ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3316-g067ca88
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1 void xclip_handle_SelectionNotify(RDPCLIENT * This, XSelectionEvent * event);
2 void xclip_handle_SelectionRequest(RDPCLIENT * This, XSelectionRequestEvent * xevent);
4 void xclip_handle_PropertyNotify(RDPCLIENT * This, XPropertyEvent * xev);
7 int ewmh_move_to_desktop(RDPCLIENT * This, Window wnd, unsigned int desktop);
9 void ewmh_set_wm_name(RDPCLIENT * This, Window wnd, const char *title);
GLubyte GLubyte GLubyte GLubyte w
Definition: glext.h:6102
void ewmh_set_wm_name(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd, const char *title)
Definition: ewmhints.c:391
int ewmh_move_to_desktop(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd, unsigned int desktop)
Definition: ewmhints.c:368
int ewmh_set_window_popup(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd)
Definition: ewmhints.c:402
Definition: window.c:28
void xclip_handle_PropertyNotify(RDPCLIENT *This, XPropertyEvent *xev)
Definition: xclip.c:779
int ewmh_get_window_state(RDPCLIENT *This, Window w)
Definition: ewmhints.c:191
int ewmh_set_window_modal(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd)
Definition: ewmhints.c:411
void xclip_handle_SelectionClear(RDPCLIENT *This)
Definition: xclip.c:770
void xclip_handle_SelectionNotify(RDPCLIENT *This, XSelectionEvent *event)
Definition: xclip.c:417
int ewmh_get_window_desktop(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd)
Definition: ewmhints.c:346
static int state
Definition: maze.c:121
struct _cl_event * event
Definition: glext.h:7739
void xclip_handle_SelectionRequest(RDPCLIENT *This, XSelectionRequestEvent *xevent)
Definition: xclip.c:673
static char title[]
Definition: ps.c:92
int ewmh_change_state(RDPCLIENT *This, Window wnd, int state)
Definition: ewmhints.c:321