ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5446-g3f3714b
eaccess.c File Reference
#include <schily/mconfig.h>
#include <schily/unistd.h>
#include <schily/standard.h>
#include <schily/errno.h>
#include <schily/schily.h>
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EXPORT int eaccess __PR ((const char *name, int mode))
EXPORT int eaccess (char *name, int mode) const


static UConst char sccsid []

Function Documentation

◆ __PR()

EXPORT int eaccess __PR ( (const char *name, int mode )

◆ eaccess()

EXPORT int eaccess ( char name,
int  mode 
) const

Definition at line 35 of file eaccess.c.

38 {
40  return (euidaccess(name, mode));
41 #else
42 #ifdef HAVE_ACCESS_E_OK
43  return (access(name, E_OK|mode));
44 #else
45  if (getuid() == geteuid() && getgid() == getegid())
46  return (access(name, mode));
47 #ifdef EOPNOTSUPP
49 #else
51 #endif
52  return (-1);
53 #endif
54 #endif
55 }
Definition: arc.h:39
Definition: errno.h:104
EXPORT int seterrno(int err)
Definition: seterrno.c:34
EXPORT gid_t getegid()
Definition: gid.c:37
GLenum mode
Definition: glext.h:6217
EXPORT uid_t geteuid()
Definition: uid.c:37
GLuint GLint GLboolean GLint GLenum access
Definition: glext.h:7866
uid_t getuid()
Definition: uid.c:27
EXPORT gid_t getgid()
Definition: gid.c:27
Definition: name.c:38
#define E_OK
Definition: unistd.h:112

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◆ sccsid

UConst char sccsid[]
Initial value:
"@(#)eaccess.c 1.6 14/05/15 Copyright 2004-2014 J. Schilling"

Definition at line 4 of file eaccess.c.