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xslt.h File Reference
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include "xsltexports.h"
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#define XSLT_DEFAULT_VERSION   "1.0"
#define XSLT_DEFAULT_VENDOR   "libxslt"
#define XSLT_DEFAULT_URL   ""
#define XSLT_NAMESPACE   ((const xmlChar *)"")


XSLTPUBFUN void XSLTCALL xsltInit (void)
XSLTPUBFUN void XSLTCALL xsltCleanupGlobals (void)


XSLTPUBVAR int xsltMaxDepth
XSLTPUBVAR int xsltMaxVars
XSLTPUBVAR const charxsltEngineVersion
XSLTPUBVAR const int xsltLibxsltVersion
XSLTPUBVAR const int xsltLibxmlVersion

Macro Definition Documentation


#define XSLT_DEFAULT_URL   ""


The XSLT "vendor" URL for this processor.

Definition at line 39 of file xslt.h.


#define XSLT_DEFAULT_VENDOR   "libxslt"


The XSLT "vendor" string for this processor.

Definition at line 32 of file xslt.h.


#define XSLT_DEFAULT_VERSION   "1.0"


The default version of XSLT supported.

Definition at line 25 of file xslt.h.


#define XSLT_NAMESPACE   ((const xmlChar *)"")


The XSLT specification namespace.

Definition at line 46 of file xslt.h.



The set of options to pass to an xmlReadxxx when loading files for XSLT consumption.

Definition at line 54 of file xslt.h.

Function Documentation

◆ xsltCleanupGlobals()

XSLTPUBFUN void XSLTCALL xsltCleanupGlobals ( void  )


Unregister all global variables set up by the XSLT library

Definition at line 2276 of file extensions.c.

2277 {
2284  /* cleanup dynamic module hash */
2285  if (NULL != xsltModuleHash) {
2288  xsltModuleHash = NULL;
2289  }
2293  xsltExtMutex = NULL;
2294  xsltFreeLocales();
2295  xsltUninit();
2296 }
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlHashScan(xmlHashTablePtr table, xmlHashScanner f, void *data)
Definition: hash.c:864
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexUnlock(xmlMutexPtr tok)
Definition: threads.c:257
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexLock(xmlMutexPtr tok)
Definition: threads.c:229
static xmlMutexPtr xsltExtMutex
Definition: extensions.c:72
static void xsltHashScannerModuleFree(void *payload ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED, void *data ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED, const xmlChar *name ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
Definition: extensions.c:2248
void xsltUninit(void)
Definition: xslt.c:217
void xsltFreeLocales(void)
Definition: xsltlocale.c:63
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlHashFree(xmlHashTablePtr table, xmlHashDeallocator f)
Definition: hash.c:327
static void xsltUnregisterAllExtModules(void)
Definition: extensions.c:1341
static xmlHashTablePtr xsltModuleHash
Definition: extensions.c:71
static void xsltUnregisterAllExtModuleFunction(void)
Definition: extensions.c:1476
static void xsltUnregisterAllExtModuleTopLevel(void)
Definition: extensions.c:1915
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeMutex(xmlMutexPtr tok)
Definition: threads.c:206
static void xsltUnregisterAllExtModuleElement(void)
Definition: extensions.c:1804
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112

◆ xsltInit()

XSLTPUBFUN void XSLTCALL xsltInit ( void  )


Initializes the processor (e.g. registers built-in extensions, etc.)

Definition at line 201 of file xslt.c.

201  {
202  if (initialized == 0) {
203  initialized = 1;
205  xsltLocaleMutex = xmlNewRMutex();
206 #endif
208  }
209 }
XMLPUBFUN xmlRMutexPtr XMLCALL xmlNewRMutex(void)
Definition: threads.c:285
void xsltRegisterAllExtras(void)
Definition: extra.c:149
static int initialized
Definition: xslt.c:193

Referenced by xsltNewStylesheetInternal().

Variable Documentation

◆ xsltEngineVersion

XSLTPUBVAR const char* xsltEngineVersion


The version string for libxslt.

Definition at line 76 of file xslt.h.

◆ xsltLibxmlVersion

XSLTPUBVAR const int xsltLibxmlVersion


The version of libxml libxslt was compiled against.

Definition at line 90 of file xslt.h.

◆ xsltLibxsltVersion

XSLTPUBVAR const int xsltLibxsltVersion


The version of libxslt compiled.

Definition at line 83 of file xslt.h.

◆ xsltMaxDepth

XSLTPUBVAR int xsltMaxDepth


This value is used to detect templates loops.

Definition at line 62 of file xslt.h.

◆ xsltMaxVars

XSLTPUBVAR int xsltMaxVars
  • xsltMaxVars:
      • This value is used to detect templates loops.

Definition at line 69 of file xslt.h.