ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3453-gff89651
DnsResolver Interface Reference


Public Member Functions

DWORD __stdcall CRrReadCache ([in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE pwszServerName, [out] DNS_CACHE_ENTRY **ppCacheEntries)
DWORD __stdcall R_ResolverFlushCache ([in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE pwszServerName)
DWORD __stdcall R_ResolverFlushCacheEntry ([in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE pwszServerName, [in, string] LPCWSTR pszName, [in] WORD wType)
DWORD __stdcall R_ResolverQuery ([in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE pwszServerName, [in, unique, string] LPCWSTR pwsName, [in] WORD wType, [in] DWORD Flags, [in, out] DWORD *dwRecords, [out] DNS_RECORDW **ppResultRecords)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file dnsrslvr.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CRrReadCache()

DWORD __stdcall DnsResolver::CRrReadCache ( [in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE  pwszServerName,
[out] DNS_CACHE_ENTRY **  ppCacheEntries 

◆ R_ResolverFlushCache()

DWORD __stdcall DnsResolver::R_ResolverFlushCache ( [in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE  pwszServerName)

◆ R_ResolverFlushCacheEntry()

DWORD __stdcall DnsResolver::R_ResolverFlushCacheEntry ( [in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE  pwszServerName,
[in, string] LPCWSTR  pszName,
[in] WORD  wType 

◆ R_ResolverQuery()

DWORD __stdcall DnsResolver::R_ResolverQuery ( [in, unique, string] DNSRSLVR_HANDLE  pwszServerName,
[in, unique, string] LPCWSTR  pwsName,
[in] WORD  wType,
[in] DWORD  Flags,
[in, out] DWORD dwRecords,
[out] DNS_RECORDW **  ppResultRecords 

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