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CComHeapPtrList< T > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CComHeapPtrList (_In_ UINT nBlockSize=10) throw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CHeapPtrList< T, CComAllocator >
 CHeapPtrList (_In_ UINT nBlockSize=10)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ATL::CAtlList< E, ETraits >
 CAtlList (_In_ UINT nBlockSize=10)
 ~CAtlList ()
size_t GetCount () const
bool IsEmpty () const
POSITION GetHeadPosition () const
POSITION GetTailPosition () const
EGetNext (_Inout_ POSITION &pos)
const EGetNext (_Inout_ POSITION &pos) const
EGetPrev (_Inout_ POSITION &pos)
const EGetPrev (_Inout_ POSITION &pos) const
EGetAt (_In_ POSITION pos)
const EGetAt (_In_ POSITION pos) const
E RemoveHead ()
E RemoveTail ()
POSITION InsertBefore (_In_ POSITION pos, INARGTYPE element)
POSITION InsertAfter (_In_ POSITION pos, INARGTYPE element)
void RemoveAll ()
void RemoveAt (_In_ POSITION pos)
POSITION Find (INARGTYPE element, _In_opt_ POSITION posStartAfter=NULL) const
POSITION FindIndex (_In_ size_t iElement) const
void SwapElements (POSITION pos1, POSITION pos2)

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class CComHeapPtrList< T >

Definition at line 25 of file CHeapPtrList.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CComHeapPtrList()

template<typename T >
CComHeapPtrList< T >::CComHeapPtrList ( _In_ UINT  nBlockSize = 10)
throw (

Definition at line 29 of file CHeapPtrList.cpp.

31 {
32 }

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