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nsIPrefBranch Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetRoot (char **aRoot)
nsresult GetPrefType (const char *aPrefName, int32_t *_retval)
nsresult GetBoolPref (const char *aPrefName, bool *_retval)
nsresult SetBoolPref (const char *aPrefName, bool aValue)
nsresult GetFloatPref (const char *aPrefName, float *_retval)
nsresult GetCharPref (const char *aPrefName, char **_retval)
nsresult SetCharPref (const char *aPrefName, const char *aValue)
nsresult GetIntPref (const char *aPrefName, int32_t *_retval)
nsresult SetIntPref (const char *aPrefName, int32_t aValue)
nsresult GetComplexValue (const char *aPrefName, const nsIID *aType, void **aValue)
nsresult SetComplexValue (const char *aPrefName, const nsIID *aType, nsISupports *aValue)
nsresult ClearUserPref (const char *aPrefName)
nsresult LockPref (const char *aPrefName)
nsresult PrefHasUserValue (const char *aPrefName, bool *_retval)
nsresult PrefIsLocked (const char *aPrefName, bool *_retval)
nsresult UnlockPref (const char *aPrefName)
nsresult DeleteBranch (const char *aStartingAt)
nsresult GetChildList (const char *aStartingAt, uint32_t *aCount, char ***aChildArray)
nsresult ResetBranch (const char *aStartingAt)
nsresult AddObserver (const char *aDomain, nsIObserver *aObserver, bool aHoldWeak)
nsresult RemoveObserver (const char *aDomain, nsIObserver *aObserver)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2699 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddObserver()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::AddObserver ( const char aDomain,
nsIObserver aObserver,
bool  aHoldWeak 

◆ ClearUserPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::ClearUserPref ( const char aPrefName)

◆ DeleteBranch()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::DeleteBranch ( const char aStartingAt)

◆ GetBoolPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetBoolPref ( const char aPrefName,
bool _retval 

◆ GetCharPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetCharPref ( const char aPrefName,
char **  _retval 

◆ GetChildList()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetChildList ( const char aStartingAt,
uint32_t aCount,
char ***  aChildArray 

◆ GetComplexValue()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetComplexValue ( const char aPrefName,
const nsIID aType,
void **  aValue 

◆ GetFloatPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetFloatPref ( const char aPrefName,
float _retval 

◆ GetIntPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetIntPref ( const char aPrefName,
int32_t _retval 

◆ GetPrefType()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetPrefType ( const char aPrefName,
int32_t _retval 

◆ GetRoot()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::GetRoot ( char **  aRoot)

◆ LockPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::LockPref ( const char aPrefName)

◆ PrefHasUserValue()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::PrefHasUserValue ( const char aPrefName,
bool _retval 

◆ PrefIsLocked()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::PrefIsLocked ( const char aPrefName,
bool _retval 

◆ RemoveObserver()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::RemoveObserver ( const char aDomain,
nsIObserver aObserver 

◆ ResetBranch()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::ResetBranch ( const char aStartingAt)

◆ SetBoolPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::SetBoolPref ( const char aPrefName,
bool  aValue 

◆ SetCharPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::SetCharPref ( const char aPrefName,
const char aValue 

◆ SetComplexValue()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::SetComplexValue ( const char aPrefName,
const nsIID aType,
nsISupports aValue 

◆ SetIntPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::SetIntPref ( const char aPrefName,
int32_t  aValue 

◆ UnlockPref()

nsresult nsIPrefBranch::UnlockPref ( const char aPrefName)

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