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vsbackup.idl File Reference

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interface  IVssBackupComponents


HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal (IVssBackupComponents **backup)
static HRESULT CreateVssBackupComponents (IVssBackupComponents **backup)") cpp_quote("

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◆ CreateVssBackupComponents()

static HRESULT CreateVssBackupComponents ( IVssBackupComponents **  backup)

Definition at line 36 of file vsbackup.idl.

static long backup()
Definition: maze.c:403
HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal(IVssBackupComponents **backup)
Definition: main.c:99

◆ CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal()

HRESULT WINAPI CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal ( IVssBackupComponents **  backup)

Definition at line 99 of file main.c.

100 {
101  FIXME("%p\n", backup);
102  return E_NOTIMPL;
103 }
static long backup()
Definition: maze.c:403
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:111
#define E_NOTIMPL
Definition: ddrawi.h:99

Referenced by CreateVssBackupComponents(), and VSSAPI_CreateVssBackupComponents().