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atexit.h File Reference
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#define LOCK_EXIT   _mlock(_EXIT_LOCK1)
#define UNLOCK_EXIT   _munlock(_EXIT_LOCK1)


void __call_atexit (void)


int atexit_table_size
int atexit_registered

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#define LOCK_EXIT   _mlock(_EXIT_LOCK1)

Definition at line 8 of file atexit.h.


#define UNLOCK_EXIT   _munlock(_EXIT_LOCK1)

Definition at line 9 of file atexit.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __call_atexit()

void __call_atexit ( void  )

Definition at line 9 of file atexit.c.

10 {
11  /* Note: should only be called with the exit lock held */
12  TRACE("%d atext functions to call\n", atexit_registered);
13  /* Last registered gets executed first */
14  while (atexit_registered > 0)
15  {
17  TRACE("next is %p\n",atexit_table[atexit_registered]);
20  TRACE("returned\n");
21  }
22 }
_onexit_t * atexit_table
Definition: atexit.c:4
#define TRACE(s)
Definition: solgame.cpp:4
int atexit_registered
Definition: atexit.c:6

Referenced by _cexit().

Variable Documentation

◆ atexit_registered

int atexit_registered

Definition at line 6 of file atexit.c.

Referenced by __call_atexit(), and _onexit().

◆ atexit_table

_onexit_t* atexit_table

Definition at line 4 of file atexit.c.

Referenced by __call_atexit(), and _onexit().

◆ atexit_table_size

int atexit_table_size

Definition at line 5 of file atexit.c.

Referenced by _onexit().