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nis.h File Reference
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struct  endpoint
struct  nis_server


#define NIS_PK_NONE   0 /* no public key (unix/sys auth) */
#define NIS_PK_DH   1 /* Public key is Diffie-Hellman type */
#define NIS_PK_RSA   2 /* Public key is RSA type */
#define NIS_PK_KERB   3 /* Use kerberos style authentication */


typedef charnis_name
typedef struct endpoint endpoint
typedef struct nis_server nis_server

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#define NIS_PK_DH   1 /* Public key is Diffie-Hellman type */

Definition at line 5 of file nis.h.


#define NIS_PK_KERB   3 /* Use kerberos style authentication */

Definition at line 7 of file nis.h.


#define NIS_PK_NONE   0 /* no public key (unix/sys auth) */

Definition at line 4 of file nis.h.


#define NIS_PK_RSA   2 /* Public key is RSA type */

Definition at line 6 of file nis.h.

Typedef Documentation

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typedef char* nis_name

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◆ nis_server

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