ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7674-gc0b4db1
IRemoteActivation Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

HRESULT RemoteActivation ([in] handle_t hRpc, [in] ORPCTHIS *ORPCthis, [out] ORPCTHAT *ORPCthat, [in] GUID *Clsid, [in, string, unique] WCHAR *pwszObjectName, [in, unique] MInterfacePointer *pObjectStorage, [in] DWORD ClientImpLevel, [in] DWORD Mode, [in] DWORD Interfaces, [in, unique, size_is(Interfaces)] IID *pIIDs, [in] unsigned short cRequestedProtseqs, [in, size_is(cRequestedProtseqs)] unsigned short RequestedProtseqs[], [out] OXID *pOxid, [out] DUALSTRINGARRAY **ppdsaOxidBindings, [out] IPID *pipidRemUnknown, [out] DWORD *pAuthnHint, [out] COMVERSION *pServerVersion, [out] HRESULT *phr, [out, size_is(Interfaces)] MInterfacePointer **ppInterfaceData, [out, size_is(Interfaces)] HRESULT *pResults)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long MODE_GET_CLASS_OBJECT = 0xffffffff

Detailed Description

Definition at line 281 of file dcom.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ RemoteActivation()

HRESULT IRemoteActivation::RemoteActivation ( [in] handle_t  hRpc,
[in] ORPCTHIS *  ORPCthis,
[out] ORPCTHAT *  ORPCthat,
[in] GUID Clsid,
[in, string, unique] WCHAR pwszObjectName,
[in, unique] MInterfacePointer *  pObjectStorage,
[in] DWORD  ClientImpLevel,
[in] DWORD  Mode,
[in] DWORD  Interfaces,
[in, unique, size_is(Interfaces)] IID pIIDs,
[in] unsigned short  cRequestedProtseqs,
[in, size_is(cRequestedProtseqs)] unsigned short  RequestedProtseqs[],
[out] OXID pOxid,
[out] DUALSTRINGARRAY **  ppdsaOxidBindings,
[out] IPID pipidRemUnknown,
[out] DWORD pAuthnHint,
[out] COMVERSION *  pServerVersion,
[out] HRESULT phr,
[out, size_is(Interfaces)] MInterfacePointer **  ppInterfaceData,
[out, size_is(Interfaces)] HRESULT pResults 

Member Data Documentation


const unsigned long IRemoteActivation::MODE_GET_CLASS_OBJECT = 0xffffffff

Definition at line 283 of file dcom.idl.

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