ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5606-gf34e425
rdpclient Struct Reference

#include <rdesktop.h>

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struct  cache_
struct  licence_
struct  orders_
struct  rdp_
struct  secure_
struct  tcp_

Public Attributes

unsigned int num_channels
char licence_hostname [MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH+1]
BOOL licence_issued
uint16 mcs_userid
RDPCOMP mppc_dict
int pstcache_fd [8]
int pstcache_Bpp
BOOL pstcache_enumerated
int disconnect_reason
unsigned int keylayout
int keyboard_type
int keyboard_subtype
int keyboard_functionkeys
int width
int height
int server_depth
BOOL bitmap_compression
BOOL bitmap_cache
BOOL bitmap_cache_persist_enable
BOOL bitmap_cache_precache
BOOL encryption
BOOL packet_encryption
BOOL desktop_save
BOOL polygon_ellipse_orders
BOOL use_rdp5
BOOL console_session
uint32 rdp5_performanceflags
BOOL redirect
uint32 redirect_flags
uint32 rdp_shareid
uint16 server_rdp_version
int tcp_port_rdp
struct rdpclient::cache_ cache
struct rdpclient::licence_ licence
struct rdpclient::orders_ orders
struct rdpclient::rdp_ rdp
struct rdpclient::secure_ secure
struct rdpclient::tcp_ tcp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 168 of file rdesktop.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bitmap_cache

BOOL rdpclient::bitmap_cache

Definition at line 201 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ bitmap_cache_persist_enable

BOOL rdpclient::bitmap_cache_persist_enable

Definition at line 202 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ bitmap_cache_precache

BOOL rdpclient::bitmap_cache_precache

Definition at line 203 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ bitmap_compression

BOOL rdpclient::bitmap_compression

Definition at line 200 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ cache

struct rdpclient::cache_ rdpclient::cache

◆ channel_defs

CHANNEL_DEF rdpclient::channel_defs[CHANNEL_MAX_COUNT]

Definition at line 171 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ console_session

BOOL rdpclient::console_session

Definition at line 209 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ desktop_save

BOOL rdpclient::desktop_save

Definition at line 206 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ disconnect_reason

int rdpclient::disconnect_reason

Definition at line 191 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ encryption

BOOL rdpclient::encryption

Definition at line 204 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ height

int rdpclient::height

Definition at line 198 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ keyboard_functionkeys

int rdpclient::keyboard_functionkeys

Definition at line 195 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ keyboard_subtype

int rdpclient::keyboard_subtype

Definition at line 194 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ keyboard_type

int rdpclient::keyboard_type

Definition at line 193 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ keylayout

unsigned int rdpclient::keylayout

Definition at line 192 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ licence

struct rdpclient::licence_ rdpclient::licence

◆ licence_hostname

char rdpclient::licence_hostname[MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 176 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ licence_issued

BOOL rdpclient::licence_issued

Definition at line 177 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ licence_username

char* rdpclient::licence_username

Definition at line 175 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ mcs_userid

uint16 rdpclient::mcs_userid

Definition at line 180 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ mppc_dict

RDPCOMP rdpclient::mppc_dict

Definition at line 183 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ next_packet

uint8* rdpclient::next_packet

Definition at line 222 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ num_channels

unsigned int rdpclient::num_channels

Definition at line 172 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ orders

struct rdpclient::orders_ rdpclient::orders

◆ packet_encryption

BOOL rdpclient::packet_encryption

Definition at line 205 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ polygon_ellipse_orders

BOOL rdpclient::polygon_ellipse_orders

Definition at line 207 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ pstcache_Bpp

int rdpclient::pstcache_Bpp

Definition at line 187 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ pstcache_enumerated

BOOL rdpclient::pstcache_enumerated

Definition at line 188 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ pstcache_fd

int rdpclient::pstcache_fd[8]

Definition at line 186 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ rdp

struct rdpclient::rdp_ rdpclient::rdp

◆ rdp5_performanceflags

uint32 rdpclient::rdp5_performanceflags

Definition at line 210 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ rdp_shareid

uint32 rdpclient::rdp_shareid

Definition at line 223 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect

BOOL rdpclient::redirect

Definition at line 213 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_cookie

char* rdpclient::redirect_cookie

Definition at line 218 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_domain

wchar_t* rdpclient::redirect_domain

Definition at line 215 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_flags

uint32 rdpclient::redirect_flags

Definition at line 219 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_password

wchar_t* rdpclient::redirect_password

Definition at line 216 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_server

wchar_t* rdpclient::redirect_server

Definition at line 214 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ redirect_username

wchar_t* rdpclient::redirect_username

Definition at line 217 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ secure

struct rdpclient::secure_ rdpclient::secure

◆ server_depth

int rdpclient::server_depth

Definition at line 199 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ server_rdp_version

uint16 rdpclient::server_rdp_version

Definition at line 226 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ tcp

struct rdpclient::tcp_ rdpclient::tcp

◆ tcp_port_rdp

int rdpclient::tcp_port_rdp

Definition at line 229 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ use_rdp5

BOOL rdpclient::use_rdp5

Definition at line 208 of file rdesktop.h.

◆ width

int rdpclient::width

Definition at line 197 of file rdesktop.h.

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