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MSHTML::IHTMLTable Interface Reference


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Exported Interfaces

interface DispHTMLOptionElement
interface HTMLElementEvents
interface HTMLElementEvents2
interface IHTMLElement
interface IHTMLElement2
interface IHTMLElement3
interface IHTMLElement4
interface IHTMLUniqueName
interface IHTMLDOMNode
interface IHTMLDOMNode2
interface IHTMLDatabinding
interface IHTMLOptionElement
interface IHTMLOptionElement3
- Exported Interfaces inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement
interface DispHTMLStyle
interface IHTMLStyle
interface IHTMLStyle2
interface IHTMLStyle3
interface IHTMLStyle4
interface IHTMLStyle5
interface IHTMLStyle6

Public Member Functions

HRESULT refresh ()
HRESULT nextPage ()
HRESULT previousPage ()
HRESULT createTHead ([retval, out] IDispatch **head)
HRESULT deleteTHead ()
HRESULT createTFoot ([retval, out] IDispatch **foot)
HRESULT deleteTFoot ()
HRESULT createCaption ([retval, out] IHTMLTableCaption **caption)
HRESULT deleteCaption ()
HRESULT insertRow ([defaultvalue(-1), in] LONG index, [retval, out] IDispatch **row)
HRESULT deleteRow ([defaultvalue(-1), in] LONG index)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement
HRESULT setAttribute ([in] BSTR strAttributeName, [in] VARIANT AttributeValue, [defaultvalue(1), in] LONG lFlags)
HRESULT getAttribute ([in] BSTR strAttributeName, [defaultvalue(0), in] LONG lFlags, [retval, out] VARIANT *AttributeValue)
HRESULT removeAttribute ([in] BSTR strAttributeName, [defaultvalue(1), in] LONG lFlags, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfSuccess)
HRESULT scrollIntoView ([optional, in] VARIANT varargStart)
HRESULT contains ([in] IHTMLElement *pChild, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfResult)
HRESULT insertAdjacentHTML ([in] BSTR where, [in] BSTR html)
HRESULT insertAdjacentText ([in] BSTR where, [in] BSTR text)
HRESULT click ()
HRESULT toString ([retval, out] BSTR *String)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLStyle
VARIANT getAttribute ([in] BSTR strAttributeName, [in, defaultvalue(0)] LONG lFlags)
VARIANT_BOOL removeAttribute ([in] BSTR strAttributeName, [in, defaultvalue(1)] LONG lFlags)
BSTR toString ()
void setExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [in] BSTR expression, [in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR language)
VARIANT getExpression ([in] BSTR propname)
VARIANT_BOOL removeExpression ([in] BSTR propname)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDispatch
HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount ([out] UINT *pctinfo)
HRESULT GetTypeInfo ([in] UINT iTInfo, [in] LCID lcid, [out] ITypeInfo **ppTInfo)
HRESULT GetIDsOfNames ([in] REFIID riid, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames, [in] LCID lcid, [out, size_is(cNames)] DISPID *rgDispId)
HRESULT Invoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] WORD wFlags, [in, out] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *puArgErr)
HRESULT RemoteInvoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *pArgErr, [in] UINT cVarRef, [in, size_is(cVarRef)] UINT *rgVarRefIdx, [in, out, size_is(cVarRef)] VARIANTARG *rgVarRef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle2
HRESULT setExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [in] BSTR expression, [in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR language)
HRESULT getExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [out, retval] VARIANT *expression)
HRESULT removeExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *pfSuccess)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement2
HRESULT setCapture ([defaultvalue(-1), in] VARIANT_BOOL containerCapture)
HRESULT releaseCapture ()
HRESULT componentFromPoint ([in] LONG x, [in] LONG y, [retval, out] BSTR *component)
HRESULT doScroll ([optional, in] VARIANT component)
HRESULT getClientRects ([retval, out] IHTMLRectCollection **pRectCol)
HRESULT getBoundingClientRect ([retval, out] IHTMLRect **pRect)
HRESULT setExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [in] BSTR expression, [defaultvalue(""), in] BSTR language)
HRESULT getExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [retval, out] VARIANT *expression)
HRESULT removeExpression ([in] BSTR propname, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfSuccess)
HRESULT focus ()
HRESULT blur ()
HRESULT addFilter ([in] IUnknown *pUnk)
HRESULT removeFilter ([in] IUnknown *pUnk)
HRESULT attachEvent ([in] BSTR event, [in] IDispatch *pDisp, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfResult)
HRESULT detachEvent ([in] BSTR event, [in] IDispatch *pDisp)
HRESULT createControlRange ([retval, out] IDispatch **range)
HRESULT clearAttributes ()
HRESULT mergeAttributes ([in] IHTMLElement *mergeThis)
HRESULT insertAdjacentElement ([in] BSTR where, [in] IHTMLElement *insertedElement, [retval, out] IHTMLElement **inserted)
HRESULT applyElement ([in] IHTMLElement *apply, [in] BSTR where, [retval, out] IHTMLElement **applied)
HRESULT getAdjacentText ([in] BSTR where, [retval, out] BSTR *text)
HRESULT replaceAdjacentText ([in] BSTR where, [in] BSTR newText, [retval, out] BSTR *oldText)
HRESULT addBehavior ([in] BSTR bstrUrl, [optional, in] VARIANT *pvarFactory, [retval, out] LONG *pCookie)
HRESULT removeBehavior ([in] LONG cookie, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfResult)
HRESULT getElementsByTagName ([in] BSTR v, [retval, out] IHTMLElementCollection **pelColl)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement3
HRESULT mergeAttributes ([in] IHTMLElement *mergeThis, [optional, in] VARIANT *pvarFlags)
HRESULT setActive ()
HRESULT fireEvent ([in] BSTR bstrEventName, [optional, in] VARIANT *pvarEventObject, [retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfCancelled)
HRESULT dragDrop ([retval, out] VARIANT_BOOL *pfRet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement4
HRESULT normalize ()
HRESULT getAttributeNode ([in] BSTR bstrname, [retval, out] IHTMLDOMAttribute **ppAttribute)
HRESULT setAttributeNode ([in] IHTMLDOMAttribute *pattr, [retval, out] IHTMLDOMAttribute **ppretAttribute)
HRESULT removeAttributeNode ([in] IHTMLDOMAttribute *pattr, [retval, out] IHTMLDOMAttribute **ppretAttribute)


LONG cols [get, set]
VARIANT border [get, set]
BSTR frame [get, set]
BSTR rules [get, set]
VARIANT cellSpacing [get, set]
VARIANT cellPadding [get, set]
BSTR background [get, set]
VARIANT bgColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderColorLight [get, set]
VARIANT borderColorDark [get, set]
BSTR align [get, set]
IHTMLElementCollection rows [get]
VARIANT width [get, set]
VARIANT height [get, set]
LONG dataPageSize [get, set]
IHTMLTableSection tHead [get]
IHTMLTableSection tFoot [get]
IHTMLElementCollection tBodies [get]
IHTMLTableCaption caption [get]
BSTR readyState [get]
VARIANT onreadystatechange [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLOptionElement
VARIANT_BOOL selected [set]
 selected [get]
BSTR value [set]
 value [get]
VARIANT_BOOL defaultSelected [set]
 defaultSelected [get]
LONG index [set]
 index [get]
BSTR text [set]
 text [get]
 form [get]
BSTR label [set]
 label [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement
BSTR className [get, set]
BSTR id [get, set]
BSTR tagName [get]
IHTMLElement parentElement [get]
IHTMLStyle style [get]
VARIANT onhelp [get, set]
VARIANT onclick [get, set]
VARIANT ondblclick [get, set]
VARIANT onkeydown [get, set]
VARIANT onkeyup [get, set]
VARIANT onkeypress [get, set]
VARIANT onmouseout [get, set]
VARIANT onmouseover [get, set]
VARIANT onmousemove [get, set]
VARIANT onmousedown [get, set]
VARIANT onmouseup [get, set]
IDispatch document [get]
BSTR title [get, set]
BSTR language [get, set]
VARIANT onselectstart [get, set]
LONG sourceIndex [get]
VARIANT recordNumber [get]
BSTR lang [get, set]
LONG offsetLeft [get]
LONG offsetTop [get]
LONG offsetWidth [get]
LONG offsetHeight [get]
IHTMLElement offsetParent [get]
BSTR innerHTML [get, set]
BSTR innerText [get, set]
BSTR outerHTML [get, set]
BSTR outerText [get, set]
IHTMLElement parentTextEdit [get]
VARIANT_BOOL isTextEdit [get]
IHTMLFiltersCollection filters [get]
VARIANT ondragstart [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforeupdate [get, set]
VARIANT onafterupdate [get, set]
VARIANT onerrorupdate [get, set]
VARIANT onrowexit [get, set]
VARIANT onrowenter [get, set]
VARIANT ondatasetchanged [get, set]
VARIANT ondataavailable [get, set]
VARIANT ondatasetcomplete [get, set]
VARIANT onfilterchange [get, set]
IDispatch children [get]
IDispatch all [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLStyle
BSTR fontFamily [set]
 fontFamily [get]
BSTR fontStyle [set]
 fontStyle [get]
BSTR fontVariant [set]
 fontVariant [get]
BSTR fontWeight [set]
 fontWeight [get]
VARIANT fontSize [set]
 fontSize [get]
BSTR font [set]
 font [get]
VARIANT color [set]
 color [get]
BSTR background [set]
 background [get]
VARIANT backgroundColor [set]
 backgroundColor [get]
BSTR backgroundImage [set]
 backgroundImage [get]
BSTR backgroundRepeat [set]
 backgroundRepeat [get]
BSTR backgroundAttachment [set]
 backgroundAttachment [get]
BSTR backgroundPosition [set]
 backgroundPosition [get]
VARIANT backgroundPositionX [set]
 backgroundPositionX [get]
VARIANT backgroundPositionY [set]
 backgroundPositionY [get]
VARIANT wordSpacing [set]
 wordSpacing [get]
VARIANT letterSpacing [set]
 letterSpacing [get]
BSTR textDecoration [set]
 textDecoration [get]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationNone [set]
 textDecorationNone [get]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationUnderline [set]
 textDecorationUnderline [get]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationOverline [set]
 textDecorationOverline [get]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationLineThrough [set]
 textDecorationLineThrough [get]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationBlink [set]
 textDecorationBlink [get]
VARIANT verticalAlign [set]
 verticalAlign [get]
BSTR textTransform [set]
 textTransform [get]
BSTR textAlign [set]
 textAlign [get]
VARIANT textIndent [set]
 textIndent [get]
VARIANT lineHeight [set]
 lineHeight [get]
VARIANT marginTop [set]
 marginTop [get]
VARIANT marginRight [set]
 marginRight [get]
VARIANT marginBottom [set]
 marginBottom [get]
VARIANT marginLeft [set]
 marginLeft [get]
BSTR margin [set]
 margin [get]
VARIANT paddingTop [set]
 paddingTop [get]
VARIANT paddingRight [set]
 paddingRight [get]
VARIANT paddingBottom [set]
 paddingBottom [get]
VARIANT paddingLeft [set]
 paddingLeft [get]
BSTR padding [set]
 padding [get]
BSTR border [set]
 border [get]
BSTR borderTop [set]
 borderTop [get]
BSTR borderRight [set]
 borderRight [get]
BSTR borderBottom [set]
 borderBottom [get]
BSTR borderLeft [set]
 borderLeft [get]
BSTR borderColor [set]
 borderColor [get]
VARIANT borderTopColor [set]
 borderTopColor [get]
VARIANT borderRightColor [set]
 borderRightColor [get]
VARIANT borderBottomColor [set]
 borderBottomColor [get]
VARIANT borderLeftColor [set]
 borderLeftColor [get]
BSTR borderWidth [set]
 borderWidth [get]
VARIANT borderTopWidth [set]
 borderTopWidth [get]
VARIANT borderRightWidth [set]
 borderRightWidth [get]
VARIANT borderBottomWidth [set]
 borderBottomWidth [get]
VARIANT borderLeftWidth [set]
 borderLeftWidth [get]
BSTR borderStyle [set]
 borderStyle [get]
BSTR borderTopStyle [set]
 borderTopStyle [get]
BSTR borderRightStyle [set]
 borderRightStyle [get]
BSTR borderBottomStyle [set]
 borderBottomStyle [get]
BSTR borderLeftStyle [set]
 borderLeftStyle [get]
VARIANT width [set]
 width [get]
VARIANT height [set]
 height [get]
BSTR styleFloat [set]
 styleFloat [get]
BSTR clear [set]
 clear [get]
BSTR display [set]
 display [get]
BSTR visibility [set]
 visibility [get]
BSTR listStyleType [set]
 listStyleType [get]
BSTR listStylePosition [set]
 listStylePosition [get]
BSTR listStyleImage [set]
 listStyleImage [get]
BSTR listStyle [set]
 listStyle [get]
BSTR whiteSpace [set]
 whiteSpace [get]
VARIANT top [set]
 top [get]
VARIANT left [set]
 left [get]
VARIANT zIndex [set]
 zIndex [get]
BSTR overflow [set]
 overflow [get]
BSTR pageBreakBefore [set]
 pageBreakBefore [get]
BSTR pageBreakAfter [set]
 pageBreakAfter [get]
BSTR cssText [set]
 cssText [get]
LONG pixelTop [set]
 pixelTop [get]
LONG pixelLeft [set]
 pixelLeft [get]
LONG pixelWidth [set]
 pixelWidth [get]
LONG pixelHeight [set]
 pixelHeight [get]
float posTop [set]
 posTop [get]
float posLeft [set]
 posLeft [get]
float posWidth [set]
 posWidth [get]
float posHeight [set]
 posHeight [get]
BSTR cursor [set]
 cursor [get]
BSTR clip [set]
 clip [get]
BSTR filter [set]
 filter [get]
BSTR tableLayout [set]
 tableLayout [get]
BSTR borderCollapse [set]
 borderCollapse [get]
BSTR direction [set]
 direction [get]
BSTR behavior [set]
 behavior [get]
BSTR position [set]
 position [get]
BSTR unicodeBidi [set]
 unicodeBidi [get]
VARIANT bottom [set]
 bottom [get]
VARIANT right [set]
 right [get]
LONG pixelBottom [set]
 pixelBottom [get]
LONG pixelRight [set]
 pixelRight [get]
float posBottom [set]
 posBottom [get]
float posRight [set]
 posRight [get]
BSTR imeMode [set]
 imeMode [get]
BSTR rubyAlign [set]
 rubyAlign [get]
BSTR rubyPosition [set]
 rubyPosition [get]
BSTR rubyOverhang [set]
 rubyOverhang [get]
VARIANT layoutGridChar [set]
 layoutGridChar [get]
VARIANT layoutGridLine [set]
 layoutGridLine [get]
BSTR layoutGridMode [set]
 layoutGridMode [get]
BSTR layoutGridType [set]
 layoutGridType [get]
BSTR layoutGrid [set]
 layoutGrid [get]
BSTR wordBreak [set]
 wordBreak [get]
BSTR lineBreak [set]
 lineBreak [get]
BSTR textJustify [set]
 textJustify [get]
BSTR textJustifyTrim [set]
 textJustifyTrim [get]
VARIANT textKashida [set]
 textKashida [get]
BSTR textAutospace [set]
 textAutospace [get]
BSTR overflowX [set]
 overflowX [get]
BSTR overflowY [set]
 overflowY [get]
BSTR accelerator [set]
 accelerator [get]
BSTR layoutFlow [set]
 layoutFlow [get]
VARIANT zoom [set]
 zoom [get]
BSTR wordWrap [set]
 wordWrap [get]
BSTR textUnderlinePosition [set]
 textUnderlinePosition [get]
VARIANT scrollbarBaseColor [set]
 scrollbarBaseColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarFaceColor [set]
 scrollbarFaceColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbar3dLightColor [set]
 scrollbar3dLightColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarShadowColor [set]
 scrollbarShadowColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarHighlightColor [set]
 scrollbarHighlightColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarDarkShadowColor [set]
 scrollbarDarkShadowColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarArrowColor [set]
 scrollbarArrowColor [get]
VARIANT scrollbarTrackColor [set]
 scrollbarTrackColor [get]
BSTR writingMode [set]
 writingMode [get]
BSTR textAlignLast [set]
 textAlignLast [get]
VARIANT textKashidaSpace [set]
 textKashidaSpace [get]
BSTR textOverflow [set]
 textOverflow [get]
VARIANT minHeight [set]
 minHeight [get]
BSTR msInterpolationMode [set]
 msInterpolationMode [get]
VARIANT maxHeight [set]
 maxHeight [get]
VARIANT minWidth [set]
 minWidth [get]
VARIANT maxWidth [set]
 maxWidth [get]
BSTR content [set]
 content [get]
BSTR captionSide [set]
 captionSide [get]
BSTR counterIncrement [set]
 counterIncrement [get]
BSTR counterReset [set]
 counterReset [get]
BSTR outline [set]
 outline [get]
VARIANT outlineWidth [set]
 outlineWidth [get]
BSTR outlineStyle [set]
 outlineStyle [get]
VARIANT outlineColor [set]
 outlineColor [get]
BSTR boxSizing [set]
 boxSizing [get]
BSTR borderSpacing [set]
 borderSpacing [get]
VARIANT orphans [set]
 orphans [get]
VARIANT widows [set]
 widows [get]
BSTR pageBreakInside [set]
 pageBreakInside [get]
BSTR emptyCells [set]
 emptyCells [get]
BSTR msBlockProgression [set]
 msBlockProgression [get]
BSTR quotes [set]
 quotes [get]
 constructor [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle
BSTR fontFamily [get, set]
BSTR fontStyle [get, set]
BSTR fontVariant [get, set]
BSTR fontWeight [get, set]
VARIANT fontSize [get, set]
BSTR font [get, set]
VARIANT color [get, set]
BSTR background [get, set]
VARIANT backgroundColor [get, set]
BSTR backgroundImage [get, set]
BSTR backgroundRepeat [get, set]
BSTR backgroundAttachment [get, set]
BSTR backgroundPosition [get, set]
VARIANT backgroundPositionX [get, set]
VARIANT backgroundPositionY [get, set]
VARIANT wordSpacing [get, set]
VARIANT letterSpacing [get, set]
BSTR textDecoration [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationNone [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationUnderline [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationOverline [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationLineThrough [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL textDecorationBlink [get, set]
VARIANT verticalAlign [get, set]
BSTR textTransform [get, set]
BSTR textAlign [get, set]
VARIANT textIndent [get, set]
VARIANT lineHeight [get, set]
VARIANT marginTop [get, set]
VARIANT marginRight [get, set]
VARIANT marginBottom [get, set]
VARIANT marginLeft [get, set]
BSTR margin [get, set]
VARIANT paddingTop [get, set]
VARIANT paddingRight [get, set]
VARIANT paddingBottom [get, set]
VARIANT paddingLeft [get, set]
BSTR padding [get, set]
BSTR border [get, set]
BSTR borderTop [get, set]
BSTR borderRight [get, set]
BSTR borderBottom [get, set]
BSTR borderLeft [get, set]
BSTR borderColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderTopColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderRightColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderBottomColor [get, set]
VARIANT borderLeftColor [get, set]
BSTR borderWidth [get, set]
VARIANT borderTopWidth [get, set]
VARIANT borderRightWidth [get, set]
VARIANT borderBottomWidth [get, set]
VARIANT borderLeftWidth [get, set]
BSTR borderStyle [get, set]
BSTR borderTopStyle [get, set]
BSTR borderRightStyle [get, set]
BSTR borderBottomStyle [get, set]
BSTR borderLeftStyle [get, set]
VARIANT width [get, set]
VARIANT height [get, set]
BSTR styleFloat [get, set]
BSTR clear [get, set]
BSTR display [get, set]
BSTR visibility [get, set]
BSTR listStyleType [get, set]
BSTR listStylePosition [get, set]
BSTR listStyleImage [get, set]
BSTR listStyle [get, set]
BSTR whiteSpace [get, set]
VARIANT top [get, set]
VARIANT left [get, set]
BSTR position [get]
VARIANT zIndex [get, set]
BSTR overflow [get, set]
BSTR pageBreakBefore [get, set]
BSTR pageBreakAfter [get, set]
BSTR cssText [get, set]
LONG pixelTop [get, set]
LONG pixelLeft [get, set]
LONG pixelWidth [get, set]
LONG pixelHeight [get, set]
float posTop [get, set]
float posLeft [get, set]
float posWidth [get, set]
float posHeight [get, set]
BSTR cursor [get, set]
BSTR clip [get, set]
BSTR filter [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle2
BSTR tableLayout [get, set]
BSTR borderCollapse [get, set]
BSTR direction [get, set]
BSTR behavior [get, set]
BSTR position [get, set]
BSTR unicodeBidi [get, set]
VARIANT bottom [get, set]
VARIANT right [get, set]
LONG pixelBottom [get, set]
LONG pixelRight [get, set]
float posBottom [get, set]
float posRight [get, set]
BSTR imeMode [get, set]
BSTR rubyAlign [get, set]
BSTR rubyPosition [get, set]
BSTR rubyOverhang [get, set]
VARIANT layoutGridChar [get, set]
VARIANT layoutGridLine [get, set]
BSTR layoutGridMode [get, set]
BSTR layoutGridType [get, set]
BSTR layoutGrid [get, set]
BSTR wordBreak [get, set]
BSTR lineBreak [get, set]
BSTR textJustify [get, set]
BSTR textJustifyTrim [get, set]
VARIANT textKashida [get, set]
BSTR textAutospace [get, set]
BSTR overflowX [get, set]
BSTR overflowY [get, set]
BSTR accelerator [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle3
BSTR layoutFlow [get, set]
VARIANT zoom [get, set]
BSTR wordWrap [get, set]
BSTR textUnderlinePosition [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarBaseColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarFaceColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbar3dLightColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarShadowColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarHighlightColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarDarkShadowColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarArrowColor [get, set]
VARIANT scrollbarTrackColor [get, set]
BSTR writingMode [get, set]
BSTR textAlignLast [get, set]
VARIANT textKashidaSpace [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle4
BSTR textOverflow [get, set]
VARIANT minHeight [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle5
BSTR msInterpolationMode [get, set]
VARIANT maxHeight [get, set]
VARIANT minWidth [get, set]
VARIANT maxWidth [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyle6
BSTR content [get, set]
BSTR captionSide [get, set]
BSTR counterIncrement [get, set]
BSTR counterReset [get, set]
BSTR outline [get, set]
VARIANT outlineWidth [get, set]
BSTR outlineStyle [get, set]
VARIANT outlineColor [get, set]
BSTR boxSizing [get, set]
BSTR borderSpacing [get, set]
VARIANT orphans [get, set]
VARIANT widows [get, set]
BSTR pageBreakInside [get, set]
BSTR emptyCells [get, set]
BSTR msBlockProgression [get, set]
BSTR quotes [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement2
BSTR scopeName [get]
VARIANT onlosecapture [get, set]
VARIANT onscroll [get, set]
VARIANT ondrag [get, set]
VARIANT ondragend [get, set]
VARIANT ondragenter [get, set]
VARIANT ondragover [get, set]
VARIANT ondragleave [get, set]
VARIANT ondrop [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforecut [get, set]
VARIANT oncut [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforecopy [get, set]
VARIANT oncopy [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforepaste [get, set]
VARIANT onpaste [get, set]
IHTMLCurrentStyle currentStyle [get]
VARIANT onpropertychange [get, set]
short tabIndex [get, set]
BSTR accessKey [get, set]
VARIANT onblur [get, set]
VARIANT onfocus [get, set]
VARIANT onresize [get, set]
LONG clientHeight [get]
LONG clientWidth [get]
LONG clientTop [get]
LONG clientLeft [get]
VARIANT readyState [get]
VARIANT onreadystatechange [get, set]
VARIANT onrowsdelete [get, set]
VARIANT onrowsinserted [get, set]
VARIANT oncellchange [get, set]
BSTR dir [get, set]
LONG scrollHeight [get]
LONG scrollWidth [get]
LONG scrollTop [get, set]
LONG scrollLeft [get, set]
VARIANT oncontextmenu [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL canHaveChildren [get]
IHTMLStyle runtimeStyle [get]
IDispatch behaviorUrns [get]
BSTR tagUrn [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforeeditfocus [get, set]
LONG readyStateValue [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement3
VARIANT_BOOL isMultiLine [get]
VARIANT onlayoutcomplete [get, set]
VARIANT onpage [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL inflateBlock [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforedeactivate [get, set]
BSTR contentEditable [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL isContentEditable [get]
VARIANT_BOOL hideFocus [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL disabled [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL isDisabled [get]
VARIANT onmove [get, set]
VARIANT oncontrolselect [get, set]
VARIANT onresizestart [get, set]
VARIANT onresizeend [get, set]
VARIANT onmovestart [get, set]
VARIANT onmoveend [get, set]
VARIANT onmouseenter [get, set]
VARIANT onmouseleave [get, set]
VARIANT onactivate [get, set]
VARIANT ondeactivate [get, set]
LONG glyphMode [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLElement4
VARIANT onmousewheel [get, set]
VARIANT onbeforeactivate [get, set]
VARIANT onfocusin [get, set]
VARIANT onfocusout [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLUniqueName
LONG uniqueNumber [get]
BSTR uniqueID [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLDatabinding
BSTR dataFld [get, set]
BSTR dataSrc [get, set]
BSTR dataFormatAs [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLOptionElement
VARIANT_BOOL selected [get, set]
BSTR value [get, set]
VARIANT_BOOL defaultSelected [get, set]
LONG index [get, set]
BSTR text [get, set]
IHTMLFormElement form [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLOptionElement3
BSTR label [get, set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IDispatch
typedef IDispatchLPDISPATCH
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN
- Public Attributes inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLOptionElement
- Public Attributes inherited from IDispatch

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16723 of file mshtml.idl.

Exported Interfaces

◆ DispHTMLOptionElement

Definition at line 16725 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ HTMLElementEvents

interface HTMLElementEvents

Definition at line 16726 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ HTMLElementEvents2

interface HTMLElementEvents2

Definition at line 16727 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLDatabinding

Definition at line 16735 of file mshtml.idl.


interface IHTMLDOMNode

Definition at line 16733 of file mshtml.idl.


interface IHTMLDOMNode2

Definition at line 16734 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLElement

Definition at line 16728 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLElement2

Definition at line 16729 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLElement3

Definition at line 16730 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLElement4

Definition at line 16731 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLOptionElement

Definition at line 16736 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLOptionElement3

Definition at line 16737 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLUniqueName

Definition at line 16732 of file mshtml.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createCaption()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::createCaption ( [retval, out] IHTMLTableCaption **  caption)

◆ createTFoot()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::createTFoot ( [retval, out] IDispatch **  foot)

◆ createTHead()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::createTHead ( [retval, out] IDispatch **  head)

◆ deleteCaption()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::deleteCaption ( )

◆ deleteRow()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::deleteRow ( [defaultvalue(-1), in] LONG  index)

◆ deleteTFoot()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::deleteTFoot ( )

◆ deleteTHead()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::deleteTHead ( )

◆ insertRow()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::insertRow ( [defaultvalue(-1), in] LONG  index,
[retval, out] IDispatch **  row 

◆ nextPage()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::nextPage ( )

◆ previousPage()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::previousPage ( )

◆ refresh()

HRESULT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::refresh ( )

Property Documentation

◆ align


◆ background

BSTR MSHTML::IHTMLTable::background

◆ bgColor


◆ border


◆ borderColor


◆ borderColorDark

VARIANT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::borderColorDark

◆ borderColorLight

VARIANT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::borderColorLight

◆ caption

IHTMLTableCaption MSHTML::IHTMLTable::caption

◆ cellPadding


◆ cellSpacing


◆ cols


Definition at line 16737 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ dataPageSize

LONG MSHTML::IHTMLTable::dataPageSize

◆ frame


◆ height


◆ onreadystatechange

VARIANT MSHTML::IHTMLTable::onreadystatechange

◆ readyState

BSTR MSHTML::IHTMLTable::readyState

◆ rows

IHTMLElementCollection MSHTML::IHTMLTable::rows

◆ rules


◆ tBodies

IHTMLElementCollection MSHTML::IHTMLTable::tBodies

◆ tFoot

IHTMLTableSection MSHTML::IHTMLTable::tFoot

◆ tHead

IHTMLTableSection MSHTML::IHTMLTable::tHead

◆ width


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