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IAMMediaTypeSample Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetPointer ([in] BYTE *pBuffer, [in] long lSize)
HRESULT GetPointer ([out] BYTE **ppBuffer)
long GetSize (void)
HRESULT GetTime ([out] REFERENCE_TIME *pTimeStart, [out] REFERENCE_TIME *pTimeEnd)
HRESULT SetTime ([in] REFERENCE_TIME *pTimeStart, [in] REFERENCE_TIME *pTimeEnd)
HRESULT IsSyncPoint (void)
HRESULT SetSyncPoint (BOOL bIsSyncPoint)
HRESULT IsPreroll (void)
HRESULT SetPreroll (BOOL bIsPreroll)
long GetActualDataLength (void)
HRESULT SetActualDataLength (long Len)
HRESULT GetMediaType (AM_MEDIA_TYPE **ppMediaType)
HRESULT SetMediaType (AM_MEDIA_TYPE *pMediaType)
HRESULT IsDiscontinuity (void)
HRESULT SetDiscontinuity (BOOL bDiscontinuity)
HRESULT GetMediaTime ([out] LONGLONG *pTimeStart, [out] LONGLONG *pTimeEnd)
HRESULT SetMediaTime ([in] LONGLONG *pTimeStart, [in] LONGLONG *pTimeEnd)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IStreamSample
HRESULT GetMediaStream ([in] IMediaStream **ppMediaStream)
HRESULT GetSampleTimes ([out, optional] STREAM_TIME *pStartTime, [out, optional] STREAM_TIME *pEndTime, [out, optional] STREAM_TIME *pCurrentTime)
HRESULT SetSampleTimes ([in, optional] const STREAM_TIME *pStartTime, [in, optional] const STREAM_TIME *pEndTime)
HRESULT Update ([in] DWORD dwFlags, [in, optional] HANDLE hEvent, [in, optional] PAPCFUNC pfnAPC, [in, optional] DWORD dwAPCData)
HRESULT CompletionStatus ([in] DWORD dwFlags, [in, optional] DWORD dwMilliseconds)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 253 of file amstream.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetActualDataLength()

long IAMMediaTypeSample::GetActualDataLength ( void  )

◆ GetMediaTime()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::GetMediaTime ( [out] LONGLONG pTimeStart,
[out] LONGLONG pTimeEnd 

◆ GetMediaType()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::GetMediaType ( AM_MEDIA_TYPE **  ppMediaType)

◆ GetPointer()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::GetPointer ( [out] BYTE **  ppBuffer)

◆ GetSize()

long IAMMediaTypeSample::GetSize ( void  )

◆ GetTime()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::GetTime ( [out] REFERENCE_TIME pTimeStart,
[out] REFERENCE_TIME pTimeEnd 

◆ IsDiscontinuity()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::IsDiscontinuity ( void  )

◆ IsPreroll()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::IsPreroll ( void  )

◆ IsSyncPoint()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::IsSyncPoint ( void  )

◆ SetActualDataLength()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetActualDataLength ( long  Len)

◆ SetDiscontinuity()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetDiscontinuity ( BOOL  bDiscontinuity)

◆ SetMediaTime()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetMediaTime ( [in] LONGLONG pTimeStart,
[in] LONGLONG pTimeEnd 

◆ SetMediaType()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetMediaType ( AM_MEDIA_TYPE pMediaType)

◆ SetPointer()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetPointer ( [in] BYTE pBuffer,
[in] long  lSize 

◆ SetPreroll()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetPreroll ( BOOL  bIsPreroll)

◆ SetSyncPoint()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetSyncPoint ( BOOL  bIsSyncPoint)

◆ SetTime()

HRESULT IAMMediaTypeSample::SetTime ( [in] REFERENCE_TIME pTimeStart,

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