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FxMpDevice Class Reference

#include <fxdevice.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 FxMpDevice (__in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxDriver *Driver, __in MdDeviceObject DeviceObject, __in MdDeviceObject AttachedDevice, __in MdDeviceObject PDO)
virtual FxIoTargetGetDefaultIoTarget (VOID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FxDeviceBase
NTSTATUS ConfigureConstraints (__in_opt PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES ObjectAttributes)
VOID GetConstraints (__out_opt WDF_EXECUTION_LEVEL *ExecutionLevel, __out_opt WDF_SYNCHRONIZATION_SCOPE *SynchronizationScope)
FxCallbackLockGetCallbackLockPtr (__out_opt FxObject **LockObject)
__inline FxDriverGetDriver (VOID)
MdDeviceObject __inline GetDeviceObject (VOID)
__inline MxDeviceObjectGetMxDeviceObject (VOID)
ULONG __inline GetDeviceObjectFlags (VOID)
VOID __inline SetDeviceObjectFlags (_In_ ULONG Flags)
MdDeviceObject __inline GetAttachedDevice (VOID)
ULONG __inline GetAttachedDeviceObjectFlags (VOID)
MdDeviceObject __inline GetPhysicalDevice (VOID)
WDFDEVICE __inline GetHandle (VOID)
virtual _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AddIoTarget (__inout FxIoTarget *IoTarget)
virtual VOID RemoveIoTarget (__inout FxIoTarget *IoTarget)
virtual _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AllocateEnumInfo (VOID)
virtual VOID AddChildList (__inout FxChildList *List)
virtual VOID RemoveChildList (__inout FxChildList *List)
virtual _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AllocateDmaEnablerList (VOID)
virtual VOID AddDmaEnabler (__inout FxDmaEnabler *Enabler)
virtual VOID RemoveDmaEnabler (__inout FxDmaEnabler *Enabler)
virtual VOID SetDeviceTelemetryInfoFlags (_In_ FxDeviceInfoFlags Flag)
__inline _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AcquireDmaPacketTransaction (VOID)
__inline VOID ReleaseDmaPacketTransaction (VOID)
VOID AddToDisposeList (__inout FxObject *Object)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS QueryInterface (__inout FxQueryInterfaceParams *Params)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS QueryForInterface (__in const GUID *InterfaceType, __out PINTERFACE Interface, __in USHORT Size, __in USHORT Version, __in PVOID InterfaceSpecificData, __in_opt MdDeviceObject TargetDevice=NULL)
__inline MdDeviceObject GetAttachedDeviceReference (VOID)
virtual FxIoTargetGetDefaultIoTarget (VOID)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AllocateTarget (_Out_ FxIoTarget **Target, _In_ BOOLEAN SelfTarget)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FxNonPagedObject
 FxNonPagedObject (__in WDFTYPE Type, __in USHORT Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals)
 FxNonPagedObject (__in WDFTYPE Type, __in USHORT Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxObjectType ObjectType)
virtual ~FxNonPagedObject (VOID)
 _Acquires_lock_ (this->m_NPLock.m_Lock) __drv_maxIRQL(DISPATCH_LEVEL) __drv_setsIRQL(DISPATCH_LEVEL) VOID Lock(__out __drv_deref(__drv_savesIRQL) PKIRQL PreviousIrql)
 _Releases_lock_ (this->m_NPLock.m_Lock) __drv_requiresIRQL(DISPATCH_LEVEL) __inline VOID Unlock(__in __drv_restoresIRQL KIRQL PreviousIrql)
 _Acquires_lock_ (this->m_NPLock.m_Lock) __drv_requiresIRQL(DISPATCH_LEVEL) VOID LockAtDispatch(VOID)
 _Requires_lock_held_ (this->m_NPLock.m_Lock) _Releases_lock_(this -> m_NPLock.m_Lock) __drv_requiresIRQL(DISPATCH_LEVEL) __inline VOID UnlockFromDispatch(VOID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FxObject
PVOID GetCOMWrapper ()
void SetCOMWrapper (__drv_aliasesMem PVOID Wrapper)
 FxObject (__in WDFTYPE Type, __in USHORT Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals)
virtual ~FxObject (VOID)
PVOID __inline operator new (__in size_t Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxObjectType Type)
PVOID __inline operator new (__in size_t Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in_opt PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES Attributes, __in USHORT ExtraSize=0)
VOID operator delete (__in PVOID Memory)
VOID SetNoContextHeader (VOID)
PVOID __inline GetObjectHandle (VOID)
__inline FxContextHeaderGetContextHeader (VOID)
__inline PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS GetDriverGlobals (VOID)
USHORT GetObjectSize (VOID)
FxTagTrackerGetTagTracker (VOID)
CfxDeviceGetDevice (VOID)
CfxDeviceBaseGetDeviceBase (VOID)
VOID SetDeviceBase (__in CfxDeviceBase *DeviceBase)
__inline VOID CallCleanup (VOID)
ULONG __inline AddRef (__in_opt PVOID Tag=NULL, __in LONG Line=0, __in_opt PSTR File=NULL)
virtual ULONG Release (__in_opt PVOID Tag=NULL, __in LONG Line=0, __in_opt PSTR File=NULL)
virtual ULONG AddRefOverride (__in WDFOBJECT_OFFSET Offset, __in_opt PVOID Tag=NULL, __in LONG Line=0, __in_opt PSTR File=NULL)
virtual ULONG ReleaseOverride (__in WDFOBJECT_OFFSET Offset, __in_opt PVOID Tag=NULL, __in LONG Line=0, __in_opt PSTR File=NULL)
virtual _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS QueryInterface (__in FxQueryInterfaceParams *Params)
VOID MarkTraceState (VOID)
BOOLEAN __inline IsTraceState (VOID)
VOID __inline TraceDroppedEvent (__in FxObjectDroppedEvent Event)
VOID MarkPassiveDispose (__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
VOID MarkPassiveCallbacks (__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
VOID MarkForceDisposeThread (__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
BOOLEAN IsPassiveCallbacks (__in BOOLEAN AcquireLock=TRUE)
BOOLEAN IsPassiveDispose (__in BOOLEAN AcquireLock=TRUE)
BOOLEAN IsForceDisposeThread (__in BOOLEAN AcquireLock=TRUE)
VOID MarkCommitted (VOID)
BOOLEAN IsCommitted (VOID)
VOID MarkDisposeOverride (__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
VOID MarkNoDeleteDDI (__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS Commit (__in_opt PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES Attributes, __out_opt WDFOBJECT *ObjectHandle, __in_opt FxObject *Parent=NULL, __in BOOLEAN AssignDriverAsDefaultParent=TRUE)
VOID DeleteFromFailedCreate (VOID)
VOID ClearEvtCallbacks (VOID)
BOOLEAN EarlyDispose (VOID)
virtual VOID DeleteObject (VOID)
virtual BOOLEAN Dispose (VOID)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AssignParentObject (__in FxObject *ParentObject)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS AddContext (__in FxContextHeader *Header, __in PVOID *Context, __in PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES Attributes)
_Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS RemoveParentAssignment (VOID)
_Must_inspect_result_ FxObjectGetParentObjectReferenced (__in PVOID Tag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IFxHasCallbacks
virtual VOID GetConstraints (__out WDF_EXECUTION_LEVEL *ExecutionLevel, __out WDF_SYNCHRONIZATION_SCOPE *SynchronizationScope)=0
virtual _Must_inspect_result_ FxCallbackLockGetCallbackLockPtr (__out_opt FxObject **LockObject)=0

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from FxDeviceBase

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FxDeviceBase
static FxDeviceBase_SearchForDevice (__in FxObject *Object, __out_opt IFxHasCallbacks **Callbacks)
static FxDeviceBase_SearchForDevice (__in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in_opt PWDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES Attributes)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FxObject
static FxObject_FromDisposeEntry (__in PSINGLE_LIST_ENTRY Entry)
static FxObject_GetObjectFromHandle (__in WDFOBJECT Handle, __inout PWDFOBJECT_OFFSET ObjectOffset)
static PVOID __inline _ToHandle (__in FxObject *Object)
static VOID __inline _ReferenceActual (__in WDFOBJECT Object, __in_opt PVOID Tag, __in LONG Line, __in PSTR File)
static VOID __inline _DereferenceActual (__in WDFOBJECT Object, __in_opt PVOID Tag, __in LONG Line, __in PSTR File)
static PVOID _GetDebugBase (__in FxObject *Object)
static PFX_POOL_HEADER _CleanupPointer (__in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxObject *Object)
static _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS _GetEffectiveLock (__in FxObject *Object, __in_opt IFxHasCallbacks *Callbacks, __in BOOLEAN AutomaticLocking, __in BOOLEAN PassiveCallbacks, __out FxCallbackLock **CallbackLock, __out_opt FxObject **CallbackLockObject)
static _Must_inspect_result_ NTSTATUS _ObjectQuery (_In_ FxObject *Object, _In_ CONST GUID *Guid, _In_ ULONG QueryBufferLength, _Out_writes_bytes_(QueryBufferLength) PVOID QueryBuffer)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FxDeviceBase
 FxDeviceBase (__in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxDriver *Driver, __in WDFTYPE Type, __in USHORT Size)
 ~FxDeviceBase (VOID)
VOID Init (__in MdDeviceObject DeviceObject, __in MdDeviceObject AttachedDevice, __in MdDeviceObject PhysicalDevice)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FxObject
 FxObject (__in WDFTYPE Type, __in USHORT Size, __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS FxDriverGlobals, __in FxObjectType ObjectType)
FxObjectDebugExtensionGetDebugExtension (VOID)
VOID AllocateTagTracker (__in WDFTYPE Type)
virtual VOID SelfDestruct (VOID)
PVOID __inline GetObjectHandleUnchecked (VOID)
VOID __inline DestroyChildren (VOID)
VOID DeleteEarlyDisposedObject (VOID)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from FxObject
static PVOID _GetBase (__in FxObject *Object)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FxDeviceBase
MxDeviceObject m_DeviceObject
MxDeviceObject m_AttachedDevice
MxDeviceObject m_PhysicalDevice
LONG m_DmaPacketTransactionStatus
- Protected Attributes inherited from FxObject
union {
   CfxDeviceBase *   m_DeviceBase
   CfxDevice *   m_Device

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2222 of file fxdevice.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FxMpDevice()

FxMpDevice::FxMpDevice ( __in PFX_DRIVER_GLOBALS  FxDriverGlobals,
__in FxDriver Driver,
__in MdDeviceObject  DeviceObject,
__in MdDeviceObject  AttachedDevice,
__in MdDeviceObject  PDO 

Definition at line 2224 of file fxdevice.hpp.

2230 :
2231 FxDeviceBase(FxDriverGlobals, Driver, FX_TYPE_MP_DEVICE, sizeof(*this))
2232 {
2233 Init(DeviceObject, AttachedDevice, PDO);
2239 }
MxDeviceObject m_DeviceObject
Definition: fxdevice.hpp:471
FxIoTarget * m_DefaultTarget
Definition: fxdevice.hpp:2291
VOID MarkDisposeOverride(__in FxObjectLockState State=ObjectLock)
Definition: fxobject.hpp:1101
__inline MdDeviceObject GetObject(VOID)
static __inline VOID MxReferenceObject(__in PVOID Object)
Definition: mxgeneralkm.h:238
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
@ ObjectDoNotLock
Definition: fxobject.hpp:128
Definition: fxtypes.h:67
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ WDFDRIVER Driver
Definition: wdfcontrol.h:83
_In_ PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject
Definition: wdfdevice.h:2055

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispose()

BOOLEAN FxMpDevice::Dispose ( VOID  )

Reimplemented from FxObject.

Definition at line 2243 of file fxdevice.hpp.

2246 {
2247 //
2248 // Important that the cleanup routine be called while the MdDeviceObject
2249 // is valid!
2250 //
2251 CallCleanup();
2253 //
2254 // Manually destroy the children now so that by the time we wait on the
2255 // dispose empty out, all of the children will have been added to it.
2256 //
2259 if (m_DisposeList != NULL) {
2261 }
2263 //
2264 // No device object to delete since the caller's own the
2265 // WDM device. Simulate what FxDevice::Destroy does by NULL'ing out the
2266 // device objects.
2267 //
2272 return FALSE;
2273 }
MxDeviceObject m_AttachedDevice
Definition: fxdevice.hpp:472
FxDisposeList * m_DisposeList
Definition: fxdevice.hpp:466
VOID WaitForEmpty(VOID)
VOID __inline DestroyChildren(VOID)
Definition: fxobject.hpp:464
__inline VOID CallCleanup(VOID)
Definition: fxobject.hpp:815
static __inline VOID MxDereferenceObject(__in PVOID Object)
Definition: mxgeneralkm.h:247
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117

◆ GetDefaultIoTarget()

virtual FxIoTarget * FxMpDevice::GetDefaultIoTarget ( VOID  )

Reimplemented from FxDeviceBase.

Definition at line 2279 of file fxdevice.hpp.

2282 {
2283 return m_DefaultTarget;
2284 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_DefaultTarget

FxIoTarget* FxMpDevice::m_DefaultTarget

Definition at line 2291 of file fxdevice.hpp.

Referenced by FxMpDevice(), and GetDefaultIoTarget().

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