ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5488-ge316d61
debug.h File Reference
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#define DOUT(lvl, strings)
#define BREAK()


const int DBG_NONE = 0x00000000
const int DBG_PRINT = 0x00000001
const int DBG_WARNING = 0x00000002
const int DBG_ERROR = 0x00000004
const int DBG_STREAM = 0x00000010
const int DBG_POWER = 0x00000020
const int DBG_DMA = 0x00000040
const int DBG_REGS = 0x00000080
const int DBG_PROBE = 0x00000100
const int DBG_SYSINFO = 0x00000200
const int DBG_VSR = 0x00000400
const int DBG_PROPERTY = 0x00000800
const int DBG_POSITION = 0x00001000
const int DBG_PINS = 0x10000000
const int DBG_NODES = 0x20000000
const int DBG_CONNS = 0x40000000
const int DBG_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF
const int DBG_DEFAULT = 0x00000004

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#define BREAK ( )

Definition at line 83 of file debug.h.


#define DOUT (   lvl,

Definition at line 82 of file debug.h.

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const int DBG_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF

Definition at line 35 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_CONNS = 0x40000000

Definition at line 33 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_DEFAULT = 0x00000004

Definition at line 41 of file debug.h.




const int DBG_NODES = 0x20000000

Definition at line 32 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_NONE = 0x00000000

Definition at line 16 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_PINS = 0x10000000

Definition at line 31 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_POSITION = 0x00001000

Definition at line 30 of file debug.h.


const int DBG_POWER = 0x00000020

Definition at line 23 of file debug.h.

Referenced by CMiniportStream::PowerChangeNotify(), and STDMETHODIMP_().


const int DBG_PRINT = 0x00000001

Definition at line 17 of file debug.h.

Referenced by _When_(), CAC97AdapterCommon::AcquireCodecSemiphore(), AddDevice(), CAC97MiniportTopology::BasicSupportHandler(), CAC97MiniportTopology::BuildConnectionDescriptors(), CMiniport::BuildDataRangeInformation(), CAC97MiniportTopology::BuildNodeDescriptors(), CAC97MiniportTopology::BuildPinDescriptors(), CAC97MiniportTopology::BuildTopology(), CreateAC97MiniportWaveRTStream(), CreateMiniportWaveCyclicStream(), CreateMiniportWaveICHStream(), CAC97AdapterCommon::DisableAC97Pin(), DriverEntry(), CAC97MiniportTopology::GetDBValues(), CMiniportWaveICHStream::GetNewMappings(), CAC97MiniportWaveRTStream::Init(), CMiniportStream::Init(), CMiniportWaveCyclicStream::Init_(), CMiniportWaveICHStream::Init_(), CAC97AdapterCommon::InitAC97(), InstallSubdevice(), NewAdapterCommon(), CMiniport::NonDelegatingQueryInterface(), CMiniportStream::NonDelegatingQueryInterface(), CMiniportStream::NormalizePhysicalPosition(), CMiniportStream::PauseDMA(), CMiniportStream::PowerChangeNotify(), CAC97AdapterCommon::PowerUpCodec(), CAC97AdapterCommon::PrimaryCodecReady(), CAC97AdapterCommon::ProbeHWConfig(), CMiniport::ProcessResources(), CAC97MiniportWaveRT::ProcessResources(), CMiniport::PropertyChannelConfig(), CAC97MiniportTopology::PropertyHandler_CpuResources(), CAC97MiniportTopology::PropertyHandler_Level(), CAC97MiniportTopology::PropertyHandler_OnOff(), CAC97MiniportTopology::PropertyHandler_Tone(), CAC97MiniportTopology::PropertyHandler_Ulong(), CMiniportWaveICHStream::ReleaseUsedMappings(), CMiniportStream::ResetDMA(), CMiniportStream::ResumeDMA(), CAC97AdapterCommon::SetAC97Default(), CMiniportStream::SetState(), StartDevice(), STDMETHODIMP_(), CMiniport::TestDataFormat(), CAC97MiniportTopology::UpdateRecordMute(), ValidateResources(), CAC97AdapterCommon::~CAC97AdapterCommon(), CAC97MiniportTopology::~CAC97MiniportTopology(), CAC97MiniportWaveRTStream::~CAC97MiniportWaveRTStream(), CMiniport::~CMiniport(), CMiniportWaveCyclicStream::~CMiniportWaveCyclicStream(), and CMiniportWaveICHStream::~CMiniportWaveICHStream().


const int DBG_PROBE = 0x00000100

Definition at line 26 of file debug.h.



const int DBG_REGS = 0x00000080

Definition at line 25 of file debug.h.

Referenced by STDMETHODIMP_().


const int DBG_STREAM = 0x00000010

Definition at line 22 of file debug.h.

Referenced by CMiniportStream::SetState(), and CMiniport::TestDataFormat().


const int DBG_SYSINFO = 0x00000200

Definition at line 27 of file debug.h.

Referenced by STDMETHODIMP_().


const int DBG_VSR = 0x00000400

Definition at line 28 of file debug.h.

Referenced by CMiniport::ValidateFormat().


const int DBG_WARNING = 0x00000002