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EllipseTool Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

void OnDrawOverlayOnImage (HDC hdc) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from TwoPointDrawTool
void OnButtonDown (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y, BOOL bDoubleClick) override
BOOL OnMouseMove (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y) override
BOOL OnButtonUp (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y) override
void OnEndDraw (BOOL bCancel) override
void OnSpecialTweak (BOOL bMinus) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
 ToolBase ()
virtual ~ToolBase ()
virtual void OnButtonDown (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG x, LONG y, BOOL bDoubleClick)
virtual BOOL OnMouseMove (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y)
virtual BOOL OnButtonUp (BOOL bLeftButton, LONG &x, LONG &y)
virtual void OnDrawOverlayOnImage (HDC hdc)
virtual void OnDrawOverlayOnCanvas (HDC hdc)
virtual void OnSpecialTweak (BOOL bMinus)
virtual void OnEndDraw (BOOL bCancel)
void beginEvent ()
void endEvent ()
void reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ToolBase
static ToolBasecreateToolObject (TOOLTYPE type)
- Public Attributes inherited from TwoPointDrawTool
BOOL m_bLeftButton = FALSE
BOOL m_bDrawing = FALSE
- Public Attributes inherited from ToolBase
HDC m_hdc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1095 of file mouse.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnDrawOverlayOnImage()

void EllipseTool::OnDrawOverlayOnImage ( HDC  hdc)

Reimplemented from ToolBase.

Definition at line 1097 of file mouse.cpp.

1098 {
1099 if (!m_bDrawing)
1100 return;
1101 if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_SHIFT) < 0)
1103 if (m_bLeftButton)
1105 else
1107 }
static POINT g_ptEnd
Definition: mouse.cpp:17
void regularize(LONG x0, LONG y0, LONG &x1, LONG &y1)
Definition: mouse.cpp:22
static POINT g_ptStart
Definition: mouse.cpp:17
ToolsModel toolsModel
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:10
int GetLineWidth() const
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:46
int GetShapeStyle() const
Definition: toolsmodel.cpp:112
void Ellp(HDC hdc, LONG x1, LONG y1, LONG x2, LONG y2, COLORREF fg, COLORREF bg, int thickness, int style)
Definition: drawing.cpp:38
HDC hdc
Definition: main.c:9
Definition: toolsmodel.h:44
Definition: toolsmodel.h:44
BOOL m_bLeftButton
Definition: mouse.cpp:169
long y
Definition: polytest.cpp:48
long x
Definition: polytest.cpp:48
#define VK_SHIFT
Definition: winuser.h:2202
SHORT WINAPI GetAsyncKeyState(_In_ int)

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