ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2991-g632fa1c
unz64_s Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

zlib_filefunc64_32_def z_filefunc
int is64bitOpenFunction
voidpf filestream
unz_global_info64 gi
ZPOS64_T byte_before_the_zipfile
ZPOS64_T num_file
ZPOS64_T pos_in_central_dir
ZPOS64_T current_file_ok
ZPOS64_T central_pos
ZPOS64_T size_central_dir
ZPOS64_T offset_central_dir
unz_file_info64 cur_file_info
unz_file_info64_internal cur_file_info_internal
int encrypted
int isZip64
unsigned long keys [3]
const z_crc_tpcrc_32_tab

Detailed Description

Definition at line 162 of file unzip.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ byte_before_the_zipfile

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::byte_before_the_zipfile

Definition at line 168 of file unzip.c.

◆ central_pos

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::central_pos

Definition at line 172 of file unzip.c.

◆ cur_file_info

unz_file_info64 unz64_s::cur_file_info

Definition at line 178 of file unzip.c.

◆ cur_file_info_internal

unz_file_info64_internal unz64_s::cur_file_info_internal

Definition at line 179 of file unzip.c.

◆ current_file_ok

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::current_file_ok

Definition at line 171 of file unzip.c.

◆ encrypted

int unz64_s::encrypted

Definition at line 182 of file unzip.c.

◆ filestream

voidpf unz64_s::filestream

Definition at line 166 of file unzip.c.

◆ gi

unz_global_info64 unz64_s::gi

Definition at line 167 of file unzip.c.

◆ is64bitOpenFunction

int unz64_s::is64bitOpenFunction

Definition at line 165 of file unzip.c.

◆ isZip64

int unz64_s::isZip64

Definition at line 184 of file unzip.c.

◆ keys

unsigned long unz64_s::keys[3]

Definition at line 187 of file unzip.c.

◆ num_file

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::num_file

Definition at line 169 of file unzip.c.

◆ offset_central_dir

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::offset_central_dir

Definition at line 175 of file unzip.c.

◆ pcrc_32_tab

const z_crc_t* unz64_s::pcrc_32_tab

Definition at line 188 of file unzip.c.

◆ pfile_in_zip_read

file_in_zip64_read_info_s* unz64_s::pfile_in_zip_read

Definition at line 180 of file unzip.c.

◆ pos_in_central_dir

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::pos_in_central_dir

Definition at line 170 of file unzip.c.

◆ size_central_dir

ZPOS64_T unz64_s::size_central_dir

Definition at line 174 of file unzip.c.

◆ z_filefunc

zlib_filefunc64_32_def unz64_s::z_filefunc

Definition at line 164 of file unzip.c.

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