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loaded_mono Struct Reference

#include <mscoree_private.h>

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Public Member Functions

MonoImage *CDECLmono_assembly_get_image (MonoAssembly *assembly)
MonoAssembly *CDECLmono_assembly_load_from (MonoImage *image, const char *fname, MonoImageOpenStatus *status)
MonoAssembly *CDECLmono_assembly_open (const char *filename, MonoImageOpenStatus *status)
MonoClass *CDECLmono_class_from_mono_type (MonoType *type)
MonoClass *CDECLmono_class_from_name (MonoImage *image, const char *name_space, const char *name)
MonoMethod *CDECLmono_class_get_method_from_name (MonoClass *klass, const char *name, int param_count)
 void (CDECL *mono_config_parse)(const char *filename)
MonoAssembly *CDECLmono_domain_assembly_open (MonoDomain *domain, const char *name)
 void (CDECL *mono_free)(void *)
MonoImage *CDECLmono_image_open_from_module_handle (HMODULE module_handle, char *fname, UINT has_entry_point, MonoImageOpenStatus *status)
 void (CDECL *mono_install_assembly_preload_hook)(MonoAssemblyPreLoadFunc func
 int (CDECL *mono_jit_exec)(MonoDomain *domain
MonoDomain *CDECLmono_jit_init (const char *file)
 int (CDECL *mono_jit_set_trace_options)(const char *options)
void *CDECLmono_marshal_get_vtfixup_ftnptr (MonoImage *image, DWORD token, WORD type)
MonoDomain *CDECLmono_object_get_domain (MonoObject *obj)
MonoObject *CDECLmono_object_new (MonoDomain *domain, MonoClass *klass)
void *CDECLmono_object_unbox (MonoObject *obj)
 void (CDECL *mono_profiler_install)(MonoProfiler *prof
MonoType *CDECLmono_reflection_type_from_name (char *name, MonoImage *image)
MonoObject *CDECLmono_runtime_invoke (MonoMethod *method, void *obj, void **params, MonoObject **exc)
 void (CDECL *mono_runtime_object_init)(MonoObject *this_obj)
 void (CDECL *mono_runtime_quit)(void)
 void (CDECL *mono_runtime_set_shutting_down)(void)
 void (CDECL *mono_set_dirs)(const char *assembly_dir
char *CDECLmono_stringify_assembly_name (MonoAssemblyName *aname)
 void (CDECL *mono_thread_pool_cleanup)(void)
 void (CDECL *mono_thread_suspend_all_other_threads)(void)
 void (CDECL *mono_threads_set_shutting_down)(void)
MonoString *CDECLmono_string_new (MonoDomain *domain, const char *str)
MonoThread *CDECLmono_thread_attach (MonoDomain *domain)

Public Attributes

HMODULE mono_handle
HMODULE glib_handle
BOOL is_started
BOOL is_shutdown
MonoAssembly int argc
MonoAssembly int charargv []
MonoProfileFunc shutdown_callback
const charconfig_dir

Detailed Description

Definition at line 162 of file mscoree_private.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ int() [1/2]

loaded_mono::int ( CDECL mono_jit_exec)

◆ int() [2/2]

loaded_mono::int ( CDECL mono_jit_set_trace_options) const

◆ mono_assembly_get_image()

MonoImage *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_assembly_get_image ( MonoAssembly assembly)

◆ mono_assembly_load_from()

MonoAssembly *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_assembly_load_from ( MonoImage image,
const char fname,
MonoImageOpenStatus status 

◆ mono_assembly_open()

MonoAssembly *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_assembly_open ( const char filename,
MonoImageOpenStatus status 

◆ mono_class_from_mono_type()

MonoClass *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_class_from_mono_type ( MonoType type)

◆ mono_class_from_name()

MonoClass *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_class_from_name ( MonoImage image,
const char name_space,
const char name 

◆ mono_class_get_method_from_name()

MonoMethod *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_class_get_method_from_name ( MonoClass klass,
const char name,
int  param_count 

◆ mono_domain_assembly_open()

MonoAssembly *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_domain_assembly_open ( MonoDomain domain,
const char name 

◆ mono_image_open_from_module_handle()

MonoImage *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_image_open_from_module_handle ( HMODULE  module_handle,
char fname,
UINT  has_entry_point,
MonoImageOpenStatus status 

◆ mono_jit_init()

MonoDomain *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_jit_init ( const char file)

◆ mono_marshal_get_vtfixup_ftnptr()

void *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_marshal_get_vtfixup_ftnptr ( MonoImage image,
DWORD  token,
WORD  type 

◆ mono_object_get_domain()

MonoDomain *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_object_get_domain ( MonoObject obj)

◆ mono_object_new()

MonoObject *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_object_new ( MonoDomain domain,
MonoClass klass 

◆ mono_object_unbox()

void *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_object_unbox ( MonoObject obj)

◆ mono_reflection_type_from_name()

MonoType *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_reflection_type_from_name ( char name,
MonoImage image 

◆ mono_runtime_invoke()

MonoObject *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_runtime_invoke ( MonoMethod method,
void obj,
void **  params,
MonoObject **  exc 

◆ mono_string_new()

MonoString *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_string_new ( MonoDomain domain,
const char str 

◆ mono_stringify_assembly_name()

char *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_stringify_assembly_name ( MonoAssemblyName aname)

◆ mono_thread_attach()

MonoThread *CDECL * loaded_mono::mono_thread_attach ( MonoDomain domain)

◆ void() [1/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_config_parse) const

◆ void() [2/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_free)

◆ void() [3/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_install_assembly_preload_hook)

◆ void() [4/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_profiler_install)

◆ void() [5/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_runtime_object_init)

◆ void() [6/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_runtime_quit)

◆ void() [7/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_runtime_set_shutting_down)

◆ void() [8/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_set_dirs) const

◆ void() [9/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_thread_pool_cleanup)

◆ void() [10/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_thread_suspend_all_other_threads)

◆ void() [11/11]

loaded_mono::void ( CDECL mono_threads_set_shutting_down)

Member Data Documentation

◆ argc

MonoAssembly int loaded_mono::argc

Definition at line 181 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ argv

MonoAssembly int char* loaded_mono::argv[]

Definition at line 181 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ assembly

MonoAssembly* loaded_mono::assembly

Definition at line 181 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ config_dir

const char* loaded_mono::config_dir

Definition at line 194 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ glib_handle

HMODULE loaded_mono::glib_handle

Definition at line 165 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ is_shutdown

BOOL loaded_mono::is_shutdown

◆ is_started

BOOL loaded_mono::is_started

Definition at line 167 of file mscoree_private.h.

Referenced by expect_no_runtimes(), and unload_all_runtimes().

◆ mono_handle

HMODULE loaded_mono::mono_handle

Definition at line 164 of file mscoree_private.h.

Referenced by expect_no_runtimes(), and unload_all_runtimes().

◆ shutdown_callback

MonoProfileFunc loaded_mono::shutdown_callback

Definition at line 188 of file mscoree_private.h.

◆ user_data

void* loaded_mono::user_data

Definition at line 180 of file mscoree_private.h.

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