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IMFTransform Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetStreamLimits ([out] DWORD *input_minimum, [out] DWORD *input_maximum, [out] DWORD *output_minimum, [out] DWORD *output_maximum)
HRESULT GetStreamCount ([out] DWORD *inputs, [out] DWORD *outputs)
HRESULT GetStreamIDs ([in] DWORD input_size, [out, size_is(input_size)] DWORD *inputs, [in] DWORD output_size, [out, size_is(output_size)] DWORD *outputs)
HRESULT GetInputStreamInfo ([in] DWORD id, [out] MFT_INPUT_STREAM_INFO *info)
HRESULT GetOutputStreamInfo ([in] DWORD id, [out] MFT_OUTPUT_STREAM_INFO *info)
HRESULT GetAttributes ([out] IMFAttributes **attributes)
HRESULT GetInputStreamAttributes ([in] DWORD id, [out] IMFAttributes **attributes)
HRESULT GetOutputStreamAttributes ([in] DWORD id, [out] IMFAttributes **attributes)
HRESULT DeleteInputStream ([in] DWORD id)
HRESULT AddInputStreams ([in] DWORD streams, [in] DWORD *ids)
HRESULT GetInputAvailableType ([in] DWORD id, [in] DWORD index, [out] IMFMediaType **type)
HRESULT GetOutputAvailableType ([in] DWORD id, [in] DWORD index, [out] IMFMediaType **type)
HRESULT SetInputType (DWORD id, [in] IMFMediaType *type, [in] DWORD flags)
HRESULT SetOutputType (DWORD id, [in] IMFMediaType *type, [in] DWORD flags)
HRESULT GetInputCurrentType ([in] DWORD id, [out] IMFMediaType **type)
HRESULT GetOutputCurrentType ([in] DWORD id, [out] IMFMediaType **type)
HRESULT GetInputStatus ([in] DWORD id, [out] DWORD *flags)
HRESULT GetOutputStatus ([out] DWORD *flags)
HRESULT SetOutputBounds ([in] LONGLONG lower, [in] LONGLONG upper)
HRESULT ProcessEvent ([in] DWORD id, [in] IMFMediaEvent *event)
HRESULT ProcessMessage ([in] MFT_MESSAGE_TYPE message, [in] ULONG_PTR param)
HRESULT ProcessInput ([in] DWORD id, [in] IMFSample *sample, [in] DWORD flags)
HRESULT ProcessOutput ([in] DWORD flags, [in] DWORD count, [in, out, size_is(count)] MFT_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER *samples, [out] DWORD *status)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file mftransform.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddInputStreams()

HRESULT IMFTransform::AddInputStreams ( [in] DWORD  streams,
[in] DWORD ids 

◆ DeleteInputStream()

HRESULT IMFTransform::DeleteInputStream ( [in] DWORD  id)

◆ GetAttributes()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetAttributes ( [out] IMFAttributes **  attributes)

◆ GetInputAvailableType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetInputAvailableType ( [in] DWORD  id,
[in] DWORD  index,
[out] IMFMediaType **  type 

◆ GetInputCurrentType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetInputCurrentType ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] IMFMediaType **  type 

◆ GetInputStatus()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetInputStatus ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] DWORD flags 

◆ GetInputStreamAttributes()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetInputStreamAttributes ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] IMFAttributes **  attributes 

◆ GetInputStreamInfo()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetInputStreamInfo ( [in] DWORD  id,

◆ GetOutputAvailableType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetOutputAvailableType ( [in] DWORD  id,
[in] DWORD  index,
[out] IMFMediaType **  type 

◆ GetOutputCurrentType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetOutputCurrentType ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] IMFMediaType **  type 

◆ GetOutputStatus()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetOutputStatus ( [out] DWORD flags)

◆ GetOutputStreamAttributes()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetOutputStreamAttributes ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] IMFAttributes **  attributes 

◆ GetOutputStreamInfo()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetOutputStreamInfo ( [in] DWORD  id,

◆ GetStreamCount()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetStreamCount ( [out] DWORD inputs,
[out] DWORD outputs 

◆ GetStreamIDs()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetStreamIDs ( [in] DWORD  input_size,
[out, size_is(input_size)] DWORD inputs,
[in] DWORD  output_size,
[out, size_is(output_size)] DWORD outputs 

◆ GetStreamLimits()

HRESULT IMFTransform::GetStreamLimits ( [out] DWORD input_minimum,
[out] DWORD input_maximum,
[out] DWORD output_minimum,
[out] DWORD output_maximum 

◆ ProcessEvent()

HRESULT IMFTransform::ProcessEvent ( [in] DWORD  id,
[in] IMFMediaEvent event 

◆ ProcessInput()

HRESULT IMFTransform::ProcessInput ( [in] DWORD  id,
[in] IMFSample sample,
[in] DWORD  flags 

◆ ProcessMessage()

HRESULT IMFTransform::ProcessMessage ( [in] MFT_MESSAGE_TYPE  message,
[in] ULONG_PTR  param 

◆ ProcessOutput()

HRESULT IMFTransform::ProcessOutput ( [in] DWORD  flags,
[in] DWORD  count,
[in, out, size_is(count)] MFT_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER samples,
[out] DWORD status 

◆ SetInputType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::SetInputType ( DWORD  id,
[in] IMFMediaType type,
[in] DWORD  flags 

◆ SetOutputBounds()

HRESULT IMFTransform::SetOutputBounds ( [in] LONGLONG  lower,
[in] LONGLONG  upper 

◆ SetOutputType()

HRESULT IMFTransform::SetOutputType ( DWORD  id,
[in] IMFMediaType type,
[in] DWORD  flags 

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