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nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetFrameBorder (nsAString *aFrameBorder)
nsresult SetFrameBorder (const nsAString *aFrameBorder)
nsresult GetLongDesc (nsAString *aLongDesc)
nsresult SetLongDesc (const nsAString *aLongDesc)
nsresult GetMarginHeight (nsAString *aMarginHeight)
nsresult SetMarginHeight (const nsAString *aMarginHeight)
nsresult GetMarginWidth (nsAString *aMarginWidth)
nsresult SetMarginWidth (const nsAString *aMarginWidth)
nsresult GetName (nsAString *aName)
nsresult SetName (const nsAString *aName)
nsresult GetNoResize (bool *aNoResize)
nsresult SetNoResize (bool aNoResize)
nsresult GetScrolling (nsAString *aScrolling)
nsresult SetScrolling (const nsAString *aScrolling)
nsresult GetSrc (nsAString *aSrc)
nsresult SetSrc (const nsAString *aSrc)
nsresult GetContentDocument (nsIDOMDocument **aContentDocument)
nsresult GetContentWindow (nsIDOMWindow **aContentWindow)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2161 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetContentDocument()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetContentDocument ( nsIDOMDocument **  aContentDocument)

◆ GetContentWindow()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetContentWindow ( nsIDOMWindow **  aContentWindow)

◆ GetFrameBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetFrameBorder ( nsAString aFrameBorder)

◆ GetLongDesc()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetLongDesc ( nsAString aLongDesc)

◆ GetMarginHeight()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetMarginHeight ( nsAString aMarginHeight)

◆ GetMarginWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetMarginWidth ( nsAString aMarginWidth)

◆ GetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetName ( nsAString aName)

◆ GetNoResize()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetNoResize ( bool aNoResize)

◆ GetScrolling()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetScrolling ( nsAString aScrolling)

◆ GetSrc()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::GetSrc ( nsAString aSrc)

◆ SetFrameBorder()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetFrameBorder ( const nsAString aFrameBorder)

◆ SetLongDesc()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetLongDesc ( const nsAString aLongDesc)

◆ SetMarginHeight()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetMarginHeight ( const nsAString aMarginHeight)

◆ SetMarginWidth()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetMarginWidth ( const nsAString aMarginWidth)

◆ SetName()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetName ( const nsAString aName)

◆ SetNoResize()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetNoResize ( bool  aNoResize)

◆ SetScrolling()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetScrolling ( const nsAString aScrolling)

◆ SetSrc()

nsresult nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement::SetSrc ( const nsAString aSrc)

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