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error.h File Reference

Error to string translation. More...

#include "config.h"
#include <stddef.h>
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void mbedtls_strerror (int errnum, char *buffer, size_t buflen)
 Translate a mbed TLS error code into a string representation, Result is truncated if necessary and always includes a terminating null byte.

Detailed Description

Error to string translation.

Definition in file error.h.

Function Documentation

◆ mbedtls_strerror()

void mbedtls_strerror ( int  errnum,
char buffer,
size_t  buflen 

Translate a mbed TLS error code into a string representation, Result is truncated if necessary and always includes a terminating null byte.

Error code layout.

Currently we try to keep all error codes within the negative space of 16 bits signed integers to support all platforms (-0x0001 - -0x7FFF). In addition we'd like to give two layers of information on the error if possible.

For that purpose the error codes are segmented in the following manner:

16 bit error code bit-segmentation

1 bit - Unused (sign bit) 3 bits - High level module ID 5 bits - Module-dependent error code 7 bits - Low level module errors

For historical reasons, low-level error codes are divided in even and odd, even codes were assigned first, and -1 is reserved for other errors.

Low-level module errors (0x0002-0x007E, 0x0003-0x007F)

Module Nr Codes assigned MPI 7 0x0002-0x0010 GCM 3 0x0012-0x0014 0x0013-0x0013 BLOWFISH 3 0x0016-0x0018 0x0017-0x0017 THREADING 3 0x001A-0x001E AES 5 0x0020-0x0022 0x0021-0x0025 CAMELLIA 3 0x0024-0x0026 0x0027-0x0027 XTEA 2 0x0028-0x0028 0x0029-0x0029 BASE64 2 0x002A-0x002C OID 1 0x002E-0x002E 0x000B-0x000B PADLOCK 1 0x0030-0x0030 DES 2 0x0032-0x0032 0x0033-0x0033 CTR_DBRG 4 0x0034-0x003A ENTROPY 3 0x003C-0x0040 0x003D-0x003F NET 13 0x0042-0x0052 0x0043-0x0049 ARIA 4 0x0058-0x005E ASN1 7 0x0060-0x006C CMAC 1 0x007A-0x007A PBKDF2 1 0x007C-0x007C HMAC_DRBG 4 0x0003-0x0009 CCM 3 0x000D-0x0011 ARC4 1 0x0019-0x0019 MD2 1 0x002B-0x002B MD4 1 0x002D-0x002D MD5 1 0x002F-0x002F RIPEMD160 1 0x0031-0x0031 SHA1 1 0x0035-0x0035 0x0073-0x0073 SHA256 1 0x0037-0x0037 0x0074-0x0074 SHA512 1 0x0039-0x0039 0x0075-0x0075 CHACHA20 3 0x0051-0x0055 POLY1305 3 0x0057-0x005B CHACHAPOLY 2 0x0054-0x0056 PLATFORM 1 0x0070-0x0072

High-level module nr (3 bits - 0x0...-0x7...) Name ID Nr of Errors PEM 1 9 PKCS#12 1 4 (Started from top) X509 2 20 PKCS5 2 4 (Started from top) DHM 3 11 PK 3 15 (Started from top) RSA 4 11 ECP 4 10 (Started from top) MD 5 5 HKDF 5 1 (Started from top) SSL 5 1 (Started from 0x5E80) CIPHER 6 8 SSL 6 23 (Started from top) SSL 7 32

Module dependent error code (5 bits 0x.00.-0x.F8.)

errnumerror code
bufferbuffer to place representation in
buflenlength of the buffer