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nsIDOMHTMLTableElement Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetCaption (nsIDOMHTMLElement **aCaption)
nsresult SetCaption (nsIDOMHTMLElement *aCaption)
nsresult GetTHead (nsIDOMHTMLElement **aTHead)
nsresult SetTHead (nsIDOMHTMLElement *aTHead)
nsresult GetTFoot (nsIDOMHTMLElement **aTFoot)
nsresult SetTFoot (nsIDOMHTMLElement *aTFoot)
nsresult GetRows (nsIDOMHTMLCollection **aRows)
nsresult GetTBodies (nsIDOMHTMLCollection **aTBodies)
nsresult GetAlign (nsAString *aAlign)
nsresult SetAlign (const nsAString *aAlign)
nsresult GetBgColor (nsAString *aBgColor)
nsresult SetBgColor (const nsAString *aBgColor)
nsresult GetBorder (nsAString *aBorder)
nsresult SetBorder (const nsAString *aBorder)
nsresult GetCellPadding (nsAString *aCellPadding)
nsresult SetCellPadding (const nsAString *aCellPadding)
nsresult GetCellSpacing (nsAString *aCellSpacing)
nsresult SetCellSpacing (const nsAString *aCellSpacing)
nsresult GetFrame (nsAString *aFrame)
nsresult SetFrame (const nsAString *aFrame)
nsresult GetRules (nsAString *aRules)
nsresult SetRules (const nsAString *aRules)
nsresult GetSummary (nsAString *aSummary)
nsresult SetSummary (const nsAString *aSummary)
nsresult GetWidth (nsAString *aWidth)
nsresult SetWidth (const nsAString *aWidth)
nsresult CreateTHead (nsIDOMHTMLElement **_retval)
nsresult xpidlDeleteTHead ()
nsresult CreateTFoot (nsIDOMHTMLElement **_retval)
nsresult xpidlDeleteTFoot ()
nsresult CreateCaption (nsIDOMHTMLElement **_retval)
nsresult xpidlDeleteCaption ()
nsresult InsertRow (int32_t index, nsIDOMHTMLElement **_retval)
nsresult DeleteRow (int32_t index)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2021 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateCaption()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::CreateCaption ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  _retval)

◆ CreateTFoot()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::CreateTFoot ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  _retval)

◆ CreateTHead()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::CreateTHead ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  _retval)

◆ DeleteRow()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::DeleteRow ( int32_t  index)

◆ GetAlign()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetAlign ( nsAString aAlign)

◆ GetBgColor()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetBgColor ( nsAString aBgColor)

◆ GetBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetBorder ( nsAString aBorder)

◆ GetCaption()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetCaption ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  aCaption)

◆ GetCellPadding()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetCellPadding ( nsAString aCellPadding)

◆ GetCellSpacing()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetCellSpacing ( nsAString aCellSpacing)

◆ GetFrame()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetFrame ( nsAString aFrame)

◆ GetRows()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetRows ( nsIDOMHTMLCollection **  aRows)

◆ GetRules()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetRules ( nsAString aRules)

◆ GetSummary()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetSummary ( nsAString aSummary)

◆ GetTBodies()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetTBodies ( nsIDOMHTMLCollection **  aTBodies)

◆ GetTFoot()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetTFoot ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  aTFoot)

◆ GetTHead()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetTHead ( nsIDOMHTMLElement **  aTHead)

◆ GetWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::GetWidth ( nsAString aWidth)

◆ InsertRow()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::InsertRow ( int32_t  index,
nsIDOMHTMLElement **  _retval 

◆ SetAlign()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetAlign ( const nsAString aAlign)

◆ SetBgColor()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetBgColor ( const nsAString aBgColor)

◆ SetBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetBorder ( const nsAString aBorder)

◆ SetCaption()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetCaption ( nsIDOMHTMLElement aCaption)

◆ SetCellPadding()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetCellPadding ( const nsAString aCellPadding)

◆ SetCellSpacing()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetCellSpacing ( const nsAString aCellSpacing)

◆ SetFrame()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetFrame ( const nsAString aFrame)

◆ SetRules()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetRules ( const nsAString aRules)

◆ SetSummary()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetSummary ( const nsAString aSummary)

◆ SetTFoot()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetTFoot ( nsIDOMHTMLElement aTFoot)

◆ SetTHead()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetTHead ( nsIDOMHTMLElement aTHead)

◆ SetWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::SetWidth ( const nsAString aWidth)

◆ xpidlDeleteCaption()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::xpidlDeleteCaption ( )

◆ xpidlDeleteTFoot()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::xpidlDeleteTFoot ( )

◆ xpidlDeleteTHead()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLTableElement::xpidlDeleteTHead ( )

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