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HTMLOuterWindow Struct Reference

#include <mshtml_private.h>

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Public Attributes

HTMLWindow base
LONG task_magic
READYSTATE readystate
BOOL readystate_locked
unsigned readystate_pending
BSTR url
DWORD load_flags
SCRIPTMODE scriptmode
struct list children
struct list sibling_entry
struct list entry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 433 of file mshtml_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

◆ children

struct list HTMLOuterWindow::children

Definition at line 459 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ doc_obj

HTMLDocumentObj* HTMLOuterWindow::doc_obj

◆ entry

struct list HTMLOuterWindow::entry

Definition at line 461 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ frame_element

HTMLFrameBase* HTMLOuterWindow::frame_element

Definition at line 442 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by get_frame_by_name().

◆ load_flags

DWORD HTMLOuterWindow::load_flags

Definition at line 453 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_load(), and parse_complete().

◆ mon

IMoniker* HTMLOuterWindow::mon

Definition at line 449 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by create_pending_window(), and setup_edit_mode().

◆ nswindow

◆ parent

HTMLOuterWindow* HTMLOuterWindow::parent

Definition at line 441 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by get_top_window().

◆ pending_window

HTMLInnerWindow* HTMLOuterWindow::pending_window

Definition at line 448 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by create_pending_window(), navigate_proc(), and update_window_doc().

◆ readystate

READYSTATE HTMLOuterWindow::readystate

Definition at line 444 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by navigate_javascript_proc(), and setup_edit_mode().

◆ readystate_locked

BOOL HTMLOuterWindow::readystate_locked

Definition at line 445 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ readystate_pending

unsigned HTMLOuterWindow::readystate_pending

Definition at line 446 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ scriptmode

SCRIPTMODE HTMLOuterWindow::scriptmode

Definition at line 455 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ secmgr

IInternetSecurityManager* HTMLOuterWindow::secmgr

Definition at line 457 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ sibling_entry

struct list HTMLOuterWindow::sibling_entry

Definition at line 460 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ task_magic

LONG HTMLOuterWindow::task_magic

Definition at line 437 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ uri

IUri* HTMLOuterWindow::uri

Definition at line 450 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by refresh_proc().

◆ uri_nofrag

IUri* HTMLOuterWindow::uri_nofrag

Definition at line 451 of file mshtml_private.h.

◆ url

BSTR HTMLOuterWindow::url

Definition at line 452 of file mshtml_private.h.

Referenced by handle_navigation_error().

◆ window_ref

windowref_t* HTMLOuterWindow::window_ref

Definition at line 436 of file mshtml_private.h.

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