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CFatalException Class Reference

#include <CFatalException.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CFatalException (const char *File, int Line, const char *Message)
const stringGetFile () const
int GetLine () const
const stringGetMessage () const

Private Attributes

string m_File
int m_Line
string m_Message

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file CFatalException.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CFatalException()

CFatalException::CFatalException ( const char File,
int  Line,
const char Message 

Constructs a CFatalException object, which is catched in wmain as an exception. You should always use the FATAL macro for throwing this exception.

FileConstant pointer to a char array with the source file where the exception occured (FILE)
LineInteger value with the appropriate source line (LINE)
MessageConstant pointer to a char array containing a short message about the exception

Definition at line 23 of file CFatalException.cpp.

Definition: File.h:16
static const WCHAR Message[]
Definition: register.c:74
Definition: ncftp.h:79

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFile()

const string & CFatalException::GetFile ( ) const

Definition at line 18 of file CFatalException.h.

18{ return m_File; }

◆ GetLine()

int CFatalException::GetLine ( ) const

Definition at line 19 of file CFatalException.h.

19{ return m_Line; }

◆ GetMessage()

const string & CFatalException::GetMessage ( ) const

Definition at line 20 of file CFatalException.h.

20{ return m_Message; }

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_File

string CFatalException::m_File

Definition at line 11 of file CFatalException.h.

Referenced by GetFile().

◆ m_Line

int CFatalException::m_Line

Definition at line 12 of file CFatalException.h.

Referenced by GetLine().

◆ m_Message

string CFatalException::m_Message

Definition at line 13 of file CFatalException.h.

Referenced by GetMessage().

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