ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8127-g6338913
target_process Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

struct list entry
unsigned int pid
unsigned int attach_flags
HANDLE handle
struct {
   struct module_info *   info
   unsigned int   loaded
   unsigned int   unloaded
   BOOL   initialized
ULONG cpu_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file dbgeng.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attach_flags

unsigned int target_process::attach_flags

Definition at line 56 of file dbgeng.c.

Referenced by debugclient_CreateProcessAndAttach().

◆ cpu_type

ULONG target_process::cpu_type

Definition at line 65 of file dbgeng.c.

◆ entry

struct list target_process::entry

Definition at line 54 of file dbgeng.c.

◆ handle

HANDLE target_process::handle

Definition at line 57 of file dbgeng.c.

Referenced by debugsymbols_GetModuleVersionInformation().

◆ info

struct module_info* target_process::info

Definition at line 60 of file dbgeng.c.

Referenced by debug_target_init_modules_info().

◆ initialized

BOOL target_process::initialized

Definition at line 63 of file dbgeng.c.

◆ loaded

unsigned int target_process::loaded

Definition at line 61 of file dbgeng.c.


struct { ... } target_process::modules

◆ pid

unsigned int target_process::pid

Definition at line 55 of file dbgeng.c.

◆ unloaded

unsigned int target_process::unloaded

Definition at line 62 of file dbgeng.c.

Referenced by debugsymbols_GetNumberModules().

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