Definition: toolsmodel.h:17