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ITrackShellMenu Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetObscured ([in] HWND hwndTB, [in] IUnknown *punkBand, DWORD dwSMSetFlags)
HRESULT Popup ([in] HWND hwnd, [in] POINTL *ppt, [in] RECTL *prcExclude, MP_POPUPFLAGS dwFlags)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IShellMenu
HRESULT Initialize ([in] IShellMenuCallback *psmc, [in] UINT uId, [in] UINT uIdAncestor, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetMenuInfo ([out] IShellMenuCallback **ppsmc, [out] UINT *puId, [out] UINT *puIdAncestor, [out] DWORD *pdwFlags)
HRESULT SetShellFolder ([in] IShellFolder *psf, [in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidlFolder, [in] HKEY hKey, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetShellFolder ([out] DWORD *pdwFlags, [out] PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE *ppidl, [in] REFIID riid, [out] void **ppv)
HRESULT SetMenu ([in] HMENU hmenu, [in] HWND hwnd, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetMenu ([out] HMENU *phmenu, [out] HWND *phwnd, [out] DWORD *pdwFlags)
HRESULT InvalidateItem ([in] LPSMDATA psmd, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetState ([out] LPSMDATA psmd)
HRESULT SetMenuToolbar ([in] IUnknown *punk, [in] DWORD dwFlags)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2889 of file shobjidl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Popup()

HRESULT ITrackShellMenu::Popup ( [in] HWND  hwnd,
[in] POINTL ppt,
[in] RECTL prcExclude,

◆ SetObscured()

HRESULT ITrackShellMenu::SetObscured ( [in] HWND  hwndTB,
[in] IUnknown punkBand,
DWORD  dwSMSetFlags 

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