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XMLStorage::XMLMessageReader Struct Reference

Reader for XML Messages. More...

#include <xmlstorage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLMessageReader (const std::string &xml_str, const std::string &system_id=std::string())
const XMLDocget_document ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLStorage::XMLPos
 XMLPos (XMLNode *root)
 XMLPos (const XMLPos &other)
 XMLPos (XMLNode *node, const XS_String &name)
 XMLPos (XMLNode *node, const XS_String &name, const XS_String &attr_name, const XS_String &attr_value)
 XMLPos (const XMLPos &other, const XS_String &name)
 XMLPos (const XMLPos &other, const XS_String &name, const XS_String &attr_name, const XS_String &attr_value)
XMLNodecur ()
 access to current node
const XMLNodecur () const
 operator const XMLNode * () const
 automatic access to current node
 operator XMLNode * ()
const XMLNodeoperator-> () const
XMLNodeoperator-> ()
const XMLNodeoperator* () const
XMLNodeoperator* ()
XS_String get (const XS_String &attr_name, LPCXSSTR def=XS_EMPTY_STR) const
 attribute access
void put (const XS_String &attr_name, const XS_String &value)
 attribute setting
template<typename T >
XS_String get (const T &attr_name) const
 index operator attribute access
XS_Stringoperator[] (const XS_String &attr_name)
const XS_Stringoperator[] (const XS_String &attr_name) const
void add_down (XMLNode *child)
 insert children when building tree
bool back ()
 go back to previous position
bool go_down ()
 go down to first child
bool go_down (const XS_String &child_name, int n=0)
 search for child and go down
bool iterate (const XS_String &child_name, size_t &cnt)
 iterate to the next matching child
bool go (const XPath &xpath)
 move to the position defined by xpath in XML tree
bool create_relative (const XPath &xpath)
 create child nodes using XPath notation and move to the deepest child
void create (const XS_String &name)
 create node and move to it
void create_node_content (const XS_String &node_name, const XS_String &content)
 create node with string content
void smart_create (const XS_String &child_name)
 create node if not already existing and move to it
void smart_create (const XS_String &child_name, const XS_String &attr_name, const XS_String &attr_value)
 search matching child node identified by key name and an attribute value
int count (const XPath &xpath) const
 count the nodes matching the given relative XPath expression
int filter (const XPath &xpath, XMLNode &target) const
 create a new node tree using the given XPath filter expression
bool delete_this ()
 delete current node and go back to previous position
void remove_children (const XS_String &name)
 remove all children named 'name'
void erase (const XS_String &attr_name)
 remove the attribute 'attr_name' from the current node
XS_Stringstr ()
const XS_Stringstr () const
void set_property (const XS_String &key, int value, const XS_String &name=XS_PROPERTY)
void set_property (const XS_String &key, double value, const XS_String &name=XS_PROPERTY)
void set_property (const XS_String &key, const XS_String &value, const XS_String &name=XS_PROPERTY)
void set_property (const XS_String &key, const struct XMLBool &value, const XS_String &name=XS_PROPERTY)
void set_property (const XS_String &key, const char *value, const XS_String &name=XS_PROPERTY)

Protected Attributes

XMLDoc _msg
- Protected Attributes inherited from XMLStorage::XMLPos
std::stack< XMLNode * > _stack

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from XMLStorage::XMLPos
void go_to (XMLNode *child)
 go to specified node

Detailed Description

Reader for XML Messages.

Definition at line 2882 of file xmlstorage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XMLMessageReader()

XMLStorage::XMLMessageReader::XMLMessageReader ( const std::string &  xml_str,
const std::string &  system_id = std::string() 

Definition at line 2884 of file xmlstorage.h.

2885 : XMLPos(&_msg)
2886 {
2887 _msg.read_buffer(xml_str.c_str(), xml_str.length(), system_id);
2888 }
__u8 system_id[8]
Definition: mkdosfs.c:1
bool read_buffer(const char *buffer, size_t len, const std::string &system_id=std::string())
Definition: xmlstorage.h:2756
XMLPos(XMLNode *root)
Definition: xmlstorage.h:1495

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_document()

const XMLDoc & XMLStorage::XMLMessageReader::get_document ( )

Definition at line 2890 of file xmlstorage.h.

2891 {
2892 return _msg;
2893 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ _msg

XMLDoc XMLStorage::XMLMessageReader::_msg

Definition at line 2896 of file xmlstorage.h.

Referenced by get_document(), and XMLMessageReader().

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