ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5606-gf34e425
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1 //
2 // Console.h: interface for the CConsole class.
3 //
6 #if !defined(CONSOLE_H__FEF419EC_6EB6_11D3_907D_204C4F4F5020__INCLUDED_)
7 #define CONSOLE_H__FEF419EC_6EB6_11D3_907D_204C4F4F5020__INCLUDED_
9 #include "TextHistory.h"
10 #include "Completion.h"
12 class CConsole
13 {
14 public:
15  void EnableWrite();
16  void DisableWrite();
18  BOOL SetInsertMode(BOOL blnInsetMode);
20  TCHAR * Init(DWORD dwBufferSize, DWORD dwMaxHistoryLines = 0);
21  BOOL ReadLine();
23 // BOOL SetOutputMode(DWORD dwMode);
24 // BOOL SetInputMode(DWORD dwMode);
25  BOOL SetTextAttribute(WORD wAttributes);
26  BOOL GetTextAttribute(WORD& rwAttributes);
27  BOOL SetTitle(const TCHAR *p);
28  BOOL Write(const TCHAR *p, DWORD dwChars = 0);
29  CConsole();
30  virtual ~CConsole();
31  unsigned int GetTabWidth();
32 private:
40  BOOL WriteString(const TCHAR *pchString, COORD Position);
41  BOOL WriteChar(TCHAR ch);
42  BOOL m_blnInsetMode; // TRUE - insert, FALSE - overwrite
58 };
60 #endif // !defined(CONSOLE_H__FEF419EC_6EB6_11D3_907D_204C4F4F5020__INCLUDED_)
BOOL m_blnOldOutputModeSaved
Definition: Console.h:57
void DisableWrite()
Definition: Console.cpp:1064
COORD m_BufferSize
Definition: Console.h:37
SHORT m_Lines
Definition: Console.h:39
BOOL ReadLine()
Definition: Console.cpp:249
ReplaceCompletionCallback m_pfReplaceCompletionCallback
Definition: Console.h:49
DWORD m_dwOverwriteModeCursorHeight
Definition: Console.h:44
HANDLE m_hStdError
Definition: Console.h:35
DWORD m_dwInsertModeCursorHeight
Definition: Console.h:43
void EnableWrite()
Definition: Console.cpp:1080
static COORD Position
Definition: mouse.c:34
void BeginScrollingOperation()
Definition: Console.cpp:1007
SHORT m_LinesScrolled
Definition: Console.h:50
BOOL SetTitle(const TCHAR *p)
Definition: Console.cpp:222
TCHAR * m_pchBuffer1
Definition: Console.h:46
DWORD m_dwBufferSize
Definition: Console.h:48
BOOL SetTextAttribute(WORD wAttributes)
Definition: Console.cpp:227
Definition: Console.h:34
unsigned int BOOL
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:94
short SHORT
Definition: pedump.c:59
Definition: Console.cpp:50
BOOL SetInsertMode(BOOL blnInsetMode)
Definition: Console.cpp:1043
BOOL FlushInputBuffer()
Definition: Console.cpp:243
COORD m_CursorPosition
Definition: Console.h:36
DWORD m_dwOldOutputMode
Definition: Console.h:54
unsigned int GetTabWidth()
Definition: Console.cpp:217
BOOL GetTextAttribute(WORD &rwAttributes)
Definition: Console.cpp:858
char TCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:189
TCHAR * m_pchBuffer2
Definition: Console.h:47
unsigned short WORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:93
unsigned long DWORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:95
HANDLE m_hStdOut
Definition: Console.h:33
virtual ~CConsole()
Definition: Console.cpp:70
DWORD m_dwOldInputMode
Definition: Console.h:55
void SetReplaceCompletionCallback(ReplaceCompletionCallback pfCallback)
Definition: Console.cpp:1058
TCHAR * m_pchBuffer
Definition: Console.h:45
BOOL m_blnDisableWrite
Definition: Console.h:53
Definition: bl.h:1337
BOOL Write(const TCHAR *p, DWORD dwChars=0)
Definition: Console.cpp:90
BOOL WriteChar(TCHAR ch)
Definition: Console.cpp:990
TCHAR * Init(DWORD dwBufferSize, DWORD dwMaxHistoryLines=0)
Definition: Console.cpp:870
BOOL m_blnOldInputModeSaved
Definition: Console.h:56
BOOL m_blnMoreMode
Definition: Console.h:51
CTextHistory m_History
Definition: Console.h:52
const TCHAR *(* ReplaceCompletionCallback)(unsigned __int64 &rnIndex, const BOOL *pblnForward, const TCHAR *pchContext, const TCHAR *pchBegin)
Definition: Completion.h:7
WORD m_wAttributes
Definition: Console.h:38
GLfloat GLfloat p
Definition: glext.h:8902
BOOL m_blnInsetMode
Definition: Console.h:42
BOOL WriteString(const TCHAR *pchString, COORD Position)
Definition: Console.cpp:1012